Learnit Training

Cedeo quality mark for Learnit Training

Independent research shows that Learnit has achieved a satisfaction rate of 94.4%!

Thanks to high customer satisfaction scores, Learnit has received the Cedeo recognition.

As an independent body, Cedeo audits and certifies suppliers of training and other HR services. An extensive survey among the clients forms an important part of the audit.

To give you an impression of the reactions of our clients of the tailor-made company training courses: "The content is very strong", "They listen well to the specific wishes of the client", "The trainers are excellent" and "They bring the theory from the book to your own practice". And Cedeo concludes: "Learnit is praised for the excellent customisation, the practical interpretation of the lessons and the good communication."

People are also positive about our open courses: "There is room for your own subjects", "They offer service, are fast and accurate", and Cedeo concludes: "Learnit is praised for the open learning format, the wide range of courses and the different locations where the courses can take place".

We are doing everything we can to continue this trend and hope to see you at one of our training sessions soon.

You can find more information about the quality mark on the Cedeo website.