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CSS E-Learning Course
  • Learn how to adapt website styles to different devices and media with CSS.
  • Cascading Style Sheets for professional-looking websites.
  • Change the positioning, fonts, transitions, colour and backgrounds of websites with CSS.
  • The online CSS course is available for one year.
  • Learn the basic and more advanced features of CSS in this e-learning course.

Modern browsers offer great support for all common CSS features, which means that it is no longer necessary to learn the kinds of CSS tricks and hacks that had to be used in the past to make pages look the same in all browsers. This CSS course provides a thorough introduction to CSS as it is used in web design today.

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CSS E-Learning Course

Learn to optimise the styles of web pages with CSS

The e-learning course CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) teaches you the advantages of CSS for web pages. Together with HTML, CSS forms the building blocks of modern websites. HTML takes care of the layout and content of web pages, and CSS provides the design. CSS allows you to determine the design of each element individually. CSS's 'waterfall' design allows for fast, smart, and accurate design of the web pages you design.

In this introductory online course for CSS, you will learn both the basic and more advanced features of CSS, such as coverage, colour, fonts and positioning. You will also learn how to work with borders, margins and padding, as well as how to use CSS resets and normalisers. You will get practical tips for choosing units of measurement and for formatting tables and lists so that you can add your own unique style to the web pages you design.

The e-learning course CSS is offered in English. You will need approximately 24 hours to study and complete the course. You work at your own pace on the days and hours that suit you best. It is possible to access the course content up to one year after the start of the course, so you can review everything about CSS again after a while. The online course is offered in the form of videos, lectures, quizzes and exercises.

Content e-learning course CSS

In the CSS online course, you will learn at your own pace about the intricacies of one of the building blocks of websites. You will learn how to properly use the tags, CSS properties, resets, and normalisers to create a website in your own unique style, including colour, fonts, backgrounds, borders, margins, and fills. In short, use your inventiveness and creativity to create unique styles with CSS and make the websites suitable for different device sizes and media.

Topics of the e-learning course CSS

  • benefits of CSS
  • avoid the use of outdated HTML tags and attributes
  • the CSS syntax
  • tags and the correct way to use them
  • General CSS properties and their values
  • CSS resets and normalisers
  • practical tips for choosing units of measurement
  • Select CSS fonts and download and use new fonts
  • Create colour, coverage and backgrounds
  • Working with borders, margins and fills (the box model)
  • Formatting tables with CSS
  • Using positioning
  • use transformations and transitions to rotate, scale and skew elements and create animations
  • information on flex, grid and multi-column layouts
  • formatting lists and creating drop-down menus and fold-out navigation menus
  • use media queries to format pages for different device sizes and media

Results of the online CSS course

The ultimate result you can achieve after taking the e-learning CSS course is that you can adjust the styles of web pages in your own way and show your creativity with all the tools that are available with CSS. Because the course remains accessible for a year, you can review everything when you need it. Create the most beautiful websites by applying the building blocks of CSS.

Prior knowledge

Experience with HTML is required, our e-learning HTML Training E-learning is an excellent preparation for this.


This is an e-learning course in the English language. The self-paced courses are our affordable alternative for students seeking the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The content is delivered online using videos, quizzes and exercises. The courses are written by expert instructors.


E-learning, per person:

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€ 150,-

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€ 31,50

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€ 181,50


The course CSS E-learning has been assessed with an average of 8.7.

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"Good course with good content and where new things are taught in an effective and efficient way.

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