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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service course
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This e-learning, with official Microsoft material, is a preparation for the official Microsoft exam to certify you for this subject. The training is fully in English, therefore part of the information page is also in English. On the "Details" tab you will find a short description and then all the topics that are covered in this e-learning.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service course

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers every organisation the opportunity for customer success. By using tools such as automatic case creation and queue management, you free up time to spend it where you can have a greater impact, directly with your customers. Join our team of globally recognised experts who will guide you step-by-step from creating cases to communicating with customers and resolving them. Once you solve these cases, you can learn from the data analysis the key details to solve similar cases faster or avoid new problems altogether.


Module 1: Customer Service Overview In this module you will learn the basics of customer service in Dynamics 365. We will install and configure the application as well as learn about security roles, related applications and analytics.


  • Lesson 1: Create case records
  • Lesson 2: Related service apps
  • Lesson 3: Analytics for service
  • Lesson 4: AI for service
  • Lesson 5: Configuring customer service

Module 2: Case Management In this module you will learn how to open and resolve customer service cases, both manually and with automation.


  • Lesson 1: Case management overview
  • Lesson 2: Creating case records
  • Lesson 3: Queue management
  • Lesson 4: Case routing
  • Lesson 5: Resolving cases

Module 3: Service Level Agreements and Entitlements In this module you will learn how to define and use entitlements and entitlement templates as well as as service level agreements and how these tools enable case resolution.


  • Lesson 1: SLA and entitlement overview
  • Lesson 2: Create and manage entitlements
  • Lesson 3: Create and manage SLAs
  • Module 4: Knowledge Management

Module 4: Knowledge Management In this module you will learn how to create and use knowledge management. Additionally, you will learn the lifecycle of knowledge articles.


  • Lesson 1: Knowledge management overview
  • Lesson 2: Authoring and organising
  • Lesson 3: Use knowledge content
  • Lesson 4: Manage knowledge content

Module 5: Omnichannel In this module, you will learn how to work with Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


  • Lesson 1: Get Started
  • Lesson 2: Entity record routing
  • Lesson 3: Routing and work distribution
  • Lesson 4: Configure message channels
  • Lesson 5: Deploy chat widgets
  • Lesson 6: Create smart assist solutions
  • Lesson 7: Integrate a Power Virtual Agent bot
  • Lesson 8: Productivity tools

Module 6: Customer Service Scheduling In this module, you will learn how to use the Customer Service Scheduling feature in Dynamics 365. Customer Service


  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Customer Service Scheduling
  • Lesson 2: Configure Customer Service Scheduling
  • Lesson 3: Defining and working with bookable resources
  • Lesson 4: Working with services
  • Lesson 5: Working with fulfilment preferences
  • Lesson 6: Scheduling service activities
  • Lesson 7: Rescheduling service activities and substituting resources

Module 7: Connected Customer Service In this module, you will learn how to use Dynamics 365 Connected Customer Service to take data and help execute actual business actions on the data.


  • Lesson 1: Getting started with Connected Customer Service
  • Lesson 2: Registering devices
  • Lesson 3: Device management and interaction
  • Lesson 4: IoT alerts and sending commands

Module 8: Customer Service Insights In this module, you will learn how to work with Customer Service Insights to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution.


  • Lesson 1: Get started with Customer Service Insights
  • Lesson 2: Work with Customer Service call insights

Training material

To follow this training you will receive official Microsoft study and exercise material. You You will receive the e-book that serves as a reference work for the practical execution of assignments in an an online learning environment. You will have access to this learning environment for six months. software, only a computer with an internet connection. In the online labs, you work through scenarios where you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice. By means of a practice exam, you can prepare yourself well for the corresponding Microsoft exam. This practice exam is also online. It consists of questions similar to those you can expect on the actual exam and provides detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect and incorrect answers. The training course is in English and can be completed in approximately 3 days. The training course is fully English-based and can be completed in approximately 3 days.


After completing the training you will receive a certificate from Learnit. If you also book and complete the corresponding MB-230 exam, you will also receive an official certificate from Microsoft.

Prior knowledge

A Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant implements and designs service management visualizations and reports provided by and in collaboration with the solution architect. The Functional Consultant collaborates with the customer engagement administrator to implement and upgrade Power Platform components, including knowledge management, customer feedback, and connected services.A Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant must have strong applied knowledge of customer service, including: understanding industry terminology, priorities, standards, methodologies, customer service operations, and best practices. The Functional Consultant with customer service expertise must have strong applied knowledge of meeting user needs through Dynamics 365 customer service, including in-depth understanding of cases, knowledge management, queues, entitlements, resource scheduling, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), visualizations, connected services, Customer Service Insights, Power Virtual Agents, and Omnichannel for Customer Service. The Functional Consultant's knowledge should include a comprehensive understanding of the customer service application's role in relationship to the Dynamics 365 suite of applications along with a basic understanding of the solution architecture and quality assurance. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901) is not a prerequisite as long as you have the above prior knowledge.


During this e-learning you get 6 months access to the online learning environment in which you can apply the material to practice. If you follow the training to certify yourself, you can also directly book exams and follow-up and follow-up training courses. If you combine training courses, you will benefit from a bundle discount. for more information on our Microsoft certification page. The cost of an exam is €175 euro (excl. VAT). You can schedule the exam online and follow it at a time that suits you. During the exam, you will be monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone. If you want to you can indicate this in the comments field on the registration form.

All advantages at a glance:

  • 6 months access to the learning environment
  • A practice test
  • Preparation for Microsoft Exam MB-230
  • Part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service certification
  • The official Microsoft study material
  • Possibility to book exams and follow-up trainings as well


E-learning, per person:

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€ 400,-

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