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Course Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
  • Official Microsoft teaching materials
  • E-learning - study when you want to
  • 6 months access to the material
  • Preparing for the Microsoft certification exams
  • Practical training

This e-learning, with official Microsoft material, is a preparation for the official Microsoft exam to certify you for this subject. The training is fully in English, therefore part of the information page is also in English. On the "Details" tab you will find a short description and then all the topics that are covered in this e-learning.

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Course Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

This course provides the knowledge and skills to design and implement DevOps processes and practices. Students learn to plan for DevOps, use source control, scale Git for an enterprise, consolidate artifacts, design a dependency management strategy, manage secrets, implement continuous integration, implement a container building strategy, design a release strategy, set up a release management workflow, implement a deployment pattern and optimize feedback mechanisms


The e-learning consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Planning for DevOps
  • Module 2: Getting Started with Source Control
  • Module 3: Managing Technical Debt
  • Module 4: Working with Git for Enterprise DevOps
  • Module 5: Configuring Azure Pipelines
  • Module 6: Implementing Continuous Integration using Azure Pipelines
  • Module 7: Managing Application Configuration and Secrets
  • Module 8: Implementing Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions
  • Module 9: Designing and Implementing a Dependency Management Strategy
  • Module 10: Designing a Release Strategy
  • Module 11: Implementing Continuous Deployment using Azure Pipelines
  • Module 12: Implementing an Appropriate Deployment Pattern
  • Module 13: Managing Infrastructure and Configuration using Azure Tools
  • Module 14: Third Party Infrastructure as Code Tools Available with Azure
  • Module 15: Managing Containers using Docker
  • Module 16: Creating and Managing Kubernetes Service Infrastructure
  • Module 17: Implementing Feedback for Development Teams
  • Module 18: Implementing System Feedback Mechanisms
  • Module 19: Implementing Security in DevOps Projects
  • Module 20: Validating Code Bases for Compliance

Training material

To follow this training you will receive official Microsoft study and exercise material. You You will receive the e-book that serves as a reference work for the practical execution of assignments in an an online learning environment. You will have access to this learning environment for six months. software, only a computer with an internet connection. In the online labs, you work through scenarios where you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice. By means of a practice exam, you can prepare yourself well for the corresponding Microsoft exam. This practice exam is also online. It consists of questions similar to those you can expect on the actual exam and provides detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect and incorrect answers. The training course is in English and can be completed in approximately 5 days. The training course is fully English-based and can be completed in approximately 5 days.


After completing the training you will receive a certificate from Learnit. If you also book and complete the AZ-400 exam, you will also receive an official certificate from Microsoft.

Prior knowledge

Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise working with people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver business value. include designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.

A candidate for this exam must be familiar with both Azure administration and development and must be expert in at least one of these areas.

AZ-104 or AZ-204 must have been obtained in order to obtain the certificate.


During this e-learning you get 6 months access to the online learning environment in which you can apply the material to practice. If you follow the training to certify yourself, you can also directly book exams and follow-up and follow-up training courses. If you combine training courses, you will benefit from a bundle discount. for more information on our Microsoft certification page. The cost of an exam is €175 euro (excl. VAT). You can schedule the exam online and follow it at a time that suits you. During the exam, you will be monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone. If you want to you can indicate this in the comments field on the registration form.

All advantages at a glance:

  • 6 months access to the learning environment
  • A practice test
  • Preparation for Microsoft Exam AZ-400
  • Part of the Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions certification
  • The official Microsoft study material
  • Possibility to book exams and follow-up trainings as well


E-learning, per person:

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 400,-

VAT 21%

€ 84,-

Total incl. VAT

€ 484,-


The course Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions has been assessed with an average of 8.7.

"The training was given at a good pace and the participants were able to keep up. It was not a large group, so there was enough room for the individual. The material was in a logical order, so that by continuing the training you kept repeating the basics, which keeps them up."

"Super instructive, step-by-step structure and easy to understand for people who have no knowledge of this."

"I liked everything! Perfect!"

"Very knowledgeable trainer with a broad knowledge of the subject. The facilities are excellent. The course day (7 hours) is just long enough to stay focused.

"I have very good impression of the content of the training and specially of the trainer".