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Excel Basic Course e-learning
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  • Practical training

Do you want to get to know Excel? Then follow our Excel Basic e-learning, so you can practise where and when you want, at your own pace.

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"I was very satisfied with my excel course, and was fortunate to also have a friendly and helpful trainer (Albert Keupink) who I would feel comfortable recommending to others!" - Rating: 9.0

learnit Financial Excel (business skills)

Excel Basic Course e-learning

Do you want to learn how to make spreadsheets with Excel? In this online course you will learn the basics of Excel. You will learn how to enter and save your own calculations. The most important skills for working with Excel will be covered. The course consists of six modules and a test. You can take the course from anywhere, as long as you have a computer with internet access. You have three months access to the learning environment, and you decide when and at what pace you work on the assignments.


  • Discover Excel
  • Workbooks
  • Entering data
  • Select copy paste
  • Entering formulas
  • Making initial calculations: functions and formulas
  • The formatting of data
  • Printing: Page settings
  • Some indispensable features such as Help, Spellcheck, Search and replace
  • Sort table
  • Worksheet management
  • Grouping data


At the end of this e-learning you will understand how the interface works, you will have learned what the software has to offer and you will be able to easily put the most important functions of this programme into practice. The course is concluded with a test. Your progress will be clearly charted and, if necessary, can also be viewed by your manager.

After passing the test, we award your participation with a certificate. You will then have mastered the basic skills of Excel and be ready to put your new skills to use and tackle calculating challenges.

The test and the certificate

To obtain a certificate for passing the course, it is compulsory to take the corresponding test. If the final score is 70% or higher, you will receive the certificate. If you do not pass the test, you can take it again.

Individual levels and combined bundles

You can take the online courses at individual levels for € 100.00 per level (excl. VAT):

Or in combined bundles:

This online course is also very suitable for large groups of (migrant) employees, and we can offer you a volume discount. Please contact us for more information.

Which version? 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

When you register, you can indicate which version you are using. We will then ensure that you take the course in the correct software version.

How much time do you have to do the whole course?

Each module (Basis/Vervolg/Expert) gives you three months' access. If you purchase multiple modules, you will have immediate access to all modules. The duration of each module is approximately 7 hours, including the final test.


  • Basic: three months access, total turnaround time 6-7 hours
  • Basic + Continuation: six months access to both modules, total time 12-14 hours
  • Basic + Continuation + Expert: nine months access to the three modules, total completion time 18-20 hours

Nothing needs to be installed

This online course is offered in the cloud. You can log in at home, at work or anywhere else you want to start the course. You do not need to have the relevant Office package installed on your computer. You log in via a website that automatically gives access to the online course.

Can you stop in between and continue later?

You can interrupt the course at any time and resume it at a later time. Your progress will of course be saved. The test has to be taken in one sitting.

Can you do the course again after completing it?

Yes, you can watch the course again and again as long as the licence is valid.

Prior knowledge

No previous knowledge is required for this online course.


Our online courses can be followed with all common browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer(no sound),Safari and Opera.This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you are using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.


E-learning, per person:

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 100,-

VAT 21%

€ 21,-

Total incl. VAT

€ 121,-


The course Excel Basis e-learning has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

"I was very satisfied with my excel course, and was fortunate to also have a friendly and helpful trainer (Albert Keupink) who I would feel comfortable recommending to others!" - Rating: 9.0

R. Eberson, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business skills)

"This course is a perfect solution if you want to immerse yourself in a programme for work or for private purposes. It may cost an investment, but the results are much better than doing it in between. You are out of your work environment, but fully engaged in the course. For me it was absolutely right!" - Rating: 8.1

H.Hiemstra, Kroon Vleeswaren - Excel Basic

"Highly recommended for everyone". - Rating: 8.7

J. H. Koppers, Falck Nutec B.V. - Excel Basic

"I am very satisfied with the cusrsus followed and certainly with the practical applicability of the teaching material." - Rating: 9.4

W. Raghoenath, Ministry of Finance - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Good training that shows all facets of Excel for the more experienced user. Course material can be followed at one's own pace so that you can work through parts you already know more quickly and give the others more attention." - Rating: 8.1

T.G. Brouwer, Kuiken N.V. - Excel Expert

"I found it a very nice and concise training for a beginner like me. Where, with my low entry level, I gained a lot of confidence and can therefore actually get to work with what I have learned." - Rating: 9.0

S. Dijkstra, Addiction Care North Netherlands - Excel 2003 Basic

"K. Algra, Municipality of Nijmegen - "An excellent course with good material and many exercises that fit in with practice." - Rating: 7.0"

- Excel Macros and working with other programs

"Careful training in which my learning goals received concrete attention." - Rating: 8.1

R. Koetje - Excel Continued

"In your own pace get more understanding and understanding of excel. The group is reasonably small, so disruption is minimal. The organisation and teacher are a breath of fresh air, and I am not easily satisfied." - Rating: 8.6

R.M van Weelden, Sew Eurodrive B.V. - Excel Continued

"A valuable training that you can make your own at your own pace." - Rating: 8.1

E. P. Timmer- Ambting, Netlaa B.V. - Excel Basic

"I liked everything! Perfect!"

- Excel Continued

"The training of Learnit is a training that gives you a very good idea of what you can do with Excel. The professional trainer gives you an independent feeling from the moment you start. It is very instructive and excellent to use." - Rating: 8.0

B. Baveld, SIG Combibloc - Excel 2003 Basic

"Good course for beginners, even if you don't have anything to do with computers. A child can do the laundry!" - Rating: 8.6

E. Veldman, MNO Vervat B.V. - Excel Basic

"Excellent guidance with room for own learning goals as well." - Rating: 8.9

S. van der Heijden, Ministry of Defence - Excel Basic

"The Excel 2007 continuation course is excellently set up; interesting topics and applications that can be used immediately after practice at work." - Rating: 8.1

M. Benschop - Excel Continued

"It was an informative course and you could learn everything at your own pace quietly." - Rating: 7.9

J. Berends, Spithorst - Excel Basic

"An instructive training to understand the basics of Excel, and to start using it. Also instructive for people who already work a fair amount with Excel, as the training is very comprehensive." - Rating: 7.9

T. Stappershof, Kuehne en Nagel Logistics BV - Excel 2003 Basic

"Good usable course that you can do at your own pace. There is enough room to ask questions and still work at your own pace." - Rating: 8.0

J. van Schaick, NUON - Excel Continued

"I have been working with Excel for a long time. However, I knew nothing about what you can do with it. I can recommend this course to every layman like me! Do it!" - Rating: 8.8

S. Hulshof, CEVA Logistics - Excel Basic

"An instructive practical Excel basic training course, which gives a lot of insight into the possibilities that Excel 2010 has to offer." - Rating: 8.0

P. van der Meule, NUON - Excel Basic

"Good usable course that you can do at your own pace. There is enough room to ask questions and still work at your own pace." - Rating: 8.0

J. van Schaick, NUON - Excel Continued

"Very concrete training which gives a good insight into the possibilities of Excel." - Rating: 9.6

C.H.G.M. Meuwese - Excel 2010

"Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Excel. Excellent course material that can be used as a reference at home and at work. The clear and well-constructed course material makes this an excellent self-study." - Evaluation: 9.4

A. Vermeulen, DMN Machinefabriek Noordwijkerhout BV - Excel Basic

"Learned a lot in a short time in a very clear and accessible way. Very efficient method for me!" - Rating: 9.0

E. Jongbloed, Randstad - Free webinar PivotTables in Excel 2010 and 2013

"Clear and easy to follow course with personal guidance." - Rating: 7.7

M.H. Kwakernaak, Rexnord Flat Top Europe - Excel Basic

"The instruction/explanation is very clear, you can get straight to work yourself with the convenience of support where required." - Rating: 9.0

Kitty Jansen, Meyra Holding BV - Excel 2003 Continued

"Expert custom work, highly recommended!" - Rating: 9.0

F. van Dorst, DASD Holding - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Even if you think you know a lot about Excel, you always learn something new. The possibilities are enormous." - Rating: 7.9

Arline de Rooy, SMT Netherlands B.V. - Excel Basic

"Effective training using clear course material." - Rating: 8.0

A.J. Zwarts, EDventure - Excel Basic

"Good teaching method. Lots of learning material. Very satisfied with Learnit." - Rating: 8.4

R. Tolhoek, Topa Packaging BV - Excel Basic

"A very professional training, excellently applicable and easy to follow." - Rating: 9.1

A. Hannink, Camposol - Excel Basic

"Practice-oriented, fits seamlessly with your work." - Rating: 8.9

B. Derks, JHV Exploitatie BV - Excel Basic

"A fine and clear training that is easy to follow for novice "Excellers"." - Rating: 9.0

L. Hoogendoorn, Media Markt Saturn Holding Nederland B.V. - Excel Tables, Formulas and Functions

"The Excel 2010 VBA course gives a good start on Macros and programming them!" - Rating: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"The advantage I found is that you work individually, so everyone can work at his or her own pace." - Rating: 8.0

Marleen Braam, Oxyma B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"I came as a (48yrs) mechanic from the field and had been working a bit with Excel for several years but I had only learned some tricks from colleagues. This course has given me a huge foundation." - Rating: 8.0

E.J. Jonker, NV Nederlandse Gasunie - Excel Basic

"Very good training! Everything is perfectly arranged and it is definitely a recommendation to take a course at Learnit." - Rating: 9.0

Luciano Felida, New Neopharm - Excel Basic

"I found it a good and meaningful training. I learned a lot from it. The trainer gave clear explanations and has a lot of knowledge of Excel."

- Excel Basic

"Excellent self-study course, so that you are actually doing it yourself.... That's how you learn best!" - Rating: 7.0

M. Verheij, Meco Equipment Engineers B.V. - Excel Basic

"The location of the training is perfect. The teaching material is clearly displayed which makes it easy to walk through the material." - Rating: 8.0

Karin van der Laan, TU Delft - Excel Basic

"Teaching material was very clear, it was well explained step by step how to do a certain action. Assignments were socially related. With an open learning format you can of course set your own pace, which is fine for me." - Rating: 8.0

C. van der Kaaij, Pharmacy The Hague Hospitals - Excel Basic

"The course that I took allowed me to set my own pace of learning. It also gave me the opportunity to pay more attention to certain chapters than to other parts of the course material, which were less applicable to me. I have experienced this way of following the course as very pleasant." - Rating: 7.9

P. Sleurink, Prorail - Excel Basic

"It is nice to be able to go through the course at your own pace. If you have any questions, you can ask the teacher." - Rating: 9.0

M. Brander-de Winkel, OHRA - Excel 2003 Basic

"I can now do much more with Excel than I could before; database functions, pivot tables and graphs are all easy to conjure up. - Rating: 8.0

P. Kooijmans, Randstad Nederland B.V. - Excel Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Clear course material with sufficient exercises and personal guidance from a teacher who has a lot of knowledge of MS Excel. Nice to be able to work with your own data and at your own pace. Highly recommended." - Rating: 8.3

T.G. Brouwer, Kuiken N.V. - Excel Tables, Formulas and Functions

"I found the training very clear, a patient teacher, pleasant working atmosphere and working environment." - Rating: 8.9

S. Heygelen, ASML Netherlands B.V. - Excel Basic

"Short, clear training for someone who has not worked with pivot tables or has worked with them very little, but would like to learn them." - Rating: 8.2

C. Clark-Stalenhoef, Optiver Holding B.V. - Free webinar Turntables in Excel 2010 and 2013

"An instructive practical Excel basic training course, which gives a lot of insight into the possibilities that Excel 2010 has to offer." - Rating: 8.0

P. van der Meule, NUON - Excel Basic

"I learned a lot from the Excel basic course. You can follow this in a quiet environment, an easily accessible location and by a professional trainer at your own pace. Lesson material by means of a clear book with, in addition, appealing examples in Excel with which you could practise. In short: highly recommended!

- Excel Basic

"I can recommend this training to every office user. The material and the pace of work can be adapted to one's own situation, and there is ample opportunity to ask questions, which are then answered." - Rating: 8.1

M. Oostdijk, ROC Mondriaan - Excel Macros and working with other programmes