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Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas course
  • Improve the consistency and correctness of your Excel lists
  • Easily apply data validation
  • Use functions and formulas for even better validation
  • Prevent input errors and data contamination
  • Get even more out of your Excel data

Do you want to improve the consistency and correctness of your Excel lists and get even more out of your data? Follow the 1-day course Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas from Learnit.

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"Well organised teamwork with professional teacher." - Rating: 9.1

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Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas course

Keep your Excel lists consistent and correct

If you work in an Excel list with several people, the chance of data contamination is great. After all, everyone has their own way of entering data. If, for example, a mark or a percentage has to be entered, it is useful if the range can be limited to 10 or 100%. Data validation in Excel helps you keep data consistent and correct by preventing or resolving input errors. This keeps your Excel list clean and the data suitable for further processing. Discover how to apply data validation in the 1-day Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas course.

Functions & formulas

Besides working with data validation, a whole series of functions and formulas are covered to help you manipulate your data better. Text functions to convert incorrectly imported data, search functions when vertical search does not help and array functions to generate results without many intermediate steps. Discover how to apply functions and formulas in the 1-day Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas course.

Content of Excel data validation course, functions & formulas

In the Excel training course Data Validation, Functions & Formulas, you will learn all about validating your Excel data and advanced functions in just one day. The day starts with an introduction to data validation, where you will learn about its benefits and ways to keep your data as clean as possible. Then you will get to work with text formulas, search and reference formulas, mathematical formulas, statistical formulas and array functions. Plus, our Excel expert will give you lots of practical tips and tricks to get even more out of your Excel data.

Parts Excel training course data validation, functions & formulas

The Excel data validation, functions & formulas course covers the following topics, among others:

What is Excel data validation?

The benefits of data validation, forms of data validation: selection list, input message and error message, unique data with data validation and conditional selection lists in combination with the INDIRECT function.

Text formulas:


Data search and referencing:


Statistical formulas:


Mathematical formulas:


Array functions:


Target group

The training Excel data validation, functions & formulas is intended for experienced Excel users who want to know more about data validation and learn to apply advanced functions and formulas.

Teaching methodology

Learnit offers the course Excel data validation, functions & formulas as classroom training and in-company training. The training takes place in small groups and is given by an experienced trainer. Theory and practice assignments alternate, so you can immediately put what you have learned into practice. You can follow the training on your own laptop or on a practice laptop from Learnit Training. Afterwards, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.

Afterwards, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.

Result course Excel data validation, functions & formulas

After completing the training Excel data validation, functions & formulas:

  • You know what data validation in Excel means.
  • You know the benefits of data validation.
  • You can name and apply the different forms of data validation.
  • You know how to validate unique data.
  • you can give cell names to a cell or range of cells.
  • you can search Excel in various ways.
  • You know how to use text formulas.
  • you can use search and refer for validation.
  • You know the statistical and mathematical formulas that help you understand your data.
  • Know how to use array functions.
  • you can get even more out of your Excel lists by improving the consistency and correctness of your data.

Prior knowledge

To take part in the training Excel data validation, functions & formulas, you must at least have followed the course Excel Continuation.


This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you use Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Prices mentioned are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the on-site training.

On location Online
Duration 1 day 2 sessions of 3 hours
Price per day, excluding VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 574,75 € 471,90


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


We also organise this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Login with Skype is also possible. On request, this training can also be organised with Microsoft Teams.

The training takes 2 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 2 weeks.

  • You can participate again free of charge up to one year after the training.
  • For an additional catering fee, you can also participate in a classroom training.


The course Excel Data Validation, Functions & Formulas has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

"A fun experience and an educational programme." - Rating: 8.0

A. Ahmed, Feenstra - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Excel training is definitely useful in case you work every day with this program. Workbook is very professional and easy for understanding. Trainer helps in case you need and there is possibility to have this course in English." - Rating: 7.7

N. Sennikova, Kuehne & Nagel - Excel Expert

"Well organised teamwork with professional teacher." - Rating: 9.1

N. Bardijs, Domstad University of Applied Sciences - Excel 2002 Basic

"This is a good training course for diving into the basics of the Excel package, without it immediately becoming very complicated. You can come up with nice Excel sheets with an appealing layout and graphs without any prior knowledge." - Rating: 9.0

Peter Anuels, Praclox BV - Excel Basic

"Worth following." - Rating: 8.9

Hans Spaan, Coty Prestige B.V. - Excel 2002 Basic

"A very useful training. Instructor was very knowledgeable and helped a lot." - Rating: 9.7

M. den Ouden-Heemskerk, Rijnmond Care Group - Excel 2002 Basic

"First impression/acquaintance was/is good." - Rating: 7.8

H. de Thomis, ABN Amro Bank - Excel Basic

"Good way to master the basics of Excel." - Rating: 8.4

R. Seelt, PC Hooft Group - Excel Basic

"Enthusiastic teacher who can explain well and is very patient. Clear teaching material that is also good to use as a reference book if you get lost." - Rating: 8.0

Ursela Verstegen, Randstad Nederland B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"Practical training with good personal guidance in an optimal environment." - Rating: 9.0

M. van Moorst - Excel 2003 Continued

"Very educational training with good individual approach that suits the learner." - Rating: 9.4

Inge Leerintveld, Roma Service Cinemas - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"At our own location under the guidance of an expert trainer, we were retrained in the use of Excel in a very pleasant way." - Rating: 9.0

E.J. Koerhuis, Safety Region North and East Gelderland - Excel Continued

"I thought it was all very well organised. Good location and a good trainer. The lessons are easy to follow and if you have any questions, they are great to talk to. Even after the course." - Rating: 9.7

H. van de Berg, Scania Production Meppel B.V. - Excel Basic

"An excellent training in a beautiful location. The personal approach of the trainer ensures that it does not get boring. I learned a lot from it."

- Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Very nice to experience that there are often alternative and easier ways to do something you were already doing." - Rating: 8.3

K. Bahri, Makro Amsterdam - Excel Basic

"The followed webinair was a nice addition. Without travelling time, I refreshed excel again. A number of familiar items were supplemented with new or useful things." - Rating: 7.0

W. Veldhuizen, UnionNzv Foundation - Free webinar Turntables in Excel 2010 and 2013

"I can recommend the Excel course at Learnit to everyone. Excellent guidance from the teacher, clear textbook and CD with all kinds of exercises that are fully in line with the textbook (these may be taken after the course as practice and reference material). Through this course I found out that I could have worked much more efficiently for years. Thank you Learnit." - Rating: 10.0

D. Schellenberg, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Excel Basic

"The independent way of working really appeals to me in this training concept. You can also bring along problems from your daily practice that are then addressed." - Rating: 8.7

Henk Versteeg, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment - Excel Continued

"Clear and useful training with practice-oriented topics. Trainer is enthusiastic and motivating." - Rating: 8.8

R. Bezemer, Tax Consultants International B.V. - Excel Continued

"A world opened up for me. A very calm teacher , who took all the time for you and also explained everything clearly so that you also understand what you are doing." - Rating: 8.0

Mr. van de Greijn, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"If you have practical problems with Excel, follow this course. In addition to the fixed course material, there is sufficient time to cover own practical examples." - Rating: 8.0

Koen Smelter, Euler Hermes Kredietverzekeringen - Excel 2002 Continued

"The training was easy to do within the allotted time. Learned what I came for." - Rating: 8.3

Ton Bollebakker, Veronica Publishing - Excel Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Professional training, given by a very knowledgeable instructor, who was able to convey his knowledge in a pleasant and clear manner. The content of the training was very thorough. The teaching material really started from the basics. I really liked the fact that I could determine the pace of the training myself. The teaching material and the set-up were professional and there was a lot of variation in the assignments/exercises." - Rating: 9.9

C. Niehaus- van den IJssel - Excel Basic

"The overall impression of the course is good. The course is clearly useful and you can use it immediately at work. The teacher has enough knowledge and listens well to the course participants." - Rating: 8.3

R. Spelt - Excel Basic

"Course was very well organised, materials in good condition, and also very good content." - Rating: 8.2

T. de Vet, Toon de Vet - Excel Continued

"The excel follow-up course fully met our expectations. The learning objectives were fully met and new excel applications were learned by both the less experienced and more advanced users." - Rating: 8.1

L. Jautze, University of Amsterdam - Excel Continued

"Self-study with a touch of extra. Good teacher present with a lot of substantive knowledge, who also really thinks along to apply your objectives in your own practical environment."

- Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Good training that shows all facets of Excel for the more experienced user. Course material can be followed at one's own pace so that you can work through parts you already know more quickly and give the others more attention." - Rating: 8.1

T.G. Brouwer, Kuiken N.V. - Excel Expert

"I have never had any Excel training before, but I already have a reasonable grasp of the basics through my daily work. By following this Excel training, it is easy for me to carry out my daily work in an easier way because of all the new knowledge I have gained."

- Excel Continued

"I took the Excel 2007 Advanced PivotTables course and found it to be a good course, with a very capable teacher. Questions are answered well, knowledge of the teacher is very good. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.3

L.W. Mooi, Betonindustrie B.V. Concrelit - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"Nice to be able to work at your own pace and ask targeted questions if you get stuck." - Rating: 7.4

P. Raven, Municipality of Almere - Excel 2003 Continued

"The instruction/explanation is very clear, you can get straight to work yourself with the convenience of support where required." - Rating: 9.0

Kitty Jansen, Meyra Holding BV - Excel 2003 Continued

"What I have experienced as pleasant is that you are with several people in the same room with one teacher and that everyone still follows his own course. Why? - you can share information with each other; - in this age of multimedia where everyone is only concerned with themselves, you get to talk to others about, among other things, why they are taking this course and - because there is only one teacher, the course can be offered in a financially attractive way (LEAN thought)." - Rating: 8.0

C. van der Heijden, SNL Systems B.V. - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"I liked everything! Perfect!"

- Excel Continued

"The content is surprising and you can do a lot in practice with the material." - Rating: 8.1

I. Teunissen - Excel Continued

"Good teaching method. Lots of learning material. Very satisfied with Learnit." - Rating: 8.4

R. Tolhoek, Topa Packaging BV - Excel Basic

"Excellent proffesional Training with many "tips & tricks" for every starting level."

- Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"It is fun and very educational. I learned a lot from it and will benefit from it in the future." - Rating: 8.0

Youri de Beurs, Excel VBA - Excel VBA

"Good, instructive, interesting course. Discovered new functions in excel that I didn't know existed! So definitely learned new things!" - Rating: 9.0

S. van Dartel, Vesting Finance - Excel 2003 Expert

"The Excel 2010 VBA course gives a good start on Macros and programming them!" - Rating: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"F. Van den Berg - "Good training. Good teaching material. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.0"

- Excel Basic

"Nice training, learned a lot and everything in own work pace." - Rating: 10.0

W. Wever, Scania Production Meppel B.V. - Excel Continued

"Interesting course. In order to make all the material your own, it is advisable to reserve enough time for this." - Rating: 7.7

J. Sijtsma, Municipality of Woerden - Excel Continued

"In a practical way, a good course of Excel continuation training was given here in 2 days with an excellent teacher, in an excellent location." - Rating: 8.7

Peter Schwillend - Excel Continued

"I loved to see the possibilities of what you can do with excel. Hope to be able to use everything we have learned." - Rating: 8.2

B. Volgelzang, CB&I - Excel Continued

"Training is given in a fun way. You get to work on your own and if you have questions they take the time for you." - Rating: 7.3

Ragonda Helderman, Yarden Funeral Directors. - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"The teaching material is constructive, the teacher knows what he is talking about, also outside the books. So it is also possible to ask questions about things that you yourself come up against." - Grading: 7.6

J.R. de Jong, Unica - Excel VBA

"A fun experience and an educational programme." - Rating: 8.0

A. Ahmed, Feenstra - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

"I can really recommend the training. After two days of training, you have learned so much that you can work well with Excel. Moreover, the course material is good to use as a reference work." - Rating: 10.0

Janine de Jong - Excel Basic

"Very competent trainer, good teaching material, good clear assignments and cases which challenge you and motivate you to find solutions. Room for issues from your own organisation! Super fun instructive training, therefore difficult to stop at the end of the training days! Thanks a lot!"

- Excel Basic / Expert