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Excel Course Continued e-learning
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  • Practical training

Do you want to get more out of Excel? Then follow our e-learning Excel Continuation, so you can practise where and when you want, at your own pace.

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"Good, practice-oriented course which allows one to quickly get started and improve and make more efficient the daily working methods." - Rating: 9.1

learnit Excel Continued

Excel Course Continued e-learning

In this online course you will learn about formatting, complex tables, charts, working with data lists and pivot tables in Excel. The course consists of six modules and a test. You can take the course from anywhere, as long as you have a computer with internet access. You have three months of access and can decide for yourself when and at what pace you learn.


  • Absolute cell references
  • More about entering functions
  • Conditional formatting
  • Using charts
  • Enhancing tables graphically
  • Insert drawing objects
  • Inserting images
  • Data lists
  • Using Subtotals
  • Creating and applying filters
  • Creating Pivot Tables


By the end of this online course, you will be able to clearly present information in Excel in tables and charts. You will have insight into working with data lists and know how to use pivot tables. The course is concluded with a test. Your progress will be clearly charted and can be viewed by your manager if necessary.

The test and the certificate

To obtain a certificate for passing the course, it is compulsory to take the corresponding test. If the final score is 70% or higher, you will receive the certificate. If you do not pass the test, you can take it again.

All Excel levels and combined bundles

You can take the online courses at individual levels for € 100.00 per level (excl. VAT):

Or in combined bundles:

This online course is also very suitable for large groups of (migrant) employees, and we can offer you a volume discount. Please contact us for more information.

Which version? 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

When you register, you can indicate which version you are using. We will then ensure that you take the course in the correct software version.

How much time do you have to do the whole course?

Each module (Basis/Vervolg/Expert) gives you three months' access. If you purchase multiple modules, you will have immediate access to all modules. The duration of each module is approximately 7 hours, including the final test.

Thus: Basic: three months access, total lead time 6-7 hours Basic + Follow-up: six months' access to both modules, total completion time 12-14 hours Basic + Continuation + Expert: nine months' access to the three modules, total completion time 18-20 hours

Nothing needs to be installed

This online course is offered in the cloud. You can log in at home, at work or anywhere else you want to start the course. You do not need to have the relevant Office package installed on your computer. You log in via a website that automatically gives access to the online course.

Can you stop in between and continue later?

You can interrupt the course at any time and resume it at a later time. Your progress will of course be saved. The test has to be taken in one sitting.

Can you do the course again after completing it?

Yes, you can watch the course again and again as long as the licence is valid.

Prior knowledge

For this online course, previous knowledge at the level of the following online course is recommended:
  • Excel Basic e-learning
  • Note Our online courses can be taken with all common browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer(no sound), Safari and Opera. This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you are using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.


    E-learning, per person:

    Price (excl. VAT)

    € 100,-

    VAT 21%

    € 21,-

    Total incl. VAT

    € 121,-


    The course Excel Continuation e-learning has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

    "Good impression. Trainer knowledgeable and patient". - Rating: 8.0

    Toos Wijk, Unica Installatietechniek B.V. - Excel 2010

    "Insight into the possibilities of Excel, which you know exist, but have not yet applied yourself."

    - Excel Continued

    "Good, practice-oriented course which allows one to quickly get started and improve and make more efficient the daily working methods." - Rating: 9.1

    Jos van den Nouwland, CG Drives & Automation - Excel Continued

    "Used Learnit for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the concept. Small group and a lot of individual attention. There were plenty of training methods through the extensive learning materials." - Rating: 8.4

    M. Dikken, Ministry of Defence - Excel Continued

    "I found it a very nice and concise training for a beginner like me. Where, with my low entry level, I gained a lot of confidence and can therefore actually get to work with what I have learned." - Rating: 9.0

    S. Dijkstra, Addiction Care North Netherlands - Excel 2003 Basic

    "Efficient for people who already use databases in Excel a lot."

    Janet van Apeldoorn, BIJ12 - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

    "Nice training where everything is clearly explained but where you also have to think for yourself. Everyone can work at his/her own pace." - Rating: 8.5

    K. Villalba Weber - Excel 2003 Basic

    "I loved to see the possibilities of what you can do with excel. Hope to be able to use everything we have learned." - Rating: 8.2

    B. Volgelzang, CB&I - Excel Continued

    "Never thought I could learn so much from these programmes. I am also very glad that I followed them." - Rating: 9.0

    P. Sahl, NUON - Excel Basic

    "A clear training that is very easy to follow. Highly recommended for anyone working in sales." - Rating: 8.0

    Tim Lam, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic

    "It is nice to be able to go through the course at your own pace. If you have any questions, you can ask the teacher." - Rating: 9.0

    M. Brander-de Winkel, OHRA - Excel 2003 Basic

    "A great introduction to getting more out of yourself and Excel." - Rating: 9.0

    H. Palmer, Promise Technology - Free webinar PivotTables in Excel 2010 and 2013

    "The training I followed is very relaxed and can be followed at one's own pace. The teaching material you receive after the course is good to use at work or at home for further elaboration and training." - Rating: 8.0

    R. Roovers, Municipality of Heeze-Leende - Excel 2003 Basic

    "Excellent medium. No travel time. Good to follow. Good and to the point. Recommended." - Rating: 7.6

    P. Gret, Rotterdam University - Free webinar PivotTables in Excel 2010 and 2013

    "The instruction/explanation is very clear, you can get straight to work yourself with the convenience of support where required." - Rating: 9.0

    Kitty Jansen, Meyra Holding BV - Excel 2003 Continued

    "Everything about this course was good. Well arranged in advance, good location, good lunch and above all good and clear course material and a competent trainer. I am very enthusiastic and would definitely recommend this to others." - Rating: 9.4

    D. Bakker, TNO - Excel VBA

    "Good course, delivered by a professional organisation with high practical applicability." - Rating: 8.8

    R. Velthuis, Heupink & Bloemen Tabak B.V. - Excel 2010

    "Good training for broadening knowledge and skills of Excel, and opportunities for good reflection of applicability in the workplace." - Rating: 7.8

    S. van de Ven, Koninklijke Peijnenburg B.V. - Excel PowerPivot

    "I took the Excel 2007 Advanced PivotTables course and found it to be a good course, with a very capable teacher. Questions are answered well, knowledge of the teacher is very good. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.3

    L.W. Mooi, Betonindustrie B.V. Concrelit - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

    "The Excel training is fine, good teaching material. Excellent teacher, certainly enthusiastic, and it is also practice-oriented." - Rating: 8.0

    Gunther van der Horst, Stadsbank Oost Nederland - Excel Basic

    "A pleasant way to work your way through the material. A book with clear instruction and a teacher in the background who answers questions! - Rating: 9.0

    J. Coesmans - Excel Continued

    "Good, instructive, interesting course. Discovered new functions in excel that I didn't know existed! So definitely learned new things!" - Rating: 9.0

    S. van Dartel, Vesting Finance - Excel 2003 Expert

    "What appealed to us about learnit's teaching method; Each member of the group can go through the material in their own way, and if there are any questions and/or comments, the teacher will indicate the correct procedure. In this way, everyone went through the teaching material at their own level and/or pace." - Rating: 8.0

    M. Chaudron, Leo de Groot - Excel 2010

    "Very pleasant way of learning straight from the book with support from the teacher and being able to set your own pace." - Rating: 8.4

    J.E. Buiter, Buiter Beton B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

    "A practical course that you can actually do something with and one that is not too long." - Rating: 8.0

    C. Van der Werff, Blue Carpet Foundation - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

    "I found it a good and meaningful training. I learned a lot from it. The trainer gave clear explanations and has a lot of knowledge of Excel."

    - Excel Basic

    "This is a good training course for diving into the basics of the Excel package, without it immediately becoming very complicated. You can come up with nice Excel sheets with an appealing layout and graphs without any prior knowledge." - Rating: 9.0

    Peter Anuels, Praclox BV - Excel Basic

    "Also for non-computer specialists a fine training which you can certainly learn a lot from." - Rating: 8.4

    W. Brandt, Besam Netherlands B.V. - Excel Basic

    "Instructive, pleasant, clear teaching, step-by-step method." - Rating: 10.0

    I. Gehring, Municipality of Woerden - Excel Basic

    "I experienced the training as very instructive in a quiet pleasant environment and led by an expert teacher. Thank you." - Rating: 8.0

    R. Terlouw, Zegro Centre Rotterdam - Excel 2003 Continued

    "Professional and a clear answer to all questions." - Rating: 8.0

    R. Bertram, VION Enschede - Excel 2010

    "Excellent guidance with room for own learning goals as well." - Rating: 8.9

    S. van der Heijden, Ministry of Defence - Excel Basic

    "Interesting training, despite the fact that I already know Excel, I learned how to work faster and more efficiently. Everyone got the attention he or she needed. There is a relaxed atmosphere, in which one works well and learns a lot." - Rating: 8.4

    Richard Kemna, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic

    "Followed a webinar for the first time. Definitely worth repeating. Clear explanation. Clear presentation.'" - Rating: 9.0

    C. Leenders, University Hospital Maastricht - Free webinar PivotTables in Excel 2010 and 2013

    "A lot of practice during the training is very pleasant. You learn by doing. Competent trainer who is eager to help you." - Rating: 9.4

    Sandra de Haas, Euler Hermes Kredietverzekeringen - Excel 2002 Basic

    "Very interesting training that gives a lot of new insights and will ultimately save me a lot of time!" - Rating: 8.8

    E. Nijenhuis, Hamilton Bright - Excel 2013

    "Very clear course given in a pleasant atmosphere. Definitely recommended for people who have never worked with excel, but also recommended for less experienced users." - Rating: 7.6

    W. Kievit, Mondo Minerals - Excel 2003 Basic

    "It is nice to be able to work at your own pace. The course is given in small groups (7 in my course) which works very well. The location in Zwolle is very easy to reach, a 1-minute walk from the station! The teacher gave good individual tips and looked closely at your learning goals." - Rating: 8.7

    Chantal van Doornik, Bio+ Brand Foundation - Excel Basic

    "If you have basic experiance with Excel and you want to learn quick what oppertunity's Excel has, then you really have to contact Learnit for a quick introduction." - Rating: 9.4

    M. Herck, Sorin Group - Excel Continued

    "The course that I took allowed me to set my own pace of learning. It also gave me the opportunity to pay more attention to certain chapters than to other parts of the course material, which were less applicable to me. I have experienced this way of following the course as very pleasant." - Rating: 7.9

    P. Sleurink, Prorail - Excel Basic

    "Did the excel course to broaden my overall knowledge, and I found this course very suitable for that." - Rating: 7.7

    Pierre Vugts, Mettler Toledo Product Inspection B.V. - Excel Continued

    "Practice-oriented, fits seamlessly with your work." - Rating: 8.9

    B. Derks, JHV Exploitatie BV - Excel Basic

    "I experienced the training as very instructive in a quiet pleasant environment and led by an expert teacher. Thank you." - Rating: 8.0

    R. Terlouw, Zegro Centre Rotterdam - Excel 2003 Continued

    "The teaching material and the teachers of the different courses I attended were very good. I have taken 3 courses in the last 2 months and I am very satisfied with the result!" - Rating: 7.9

    S. Verhaert, NKM Noell Special Cranes GmbH - Excel Advanced Incompany

    "Good teaching method. Lots of learning material. Very satisfied with Learnit." - Rating: 8.4

    R. Tolhoek, Topa Packaging BV - Excel Basic

    "Very clear explanation. Definitely a must for anyone who works with Excel and has never started at the basis. You learn a lot about the applicability of Excel as a program and its possibilities." - Rating: 7.3

    J.R. Smith, ALFEN BV - Excel Basic

    "It is a very pleasant course that you can follow at your own pace. If you have any questions, there is a teacher who helps you immediately. Really recommended." - Rating: 10.0

    J. Peters-van Gent, Kuehne Nagel Logistics B.V. - Excel Basic

    "If you want a tailor-made training course where everything is well organised and taken care of, I would recommend learnit to everyone. Have a very good experience."

    Ralph van Erkel, Wierden and Borgen - Excel Basic

    "Pleasant training, small group, much time for individual attention! Take your own files with you, so that you can apply what you have learned right away. You then come up against other questions than in the exercise material." - Rating: 8.3

    E. van Hartevelt - Excel Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions

    "The instruction/explanation is very clear, you can get straight to work yourself with the convenience of support where required." - Rating: 9.0

    Kitty Jansen, Meyra Holding BV - Excel 2003 Continued