Learnit Training
Course giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn to give feedback constructively
  • Experience for yourself the influence of the way of communicating feedback
  • Learn to ask and receive feedback
  • Get tools to deal with emotions and tensions
  • Learn the difference between feedback, criticism and advice

Well-intentioned feedback can lead to hurt or offended reactions. A pity, because feedback is very useful: you can correct undesired behaviour and it stimulates good cooperation. Learn to give feedback in the right way and avoid hurting colleagues!

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"A very instructive and practical training that responded to my needs. I was able to suggest situations myself that we could work with." - Rating: 9.6

learnit Giving and receiving feedback

Course giving and receiving feedback

Giving feedback can be unintentionally hurtful and is often avoided for this or other reasons. As a result, an important instrument to steer employees and/or each other remains partly unused. But when the message is communicated properly, feedback on behaviour can actually encourage change and growth.

In the training 'Giving and receiving feedback ', you learn to give (and receive) feedback in a constructive way, which leads to undesired behaviour being adjusted and to cooperation being stimulated. With the right techniques, you can ensure that employees are extra motivated and productive, but also dare to be open to receiving and giving feedback. After the training you are able to create an open (and thus constructive) communication atmosphere in your work environment.


The following topics, among others, can be covered during the training:

  • Mapping communication processes
  • Giving and receiving feedback in the right way
  • Apply result-oriented questioning techniques
  • Distinguishing between non-verbal, paralingual and verbal behaviour
  • Confrontational interviewing techniques
  • Stimulating self-reflection
  • Encouraging others to give feedback
  • Dealing with one's own emotions and thoughts (through RET)
  • Listening, summarising and questioning
  • Targeted communication
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with difficult situations and emotions
  • Maintaining calm during a conversation
  • Drawing conclusions and making arrangements


After the training:

  • You know how to give constructive feedback
  • Have you experienced what kind of influence the way of communicating feedback has
  • Have you learned how to ask and receive feedback?
  • know the difference between feedback, criticism and advice
  • you have tools to respond to emotions and tensions

Target group

This training is ideally suited for participants who want to learn how to deal with receiving feedback, create an open(er) communication atmosphere within their organisation, regularly have to adjust their employees' behaviour and/or want to motivate their employees more in their work.

Working method

  • Customisation is our focus: through a telephone intake interview, the trainer makes an inventory of your personal learning goals. On this basis, the definitive programme of the training course is determined.
  • We believe a safe training atmosphere is important, as you should feel comfortable experimenting with new knowledge and skills.
  • We strongly believe in doing and experiencing, rather than talking about the content of trainings, which is why all our trainings are active in nature.
  • In order to guarantee the quality of the training, we apply a maximum group size of eight participants, so that we can guarantee the learning effect and efficiency.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Prices mentioned are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the on-site training.

On location Online
Duration 2 days 4 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excluding VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 1149,50 € 943,80


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


We also organise this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Login with Skype is also possible. On request, this training can also be organised with Microsoft Teams.

The training lasts 4 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

  • You can participate again free of charge up to one year after the training.
  • For an additional catering fee, you can also participate in a classroom training.


The course Giving and receiving feedback is assessed with an average of 8.5.

"J. Hartmann, Hoorn Fire Brigade - "The content absolutely matched the intended purpose. Pace, quality, the assignments - all well matched and in the right dosage. We were all able to reap the benefits of a perfectly organised day." - Rating: 9.6"

- Giving and receiving feedback

"A good balance between theory and practice!" - Rating: 8.0

B. Pikkaart, Fire Brigade Hoorn - Giving and receiving feedback

"A very instructive and practical training that responded to my needs. I was able to suggest situations myself that we could work with." - Rating: 9.6

A. Hendrikx, Janssen Research & Development - Giving and receiving feedback

"Good set-up, nice structure, nice working methods." - Rating: 8.4

L. van der Sman, Municipality of Hoorn - Giving and receiving feedback

"Very professional trainer. Fluent and knowledgeable." - Rating: 8.1

Ashvin Jhagroe, Property Management PG B.V. - Giving and receiving feedback

"Customer focused and good information to get a better understanding of where you stand in a conversation/issue and how you can take advantage of that. And what to say or not to say in that respect". - Rating: 9.2

J. Versloot, Mechatronics Manufacturing B.V. - Giving and receiving feedback

"Very good training. Tailored to my wishes. Even more was discussed than I had thought beforehand." - Rating: 8.4

C. van Santen, Greenchoice - Giving and receiving feedback

"The content is comprehensive and fits well with the level of the participants. The exercises are all based on daily practice which makes the exercises "natural"." - Rating: 8.8

D. Kraijer, Fire brigade Hoorn - Giving and receiving feedback