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  • Interview Techniques Course
  • Prepare adequately for interviews
  • Gather the right information by formulating questions properly
  • Create the right atmosphere for a conversation
  • Learn how to have interesting conversations in a structured and professional way

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How do you get interesting and relevant information on the table during an interview and break through the general talk of your interview candidate? That is the question that is central to conducting a good interview. In order to avoid socially desirable answers, the questions and the way they are presented should be such that you get a really interesting story out of someone. It goes without saying that the interviewer plays a crucial role in this. By using adequate interviewing techniques you can get the most out of every interview. With the right skills, you can persuade the interviewee to reveal just that exciting or important detail that can make an interview so valuable.

The Interview Techniques training course teaches you how to conduct interviews in a structured, professional manner. First of all, the training course gives you insight into the situation from which you conduct interviews. What are the objectives and possibilities? And what is the context? In the preparation phase, you learn to gather the right information, make essential arrangements and formulate questions properly. We then work extensively on various important interview techniques. Finally, we process the information obtained. After following this training course, you will be able to prepare yourself adequately for interviews and you will be able to conduct interesting conversations in a structured and professional manner.


  • During the training the following topics, among others, will be discussed:Interview types and question types


  • What kind of interview are you going to conduct and what types of questions are important?Interview types and question types

    The way we communicate

  • How does the communication process work and what pitfalls are lurking?Interview types and question types

    Preparing the interview

  • What is the purpose of your interview? What information do you want to find out?Interview types and question types

    Responding to the target group

  • Adapt the interview guide, wording and choice of words.Interview types and question types

    The conversational atmosphere

  • Creating and maintaining the right conversation situation by empathising with your conversation partner.Interview types and question types

    Interview and questioning skills

  • Making contact, empathising, paying attention, listening, summarising and questioning.Interview types and question types

    Conversation structure

  • Timing and silences.Interview types and question types

    Unravelling vagueness and contradictions

  • How do you handle this?Interview types and question types

    Maintaining overview and control

  • Keep the red thread.Dealing with emotion and resistance


  • Recognising resistance and how to deal with it.Interview types and question types

    Preventing pitfalls

  • What can you run into in an interview and how do you deal with it?Interview types and question types

    Conducting the interview

  • Notes, recordings, sources and agreements.Interview types and question types


The handles provided during the training lead to a handy checklist!


  • After the training you can:
  • Prepare adequately for interviews;
  • formulate questions well;
  • gather the right information;
  • Conduct interviews in a structured and professional manner and

engaging conversations.

Target group

  • The training is ideally suited for participants who want to get more out of interviews, from journalistic interviews to job interviews. Do you recognise yourself in one or more of the points below?
  • You would like to improve your questioning techniques to get more information out of a conversation
  • You would like to have more insight into the process of mutual influence during a conversation (communication on content and relational level)
  • You want to learn which techniques you can best use for a specific interview purpose
  • You want to deal with emotion and possible resistance

You want to learn to listen to the other person better

Of course, this list is not complete: everyone is different. What do you want to pay attention to within the theme of interview techniques?

Teaching methodology

In the training we alternate between concrete experience, experimenting with behaviour and techniques, reflecting and exploring theory. This way, the training programme fits in well with all types of participants. There is a lot of action in the training, so you actually experience the effect of new behaviour. This enables the recognition of success. We also emphasise that everyone is responsible for his or her own growth process and must take ownership of it. In our training we invite you to continuously reflect and make connections with practice. Our aim is to increase your insight and to let you make the translation yourself. This will increase the chance of real behavioural change.


The course description above gives you a good indication of what the training will look like. However, the content may vary slightly from training to training, depending on the prior knowledge, practical experience and learning goals of the participants. In individual intake interviews prior to the training, the learning goals of the participants are inventoried. The definitive programme of the training course is determined on this basis.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Prices mentioned are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the on-site training. Data
On location Duration 2 days
4 sessions of three hours Price per day, excluding VAT € 475,-
€ 390,- Total, incl. VAT € 1149,50

€ 943,80


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


Tuesday 5 October 2021, 10:00-17:00

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  • Friday 19 November 2021, 10:00-17:00
  • Tuesday, 4 January 2022, 10:00-17:00


Amsterdam Thursday 16 September 2021, 10:00-17:00

Tuesday, 19 October 2021, 10:00-17:00

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Interview Techniques Course References

The Interview Techniques course has been assessed with an average of 8.5.

"The training was given to a small group so that we could all practice a lot; you only learn to interview by doing it. Watching recorded footage was very confronting, but therefore very instructive. Very pleased that I chose Learnit Training from the large range of courses on the internet." - Rating: 8.4

J. Timmerman, Rotterdam University Medical Centre (Erasmus MC) - Interview techniques

"A fun and instructive training. In addition to interview techniques, a number of communicative skills were also discussed. The trainer has a good balance between theory and practice in her training. The training showed me what my strengths are, but also what I can still work on." - Rating: 8.2

M. Pouw, PGGM - Interview techniques

"The interview techniques training has a good balance of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and examples from practice. Taking the training in a relatively small group creates an intimate atmosphere in which you dare to practice and feel confident. A very useful training where I learned a lot. Now to work in practice! - Rating: 8.3

Erika van Wijk - Interview techniques

"The training is very good, but also very intensive. The pace is high and there is attention to theory, but also more than enough for practical work. The set-up is professional, but at the same time so informal that you interact with each other as if you had known each other for a long time. The atmosphere in which you are working on your own skills is very pleasant. Seeing yourself being interviewed on camera is confrontational but the best learning experience you can have." - Rating: 8.5

J. ter Meer, Erasmus University Rotterdam - Interview techniques

"Working quickly and purposefully on your communication skills, which you can immediately use in your daily practice."

- Interview techniques

"Very professional and solid training. Lots of exercises and personal coaching by working with small groups."

"lively and interesting" - Rating: 7.9

Basak Kelleci, Bloomreach B.V. - Interview Techniques

"Followed two days of training. Because it was a small group, very intensive, but therefore also very personal and well focused on our learning goals, so very practice-oriented training. Video recordings were sometimes confrontational, but very instructive. I can definitely recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a similar training, but is still unsure about the organisation!" - Rating: 7.8

A.C. Smits, Janssen Biologics B.V. - Interview techniques

"Good training for the novice interviewer" - Rating: 7.6

Anne Bergsma, Resources Solution Provider B.V. - Interview techniques

"We could immediately convert the theoretical knowledge into practical exercises. I really enjoyed that. I learned a lot from it and will certainly benefit from it in my work. The trainer contacts you in advance to discuss your personal learning goals. The quality of the course material is good." - Rating: 8.4

B.Stam, Entrepreneurship with Care - Interview techniques

"The training made me aware of my own interview behaviour through a combination of theory and (much) practice. As a result, I saw it improve enormously in those two days!" - Rating: 10.0

E. Matijsen, STAMM CMO - Interview techniques

"Professional training, good explanations, room for questions! Even after 20 years of interviewing, they still managed to teach and motivate me."

"Good, thorough content that is practically applicable." - Rating: 8.8

J. W. M. Rutten, KLM - Interview techniques

"A two-day training with an excellent balance between theory and practice. A flexible way of training contributed to realising the learning goals. I recommend this training to people who want to take their first good step in interviewing or actively attending meetings etc." - Rating: 9.0

R. van den Hooff, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer - Interview techniques

"Instructive and practice-oriented training - Rating: 7.3

Ronald Visser, CBR - Interview techniques

"This training is highly recommended for anyone who conducts interviews. "Interview techniques" is a very practical training. The theory is immediately put into practice with various interview exercises. You only learn properly by doing it. The trainer knew how to effectively incorporate the personal learning goals of the various participants into the training. My interview techniques have really improved thanks to this training." - Rating: 8.4

A.M. Sleiderink, Municipality of Arnhem - Interview techniques

"This training is tailored to your needs as a student. The trainer calls you in advance to discuss your learning goals and to get acquainted. It really is a tailor-made training course. The group is small, which means a lot of attention for everyone, which I found very pleasant. Good trainer too." - Rating: 7.6

H. Maat, Haga Hospital - Interview techniques

"A practical training course given in a good atmosphere. Went home with concrete points for improvement." - Rating: 7.6

M. Ebbinge - Interview techniques

"Excellent training. All aspects of interviewing were covered. Tightly and carefully guided by the trainer. What you can learn in two days. Because they were techies, it was difficult to get them out of their comfort zone of technology, but they did an excellent job." - Rating: 8.3

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Jan Verhoeven, Strukton Worksphere - Interview techniques

"Are you dreading an interview or are you getting stuck in the preparation? Bring it in as a case study and start practising! This training has helped me to take the bull by the horns. The training offers tools for preparing for an interview, conducting the interview and dealing with difficult situations. It also offers a look at your own role and performance in an interview. Sometimes a bit confronting, but above all very enlightening. - Rating: 9.2

L. Brands, Twentse Zorgcentra - Interview techniques

"The interview techniques course has given me a good basis, but also tips on what I can pay attention to before and during a conversation with a customer/stakeholder. Theory alternated with practical exercises is pleasant and also a good learning method."

"Even if you already have interview experience, this is a very interesting training. Especially dealing with resistance in interviews was very good, and of course you learn a lot about your own (non) verbal communication." - Rating: 9.2

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R. Perquin, PVP Foundation - Interview techniques

"I experienced the training as extremely useful. In a short time, I was exposed to many aspects of this profession, with a lot of useful advice and tips. I was also challenged to think carefully about conducting interviews myself. The trainer knew how to create a pleasant, informal atmosphere in which results could be achieved. The day flew by and when I went home I had the feeling that I had really learned a lot." - Rating: 8.4

E.M. Roest, Dutch Pilotage - Interview techniques

"Excellent training where your wishes and learning objectives are well incorporated and elaborated." - Rating: 8.3

Berry Beijer, Rabobank - Interview techniques

"The training has helped me to conduct better interviews in the future." - Rating: 8.8

W. Smit, Volkswagen Pon Financial Services - Interview techniques

"It is a very good training, in which you mirror yourself a lot. The awareness of the roles (the setting of the interviewer and interviewee) is well addressed. It becomes clear how you can quickly mirror and bring the setting to another level. This course is therefore a welcome addition for holding pleasant interviews." - Rating: 8.4

G Voorhorst, Arcadis Nederland B.V. - Interview techniques

"A practical training course embedded in a relevant theoretical framework" - Rating: 7.8

M.P.H. van Haeften, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) - Interview techniques

"Good balance between theory and practical exercises. Well adapted to the wishes of the course participant. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer." - Rating: 8.2

J. Duit - Interview techniques

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"During the training a pleasant atmosphere was created where you feel free to practice (also with camera) and ask all your questions." - Rating: 9.0

A. Visser, CLM - Interview techniques

"I could immediately put the material from the training into practice. It was nice to see that the knowledge I was given worked immediately." - Rating: 9.2

A. de Graaf, Organisation for Government Operations | KOOP - Interview techniques

"I was helped quickly and professionally with the organisation of the training that I wanted to follow at short notice. By consulting with the trainer prior to the training, a tailor-made training programme was put together for me. I experienced the trainer as very professional and afterwards I was very satisfied with the results of the training." - Rating: 10.0

P. Mocking, Petra Mocking - Interview techniques

"A very fun, varied and practice-oriented training. The use of audiovisual support is perhaps a bit confrontational, but very instructive! Because of the small size of the training group, you get a lot of personal attention and the training is very fast-paced. Finally, the involvement and enthusiasm of our trainer ensured a relaxed, unforced atmosphere and a good energy level. All in all, a very enjoyable experience and definitely recommended!" - Rating: 9.0

C.M. Grobben, ProData Consult - Interview techniques

"The content of the training was completely customised. Very good. The learning objectives of the course participants were inventoried beforehand and the focus of attention was determined. During the training there was also room to bring in subjects. In short, the training was very interactive. Pace was fine. Nothing to complain about. Good variation of theory and practice (exercises). The exercises were fun and educational. Especially the video camera helps to actually see how you come across. All in all, the training was set up very professionally." - Rating: 9.0

S.M. Stolze, Ministry of Defence - Interview techniques

"The training is practical and very informative. I really liked the mix between theory and practice (practising). A good basis for improving your interview techniques!" - Rating: 9.2

M.J. Borsboom, CEDRAH - Interview techniques

"The content of the training exceeded my expectations. Theory and practice were well alternated, it is a very instructive training and the knowledge and experiences I have gained are very applicable in my work. The trainer was enthusiastic, involved and professional." - Rating: 9.0

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J. C. Westdorp, Aceera - Interview techniques

"A valuable training which gave me the feeling that I could really work on my own points of improvement. In addition, the many forms of exercise are extremely instructive."

"I was sceptical about what you can achieve in two days, but (also thanks to the small group) I learned a lot. I did a lot of practical exercises, and they were really tailor-made, because everyone has different learning points and practical settings. In terms of content and atmosphere, this training is highly recommended! - Rating: 9.8

E. Budde, Heart Foundation - Interview techniques

"A good training for anyone who needs to obtain information from other people in a question-and-answer game. Training is flexible and is tailored to the goals of the course participants. Especially in smaller groups, this is very nice!" - Rating: 7.0

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