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ITIL foundation course e-learning
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Better ICT and service management? The same quality of service to every customer? Higher customer satisfaction? Follow the online training ITIL Foundation from Learnit.

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ITIL foundation course e-learning

Improve your ICT and service management and increase customer satisfaction with ITIL

Does your organisation lack standard processes for your ICT management and service management? Is the knowledge and experience mainly in the hands of a small group of employees? Is a lot of time lost in figuring out and fine-tuning? And do you consequently receive many complaints from customers? Standardise and improve the quality of your ICT services with the online ITIL Foundation training from Learnit.
Information Technology Infrastructure Library, abbreviated to ITIL, is a series of concepts that service organisations can use to set up their ICT management and service processes more efficiently. By developing standard processes, all employees adopt the same approach and every customer receives the same quality of service. Productivity also improves because employees know exactly what to do and spend less time fine-tuning and figuring things out. You make better use of accumulated experience and skills. And that is reflected in higher customer satisfaction.

Content ITIL Foundation self-study

With Learnit's convenient e-learning you can learn the basics of ITIL for ICT management and service management at your own pace. Using a fictitious business environment in which you run through various projects and scenarios, you are introduced to all parts of ITIL
The ITIL Foundation e-learning gives you a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of ITIL, the various processes, objectives and activities. The structure of the service organisation and the accompanying roles and responsibilities are also discussed. And finally, it prepares you for the official ITIL Foundation exam.


The ITIL Foundation self-study covers the following topics:

Introduction to ITIL

  • What is ITIL?
  • Process-oriented working with ITIL
  • Advantages, disadvantages and success factors of ITIL for service management and ICT management

ITIL Framework

  • ITIL processes
  • ITIL roles and responsibilities
  • ITIL objectives and activities

ITIL service lifecycle

  • Service strategy
  • Service design
  • Changes to the service
  • Service operation
  • Continuous improvement
Exam training: Preparation for the official ITIL Foundation exam.

Target group

The ITIL Foundation online training course is designed for everyone who is involved with the day-to-day management and operation of ICT environments and the provision of ICT services. These include IT managers, system administrators, network administrators, support and service desk staff and other IT professionals.
This e-learning variant of the popular ITIL Foundation course is a good preparation for the official ITIL Foundation exam and offers an excellent stepping-stone to the follow-up ITIL Practitioner course.

Teaching methodology

Learnit offers the online training ITIL Foundation as a self-study. You can start this online course at any time and follow it at your own pace.
Would you rather follow this course in a group? The ITIL Foundation course is also available as a classroom or in-company course.


After completion of the e-learning ITIL Foundation:
  • You know what ITIL is all about.
  • You know the most important basic concepts and principles of ITIL.
  • You know what process-oriented work means.
  • You know how ITIL processes are structured and what the relationship between the various processes is.
  • You can name the advantages and disadvantages of ITIL for ICT management and service management.
  • You know how ITIL helps to optimise your daily ICT management and service delivery.
  • Know what objectives and activities the ITIL Framework consists of.
  • You know which objectives and activities go with which phase of the service life cycle.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities within an ITIL service organisation.
  • you are well prepared for the official ITIL Foundation exam.

Prior knowledge

To take part in the online ITIL Foundation course, you do not need any specific prior knowledge. Some basic knowledge of automation is useful. Only a good command of the English language is required, as the e-learning is in English.


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