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Javascript Training E-learning Course
  • Learn to build functional and dynamic websites with Javascript.
  • Create your own functions on the websites with objects, methods and properties with Javascript.
  • Adjust HTML on-the-fly and CSS directly with Javascript.
  • Solve the Javascript errors yourself and avoid them in the future.
  • Learn the basics of Javascript and read all the information back for a year after starting the online course.

In this JavaScript training course, students learn to use JavaScript effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of roundtrips to the server.

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Javascript Training E-learning Course

Add an extra dimension with Javascript

Do you have experience with HTML and do you know the basics of CSS? Then Javascript is the perfect extension if you want to add a new dimension to the websites you design. Learn to use Javascript correctly with this e-learning Javascript course and add interaction to your websites. JavaScript works together with the existing HTML and CSS and adds extra possibilities to your websites. The power of this scripting language is an integral part of modern websites.

During this introductory e-learning course for Javascript, you will learn the basic functions, such as what Javascript is and how to use it. You will also learn how to add interactions and create your own functions with Javascript. Become a professional website builder and create the website you want with all the added features that Javascript has to offer.

Content of the online Javascript course

The e-learning course in Javascript, which we offer in English, consists of the basic functions of Javascript and how to use them. You learn the Javascript syntax and work during the course on objects, methods and properties of this worldwide known script for the net. You will create your own functions and write flow control logic. After completing this course, you can also adapt Javascript HTML on the fly and CSS directly. And you can solve and prevent Javascript errors yourself.

You will need about 32 hours to complete the course. If not everything is immediately clear, you can look back and look up everything a year after the start of the course. You will still have access to all videos, lectures, quizzes and exercises.

Topics of the e-learning course Javascript

  • Use JavaScript
  • the JavaScript syntax
  • objects, methods and properties
  • JavaScript variables
  • Create your own functions in JavaScript
  • Writing flow control logic in JavaScript
  • listen to and handle events with JavaScript, such as mouse clicks and page loads
  • Customising HTML on-the-fly with JavaScript
  • CSS directly adaptable with JavaScript
  • Fix and prevent JavaScript errors

Results of the Javascript course

Create professional websites and adapt HTML and CSS to your ideas after following this English-language e-learning course in Javascript. Write your own flow control logic and add objects, methods and properties. You will know how to use Javascript to make the websites you build more dynamic and functional for the world wide web, according to your own ideas and wishes.

Prior knowledge

Experience with HTML is required. Knowledge of CSS and programming experience comes in handy. For HTML, our training HTML Training E-learning are the basis.


This is an e-learning course in the English language. The self-paced courses are our affordable alternative for students seeking the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The content is delivered online using videos, quizzes and exercises. The courses are written by expert instructors.


E-learning, per person:

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 200,-

VAT 21%

€ 42,-

Total incl. VAT

€ 242,-


The course Javascript Training E-learning has been assessed with an average of 9.

"I thought it was a very good training and I think I learned a lot from it. And I also got tips that are really useful."

"Interesting instructive course, added value the textbook so you can review at work or at home. Kind regards Karel Pelzer."


"This training has given me many tools that I can easily apply in practice.

"Fine educational training. Good balance between knowledge transfer and practical exercises. Very practical application in my own work."