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JQuery Training E-learning Course
  • Make javascript writing much easier with jQuery.
  • Easily add effects on the world wide web.
  • Learn the secrets of the fast, small and versatile javascript library.
  • Replace, delete and add elements easily with jQuery.
  • Learn how to work with jQuery online in about 16 hours.

This is a modern jQuery course. jQuery is not modern, but the course is. It gives a realistic overview of working with jQuery today, in a world where most jQuery development will be maintaining and updating existing websites that use jQuery. Students should be familiar with JavaScript and have at least some basic CSS knowledge.

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JQuery Training E-learning Course

Make writing Javascript easier with jQuery

There are many jQuery plugins available to make JavaScript writing much easier. You will learn how to do this and how to achieve simple and impressive results in the jQuery e-learning course. The jQuery plugins make adding, deleting and replacing elements easier, as well as displaying certain effects and animations. After following the online course, you can more easily add even more effects to websites that can be admired worldwide;

During this online jQuery course in English you will learn in approximately 16 hours how to use jQuery and you will know its current implementation on the worldwide web. Should you wish to read back or review certain items, you can do so because the e-learning will remain accessible for one year after activating the training.

The content of the jQuery online training

In the online jQuery course you will come across all kinds of things to maintain and modernise existing websites, such as displaying effects, blurring or sliding, fetching and sending data with Ajax, problems and solutions with Ajax, listening and reacting to events and various tools. After mastering the HTML, CSS and Javascript programming language, learning to use jQuery is a logical next step. This introductory e-learning course in jQuery gives you an excellent overview of jQuery use on the web.

The following topics are covered in the jQuery course

  • selectors
  • caching jQuery objects
  • utilities
  • add, delete and replace elements
  • listening and reacting to events
  • trigger events
  • on(), off() and trigger()
  • delegation of events
  • displaying effects, blurring and gliding
  • animating
  • Ajax and JSON Basics
  • problems and solutions with Ajax
  • fetch and send data with Ajax

Results of the e-learning course jQuery

After going through this approximately 16-hour course that we offer in the form of videos, lectures, quizzes and exercises in the English language, writing Javascript will be many times easier because of the jQuery plugins that you will master. You have learned the secrets of the fast, small and versatile javascript library. It makes traversing and manipulating HTML documents, handling events, animations and Ajax much easier with a user-friendly API that works in a wide range of browsers.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge of Javascript and basic CSS are required. The Javascript Training E-learning can provide the basis for Javascript.


This is an e-learning course in the English language. The self-paced courses are our affordable alternative for students seeking the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The content is delivered online using videos, quizzes and exercises. The courses are written by expert instructors.


E-learning, per person:

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€ 100,-

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€ 21,-

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€ 121,-


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