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After completing this training you will be able to independently set up MS Project, create a planning and monitor progress during the project. During the project, you can keep insight into the status of the project with the help of various overviews and reports.

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"A professional organisation, which I believe is well coordinated on all fronts. The course was delivered by a very knowledgeable and sympathetic trainer, who took into account all levels of knowledge within the group." - Rating: 9.2

learnit MS Project Basics

MS Project e-learning course

Do you want to gain more insight into your projects, plan more efficiently and be better able to monitor deadlines? monitor deadlines? Sign up for the e-learning MS Project! This course is an introduction in MS Project. After the course you will be able to independently start, track and complete a project. At the end of the course, you will be able to start, maintain and complete a project independently. For this e-learning you do not need to download any programmes. download any programmes. The e-learning is offered in its entirety in the cloud. You log in via a website that gives access to the e-learning.

  • With explanations, step-by-step demonstrations in MS Project and assignments
  • No travel time and wasted time
  • At your own pace
  • Easy to follow from any internet-enabled device.

This training course is intended for planners, project managers, project assistants and anyone who use MS Project 2013 or 2016 to create and maintain schedules. 2016.

The following topics are covered:

  • MS Project Interface
  • Calendars, tables and timeline
  • Entering tasks; Main and sub tasks
  • Create dependencies between tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Splitting of tasks
  • Task duration, work and resources
  • Creation of resources
  • Allocating resources - signalling overstaffing
  • Deadlines and task restrictions
  • Setting a baseline
  • The status date
  • Updating a project

It is possible to purchase this course for several employees and import it into an LMS. Mail us for more information.


After registering for the e-learning, you will be given a 3-month licence to access the course. The duration of the e-learning is approximately 6 hours. It is possible to watch the e-learning again or to retake it as long as the licence is valid.


E-learning, per person:

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 150,-

VAT 21%

€ 31,50

Total incl. VAT

€ 181,50


The course MS Project e-learning has been assessed with an average of 8.

"MS Project is an application that definitely needs a course. I learned a lot and the do-method really appeals to me. Much better than just going through books. Very practical and the facilities were excellent!" - Rating: 8.1

N.Luijt, Oosterhof Holman Milieutechniek B.V. - MS Project Basis

"A good Course to get a basic understanding of the posibilities of MS Project, this will help me judging the operational procticality of the plans made in our office." - Rating: 7.7

R. SLomp, Siem Offshore - MS Project Basics

"This training provides in 2 days a good basis for working with MS Project. The sharing of tips and pitfalls regarding working with the programme has added value." - Rating: 8.3

René Nummerdor, Slingeland Hospital - MS Project Basics

"Very clear course where you are guided step by step to learn the ropes of the programme." - Rating: 8.1

R. Heij, Patrimonium Barendrecht - MS Project Basics

"Interesting training, where there is room to deal with practical problems." - Rating: 8.3

Chantal Schooneveldt, IPSS Projects BV - MS Project 2007 Basic

"A professional organisation, which I believe is well coordinated on all fronts. The course was delivered by a very knowledgeable and sympathetic trainer, who took into account all levels of knowledge within the group." - Rating: 9.2

C. Beckers, EEW Energy from Waste - MS Project Basics

"Super good training where all knowledge is transferred on the basis of your own project. Despite the fact that it was an abridged training, I learned a lot and can now put everything into practice." - Rating: 8.6

J. Limburg, BFT Tanker Logistics - MS Project Basics

"This course shows you all the possibilities and impossibilities of the programme. I think it is a prerequisite to be able to use the programme effectively. Of course, you only really learn by regularly using it yourself in practice." - Rating: 7.9

R. Janssen, Cofely - MS Project Basics

"Very informative and definitely useable in daily work." - Rating: 8.5

B. van der Hulst, Municipality of Sittard-Geleen - MS Project Basics

"Relatively complete basic course. The package can do a lot. Good to see what the programme can do, and then pick out what you want to use it for." - Rating: 8.1

Dirk de Jong, Strukton Worksphere - MS Project Basics

"A clear explanation of MS Project after which everyone should be able to get started with the program." - Rating: 9.6

Dirk de Jong, Strukton Worksphere - MS Project Basics


"This MS Project 2007 is a perfect entry-level course. All important aspects that are necessary to find your way in the programme as a "beginner" are covered. The variety in teaching is good, so that the material remains interesting. 2 days is an excellent period to master the knowledge and clarify specific issues. Highly recommended." - Rating: 8.4

M. Spackler, Kenz-Figee B.V. - MS Project 2007 Basic

"The course is given in small groups so that personal attention and questions can be dealt with. As a result, I received training that I can use to good effect in my work." - Rating: 7.7

Twan de Peffer, De Haan Instore Supplies - MS Project Basics

"Definitely worth attending this training, even if you already have some work experience with MS Project." - Rating: 8.0

Mart Dircks, Borealis Plastomers B.V. - MS Project Basics

"A very instructive training with room for your own input and experiences.

- MS Project Basics

"Top that the course went ahead, even though I was the only student. I will definitely start working with what I have learned." - Rating: 9.1

P. Raven, Municipality of Almere - MS Project Continuation

"Very goal-oriented. Teacher does not teach from a book but uses it as a guide. Trying things out for yourself is fun. If you have any questions, they are immediately sought out and explained. Nice and interesting course to take part in. The assignments you make during the course are short and powerful and give a clear picture of what you can do with the programme and what the possibilities are." - Rating: 8.9

N. Reinders, KWS Infra - MS Project 2007 Basic

"Excellent training, learned a lot. Smooth and enthusiastic trainer!" - Rating: 8.4

3 months

"MS Project is an excellent tool for making and monitoring schedules. To get everything out of the programme, the course is worthwhile. Once completed properly, it will certainly make your work in monitoring progress projects easier. So putting time into this training will pay off twice later." - Rating: 8.7

S.H.P. van Draanen-Stenebome, Province of South Holland - MS Project Basics

"A pleasant young organisation with a beautiful and easily accessible location in Amsterdam. The MS project training that I followed was fine in terms of duration and complete enough in terms of content to get started with it." - Rating: 7.7

Ilse Brom, Municipality of Amsterdam | Service Department | Metro & Tram - MS Project Basics

"Excellent! All info present, Learning pace good, Assignments complete and easy to complete, Good and correct explanation of questions/assignments." - Rating: 10.0

H. Walraven, - Water company Groningen - MS Project Basics

"To form a good foundation it is a good training." - Rating: 7.0

M. Soysal, SR Real Estate Development - MS Project Basis

"This training has really given me tools to do more with MSProject. I will also recommend it to my colleagues." - Rating: 6.9

Melvin Logger, Municipality of Apeldoorn - MS Project Basics

"Good, educational and a lot (of content)" - Rating: 8.3

Osman Öztürk, NUON - MS Project Basics

"I had a very competent teacher who knew how to adapt the teaching material to the various disciplines in his group. The teaching material was easy to read and very pleasant to work with. Lots of assignments, which also made the whole thing visually clear." - Rating: 8.1

Jordy Schrijver, USG People - MS Project Basics

"Had an excellent training with a teacher full of enthusiasm, an engaging training from start to finish!" - Rating: 8.0

P. Wijsman, Vink van der Meer Electro B.V. - MS Project Basics

"Practical training that you can put to work immediately. Trainer is very well versed in the material and gives advice on how to achieve your personal goals." - Rating: 9.0

Monique Koene, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) - MS Project Basics

"The MS project programme can provide support for complex projects and it can be applied on a customised basis, very useful in daily practice." - Rating: 8.0

A. Wintjes, Municipality of Heumen - MS Project 2007 Basic

"Good training, very useful and practice-oriented!" - Rating: 8.4

L. Schenk, T&S Climate Technology - MS Project Basics

"Complete and correct way of working. Professional."

A. Knip, De Veste - MS Project Basics

Dirk de Jong, Strukton Worksphere - MS Project Basics

"The course is led by a competent and practical trainer who makes a good connection between theory and project work. The organisation of Learnit provides an excellent facility that optimally supports a learning situation." - Rating: 8.6

B. Bosboom, Municipality of Gennep - MS Project Basics

"We had the tailor-made training because we were already familiar with the project. Training was a very good addition to the basics we already had." - Rating: 8.1

M. Giesen, Moonen Bouw B.V. - MS Project 2010

"Practical, quick and motivated to get started!" - Rating: 7.0

Jan Pieter Tjaden, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation - MS Project 2003 Basic

"Thanks to a motivated and experienced trainer, my expectations of the MS Project 2013 Basic training have been met. I should have done it much earlier in order to be able to apply it in my work." - Rating: 9.0

Dirk de Jong, Strukton Worksphere - MS Project Basics

M. H. van der Hoek, Geo Plus B.V. - MS Project Basics

"A very practical training, which you can start working with immediately. In two days, the course participant is given sufficient tools to create and manage a project planning and to steer the process. Highly recommended for everyone who works on a project basis." - Rating: 9.0

J.M. Schimmel, Schimmel Advies & Ondersteuning - MS Project 2007 Basic


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