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Course: How to apply successfully
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Job interview stressful? By preparing yourself well and by adopting the right, convincing attitude during an interview, you can limit your nerves. In this way you will radiate more self-confidence and your job application will be more successful. You will learn this and more in this training.

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"The teacher was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The content and teaching material was well chosen, practical and goal-oriented." - Rating: 8.8

learnit Applying successfully

Course: How to apply successfully

The first impression you make is often decisive, especially when applying for a job. The moment you shake hands with your interviewer, he or she has already made up his or her mind. If the assessment is positive, you 'just' have to hold on to it during the interview. If not, you have to work extra hard to change it in your favour.

In the job interview training : applying successfully, you learn presentation techniques for that important first impression, how to bring calmness into the interview and how to present yourself in a confident and convincing way during the job interview. In short, we train you in the four pillars of applying effectively: self-knowledge, presentation, persuasiveness and preparation:

  • Self-knowledge: why do you want this job? Why are you the right person? You can only convince your future employer if you know yourself who you are, what you can do and what you want.
  • Presentation: What is your attitude? How do you come across? What clothes suit you? You learn this from each other during exercises and role plays that we record on video.
  • Persuasion: why is it your job? How do you tell who you are? How do you answer questions? The training deals with common job interview questions, but also teaches you to deal with difficult questions and shows you which questions you can ask yourself.
  • Preparation: For which company and for which position are you applying? Who is your interviewer? A personnel officer wants to know different things about you than a department manager. The former will focus on your personal skills, for example, while the latter is more professionally oriented.


  • Preparation: all about your future boss
  • Body language: posture and appearance
  • Personal presentation: clothes make the man/woman
  • Speaking: learn to use your voice
  • Introduction: tell us who you are
  • Pitfalls: what not to do
  • Conversation training: question and answer
  • Entry: letter and CV

Teaching methodology

In the training we alternate between concrete experience, experimenting with behaviour and techniques, reflecting and exploring theory. This way, the training programme fits in well with all types of participants. There is a lot of action in the training, so you actually experience the effect of new behaviour. This enables the recognition of success. We also emphasise that everyone is responsible for his or her own growth process and must take ownership of it. In our training we invite you to continuously reflect and make connections with practice. Our aim is to increase your insight and to let you make the translation yourself. This will increase the chance of real behavioural change.

Target group

This training is ideally suited for participants who feel they miss many opportunities in job interviews, are nervous about job applications and want to increase their chances in the labour market.

Prior knowledge

No previous knowledge is required for this training.


The course description above gives you a good indication of what the training will look like. However, the content may vary slightly from training to training, depending on the prior knowledge, practical experience and learning goals of the participants. In individual intake interviews prior to the training, the learning goals of the participants are inventoried. The definitive programme of the training course is determined on this basis.


For those people who are not able to attend the training, but would still like to learn more about applying successfully, we have developed a free online course.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Prices mentioned are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the on-site training.

On location Online
Duration 1 day 2 sessions of 3 hours
Price per day, excluding VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 574,75 € 471,90


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


We also organise this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Login with Skype is also possible. On request, this training can also be organised with Microsoft Teams.

The training takes 2 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 2 weeks.

  • You can participate again free of charge up to one year after the training.
  • For an additional catering fee, you can also participate in a classroom training.


The course Applying successfully has been assessed with an average of 8.5.

"Working with the camera is confrontational but very effective. Together, you determine your strengths and weaknesses on the basis of the recordings. In this way, it quickly becomes clear where you fall short. By addressing this point, you can quickly achieve your goals. In addition, you are given techniques and tips to present yourself well and to leave a good impression. In this 2-day course, I have learned a lot about the entire process of a job application and I am now better able to tackle a job application with a good result." - Rating: 8.4

W. Verhagen, Verhagen Tax Advice & Consultancy - Successfully applying for a job

"Very lively. You get to know yourself better. At the end of the course, you are able to conduct a good job interview by applying what you have learned." - Rating: 7.9

S. Ferwerda, ING - Applying for a job successfully

"The teacher was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The content and teaching material was well chosen, practical and goal-oriented." - Rating: 8.8

S. Reid, Welfare Scheveningen - Applying successfully

"Assignments and exercises matched the wishes of the course participants. Excellent teacher, adapts programme to wishes of course participants". - Rating: 8.7

A. van de Kant, Cordaan Foundation - Applying successfully

"Effective training in which you learn a lot about applying for a job and yourself." - Rating: 8.4

M. Laarman, Stedin - Successfully applying for a job

"You have an intake interview with the trainer beforehand. During this conversation you can state your learning goals. My experience with the training is that my learning goals were fully addressed and I went home with a good feeling. The tools I received during the training are definitely applicable in practice." - Rating: 8.0

R. van Basten, SPF Beheer - Applying successfully

"Excellent training in which all aspects of applying for a job are discussed. From letter to interview. Video is used, which is confrontational but educational." - Rating: 7.4

A. Medema, Enexis - Successfully applying for a job

"Professional organisation, everything arranged perfectly. - Rating: 9.0

A. van de Velde, BP Europe SE - Applying successfully

"Excellent course that allows you to go to a job interview with confidence. I can recommend this course to anyone who is going to apply for a job again after a long time."

- Applying successfully

"With this instructive traning 'applying', my chances on the job market will definitely increase!" - Rating: 9.0

B. Wappner, Rotterdam Weena - Applying successfully

"This job application training completely fulfilled my expectations; the course was comprehensive, very personal and informative. Definitely a recommendation for anyone who has difficulty applying for a job. I went home with a good feeling about myself." - Rating: 7.9

G. Paulissen, Croonen B.V. - Successfully applying for a job

"The teacher looked very closely at my non-verbal behaviour and gave me tips on how to change it. By putting my presentation on film, I could see for myself how I was doing. She then asked me to give my own reaction on what I thought of the whole thing. In this way, you realise very well where the problem lies." - Rating: 9.4

P.C. van Eyndhoven, Parcival College - Applying successfully

"I was looking for possibilities regarding the new way of applying for a job. I have very little experience in applying for a job (I have always found jobs through the internet). This course (with video) gave me a better feeling of what I can and should project, instead of going into a job interview nervous and uncertain. In the beginning it was confrontational (with yourself), but after the course you just have to be yourself and show it! - Rating: 8.0

M. Admiraal, Aviateur Pastry Bakeries - Applying for a job successfully

"The training made me want to apply for a job. A big plus for me was that the content of the training course was largely composed on the basis of the learning goals of the candidates. There was a lot of attention for the course participant. The teacher was very knowledgeable and professional and knew how to convey the information well. It was a very pleasant training. I went home with only relevant information!" - Rating: 8.4

J. Dunnink, Government Service for Sustainable Rural Development - Applying successfully

"This course is very suitable for gaining insight into your weak points when applying for a job. It helps you to get clarity for yourself: how do you come across, what are your strengths and areas for improvement and how do you present these in a job interview. The uniqueness of this course is that it creates a very short collaboration in which the course participants can work on their application techniques in all honesty and confidentiality. And the humour was certainly not forgotten!" - Rating: 7.1

L. van Mameren - Successfully applying for a job

"If you are not yet going into a job interview in a positive way and you are uncertain about your communication when applying for a job, you would do well to take this course. I myself am now a lot more positive and better prepared for upcoming interviews." - Rating: 8.1

R. Witteveen - Successfully applying for a job

"It was an instructive training. Especially the use of video recordings and watching them back was useful, because it makes you aware of how you come across during a job interview and you can also make immediate improvements to your presentation." - Rating: 7.9

M. Barendse - Applying successfully

"The cow is taken by the horns. It very quickly identifies where your personal bottlenecks lie when applying for jobs in interviews and on paper. And the training gives you the tools to improve. And so your chance of success with job applications increases." - Rating: 7.6

J. Vrolijk, Eurofins Medinet - Applying successfully

"I found working with the qualities quadrant surprising. This usually comes up in a job interview. The tip is to work well with examples where one of your qualities is in the foreground." - Rating: 8.1

Rini Nellissen, GCA - Successfully applying for a job

"It is always a matter of waiting to see what kind of training you can expect, but this training exceeded my expectations! A professional company with a very driven and experienced trainer. The training focuses on your personal learning goals and together with the trainer and the other participants you work on these. The personal approach and the good atmosphere appealed to me. At the same time, it is an intensive training but definitely worth following." - Rating: 8.6

E.M. Kielstra, Tax Office - Applying successfully

"A training in which I was able to get a lot out of myself. Like enthusiastically talking about what I am good at, which I did not do before the training." - Rating: 8.9

J. Slijkhuis, ArjoWiggins - Successfully applying for a job

"The training I followed at Learnit was excellent. Good content/structure and everyone was addressed." - Rating: 9.1

M. Stil, Cordaan Foundation - Applying successfully

"Very useful training. Covers all aspects of applying for a job. Knowledgeable and professional trainer, who shows commitment." - Rating: 9.0

P. Steinbusch - Applying successfully

"In my opinion, the training is instructive and covers the content of a real job application." - Rating: 8.0

J. Devilee, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands - Applying successfully

"A practical, useful, intensive and varied training." - Rating: 7.9

G. van Steek - Applying successfully

"The video recording I found quite confronting, you see how your posture is and also how you speak. I found the video recording quite confronting; you see how your posture is and also how you speak. - Rating: 8.7

I.O. Seleky, Waterboard Groot Salland - Applying successfully

"The training helped me to start the whole application process with a much more confident feeling." - Rating: 8.4

D. Siebes, H. Bletz - Applying successfully

"I found the training very worthwhile. It fits perfectly with my need to be well prepared for a job interview. Important points of improvement for me were 'discovered' and dealt with (through role-play and practical exercises). I can definitely recommend the training! - Rating: 8.7

G. Pütz - Applying for a job successfully

"Learnit very quickly identified points for improvement during my job interviews. I applied the advice and accompanying technique to my next job interview and it was an immediate hit!" - Rating: 7.6

M. Langelaar - Applying successfully

"A valuable addition to the preparation of a job interview." - Rating: 9.0

R. Meinders, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands - Applying successfully

"A goal-oriented training in a small setting. As an individual, you are well addressed. The training focuses on practical application. The effort is focused on the current question. Exercises also focus on that." - Rating: 9.0

K. Jedema, Ministry of Finance - Applying for a job successfully

"It was very intensive and tough, but very instructive. I can definitely recommend it to other people, you learn a lot from it. And you learn a lot about yourself. The training is given by a very driven and knowledgeable person, who knows how to motivate you in a fun way." - Rating: 9.0

Y. Bekkers - Successfully applying for a job

"Very useful training with a very competent 'teacher'. The whole application process is handled in a logical order and the personal learning goals are sufficiently addressed. I gained a lot from the training, especially all the feedback from the teacher and other course members, which I found very valuable, as well as seeing yourself on video and then reviewing and discussing it (also very confronting). I was given enough tools to start applying for jobs again in good courage! - Rating: 9.0

S. Devillé - Applying successfully

"It is a very instructive, exciting course. Really worthwhile, not only for people who have to apply but also for when you have to apply later. We really had a super, handsome and smart woman as a teacher." - Rating: 8.3

E. Dijkstra, Ministry of Defence - Applying successfully

"First of all, I would like to thank the organisation and thus the teacher for this training. I would also like to thank my fellow participants for their openness, their vulnerability and their feedback. This training has been set up very well, not only dealing with the theory, but also mainly with the practical part. I myself do not like being recorded on video. It is very confronting, but very instructive. Positive points of attention are given. Points of attention that really help you to be successful when applying for a job. - Rating: 9.3

M. Woelkens, Education Executive Agency - Applying successfully

"Professional organisation with skilled trainers." - Rating: 7.9

R.L. Berentsen, Arjowiggins - Successfully applying for a job