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Course on Writing for the Intranet and Internet
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Keeping the reader's attention is what the web is all about. One mouse click and the reader is gone. In this training you learn how to write appealing texts and how to convince the reader with ease.

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"Working with small groups is better so that you can get optimal attention. Good balance of theory and practice." - Rating: 7.3

learnit Copywriting for intranet and internet

Course on Writing for the Intranet and Internet

The demands placed on texts on the screen are different from those placed on paper. Readers are even more impatient and expect quick answers to their questions. What's more, the eye wants something too: more than with paper, it matters what your message looks like. Ideally, every screen should offer a bite-sized chunk of information, 'something to see' and 'something to do'. The Learnit Training in Writing for Intranet and Internet offers you tools for a well-considered portioning and optimal wording for the screen.

The training course on Writing for the Intranet and Internet is aimed at novice and more experienced writers who will also be writing for the screen. To do this, we first map out together what characterises your organisation, products and audience. We then look for words and images to go with them. Selecting and structuring is the next step: which information is immediately relevant, and for which should the visitor click through? Finally, you learn how to formulate in an appealing, convincing and activating way.


Below you will find an overview of topics that are dealt with in the training course Textwriting for Intranet and Internet. This programme can be supplemented with subjects of the participants that come up during the intake.

  • What characterises my organisation? How do we want to come across to our website visitors? Who are they?
  • What is the message? What information do we convey via the intranet/Internet?
  • How do I attract attention? How do website visitors get to my text?
  • What can you learn from content marketers? A copy platform, a tone of voice, SEO?
  • How do I portion out my message into manageable chunks?
  • How do I structure? What is scannable writing? What comes first? What do I end with?
  • What do I want my reader to do? How do I activate my reader? How do I lower the threshold?
  • Storytelling, blogging, infographics... Is that something for me, my organisation, my target group?
  • How do I formulate concisely and in a way that is easy to read?

Teaching methodology

This training is pre-eminently practice-oriented. During the training you start from your own organisation, products and (screen) communication. Together with the trainer and the other participants, you will map out your needs and requirements. You immediately apply your new knowledge and insights to messages and messages for your work practice. Naturally, we alternate listening, writing, sharing and rewriting.

Target group

The training course Writing for Intranet and Internet is suitable for everyone who writes screen texts for their work. For example: news items, product information, publicity, blogs, advertisements. The training is geared to the digital world that demands a quick answer, captivates immediately and enables reactions.

The training focuses mainly on the Dutch language area. But writing for the screen is more international than you think. If you also have to write in English, German or French for your work, most of these tips will do the job.

If you mainly write (digital) one-to-one communication such as e-mail messages and offers, the training Customer-oriented writing might be more suitable for you. For longer texts with a strong emphasis on convincing with arguments, the training course Writing Clear Texts might be the right course for you. Are you looking for ideas on content or do you want to experiment with style, mood and word choice? Then you might find the Commercial and Creative Writing training interesting as well.

We warmly recommend the Dutch spelling and grammar training to those who mainly have questions about error-free writing.

Feel free to contact Learnit for advice!


The topics above will certainly receive attention because they directly contribute to more readable web texts that inform and activate the website visitor in a more targeted way. How exactly the programme will be filled in depends on the intakes that the trainer takes shortly before the training dates, by mail or by phone. So you can certainly suggest points of interest.

Do you have colleagues in your team or department who have the same questions? Or do you want a training course that is even more tailored to your work practice and/or that of your colleagues? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities tailored to your needs.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Prices mentioned are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the on-site training.

On location Online
Duration 1 day 2 sessions of 3 hours
Price per day, excluding VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 574,75 € 471,90


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


We also organise this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Login with Skype is also possible. On request, this training can also be organised with Microsoft Teams.

The training takes 2 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 2 weeks.

  • You can participate again free of charge up to one year after the training.
  • For an additional catering fee, you can also participate in a classroom training.


The course Textwriting for Intranet and Internet was assessed with an average of 8.2.

"Working with small groups is better so that you can get optimal attention. Good balance of theory and practice." - Rating: 7.3

W.R. Titawano, Reed Business - Copywriting for intranet and internet

"The training took place in a small setting. This way you get full attention and your questions and those of your colleagues can be addressed. Optimal use was made of the time; an extra day was even allowed. There was a pleasant, expert trainer present."

- Copywriting for intranet and internet

"Excellent course in which the trainer gave a clear presentation with instructions and tips. There was also room for feedback. The teaching materials and reference material are excellent."

- Copywriting for intranet and internet

"For writing your own websites or posting intranet messages, it is a good and clear course." - Rating: 7.1

M. Tromp, Detailresult Services - Copywriting for intranet and internet

"A good training for when you don't know how to put together a text for the Intranet or Internet. The trainer has a lot of experience with good examples and puts you to work. Even after this one-day training, you need to get to work to improve your own skills."

- Copywriting for intranet and internet

"A practical training with a lot of room for personal issues that you struggle with. Practical tips on both the wording of the message and the technique of conveying it."

- Copywriting for intranet and internet