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Course XML Training E-learning
  • Learn how to work with XML in just about 8 hours.
  • Create simple XML schemas with this e-learning course.
  • Online course for creating XML documents.
  • Know the difference between HTML and XHTML.
  • Online course in English at your own time and pace with one year's access to all information.

In this XML e-learning, you will learn how to create well-formatted XML documents, build simple DTDs and XML schemas for validating XML documents, and build XSLTs to convert XML documents to XHTML and other XML structures.

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Course XML Training E-learning

Formatting and reading good XML documents

During the e-learning course you will learn the standard for the structured representation of data in the form of a flat text: XML (Extensible Marup Language), which is readable for both machines and humans. Besides displaying data, you can use XML to store data and send it over the internet. To structure data, XML languages use elements and attributes. The XML specification defines the syntax of attributes and elements and other structures found in XML files.

The data on an HTML page cannot be recognised by computers. In HTML, you can mark titles and paragraphs (textual structure), but you cannot specify that something is a person's name, telephone number or date (meaning or semantic structure). With XML, you can develop markup languages that can do this.

Content of the online course XML

During this e-learning you learn to create and read well-formulated and structured XML documents. You will also learn to build XML schemas and to validate XML documents. Afterwards you will know the difference between HTML and XHTML and you will be able to create basic DTDs. It takes about 8 hours to complete the XML e-learning course, and if you don't take it all in at once, you can watch the videos and lectures again later and take the quizzes and exercises again, because the course remains available to you for a year after you have activated it. So there is plenty of time to learn.

Topics of the XML e-learning course

  • Create well-formatted XML documents.
  • The difference between HTML and XHTML.
  • Create basic DTDs.
  • Creating simple XML schemas
  • Validate XML documents against DTDs and XML schemas
  • Create simple XSLTs to transform XML documents for output, such as text, HTML and other XML structures.

Results of the online course XML

After completing this approximately 8-hour course, you will be able to format good XML documents and create basic DTDs and simple XML schemas. You will know the clear difference between HTML and XHTML and you can validate XML documents against DTDs and XML schemas. You can store data that is readable by machines and humans, and send it over the internet.

Prior knowledge

Experience with HTML may be useful but is not required.


This is an e-learning course in the English language. The self-paced courses are our affordable alternative for students seeking the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The content is delivered online using videos, quizzes and exercises. The courses are written by expert instructors.


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