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Course BIM Basis
  • Small groups
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

Na afloop van de BIM Basis training ben je in staat om innovatief en concurrerend je marktpositie te behouden of opnieuw te verwerven. Daarbij kun je het BIM proces in hoofdlijnen beschrijven en ben je je bewust van de (on)mogelijkheden.

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Course BIM Basis

During the BIM Basic Course you will get knowledge OF the BIM (Building Information Model) process and experience the opportunities that this new way of working entails. Co-operation during the design and construction process is an important theme in the introduction of BIM and is therefore extensively discussed during this BIM basic course. You will also get a clear picture of the additional exchange possibilities with chain partners. The BIM Basic Course provides handles to determine the strategic SIGNIFICANCE of BIM for your company.

The BIM basic course begins with the basic definitions, trends and developments. The changes of the current situation to the future and the expected and desired situation are discussed. This gives you a good idea of the impact of BIM on your own organization. You also get insight into how BIM can be implemented. During this training there are several different practical examples. Learned knowledge is applied directly in Revit and Navisworks, so you get a clear picture of how the learned theory manifests in a BIM model.


In the main line the following subjects are covered during the BIM introductory course:

  • Introduction
  • Trends and developments
  • Definition of BIM and the added value
  • Definition openBIM
  • BIM in practice
  • Navigate
  • BIM working methods
  • Different abstraction levels (LOD)
  • BIM Clash Control
  • Information extracts from BIM (quantities, characteristics, etc)
  • Roles and Tasks
  • BIM Practice Examples
  • Design process and Design models
  • rgdBIM Standard
  • Introduction BIM Protocols
  • Exchange via IFC
  • IFC programs (Tekla BIM sight, Solibri, IFC Viewer, Simple BIM)


After completing the BIM Basic training, you will be able to maintain or re-acquire your market position in an innovative and competitive place. In addition, you can describe the BIM process in the main lines and you are aware of the (UN) possibilities. During the course you start with the basic definitions, trends and developments of BIM. In addition, the change side is addressed from the current situation to the future and expected desired situation.

Also you get a good impression when it comes to the impact of BIM for your own organization and you can make a balancing decision during the introduction of BIM. You will also get a clear overview of the additional Exchange possibilities with chain partners. This course provides handles to determine the strategic significance of BIM for the company and provides insight into the way BIM can be implemented.


This training is a must for anyone who comes into contact with BIM, such as draughtsmen, constructors, architects, contractors, work preparers and calculators, but also directors, managers, project leaders and ICT administrators. The size of the organisation does not matter.


Until 1 July 2020, this training will only be carried out virtually. An online course, also called Virtual Classroom training, is the same as a classroom training: you make the same assignments, you have contact with your teacher and fellow students and you receive the same course material. The only difference is that you follow the training from home or office via a video connection.

Before the start of the online course you will receive a personal email containing all the information you need to participate in the course.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is required for this course. Also no knowledge of BIM software is required. Affinity with architecture is desirable.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Open registration, per person, including course material and lunch:


1 day

Price per day (excl. VAT)

€ 490,-


€ 490,-

VAT 21%

€ 102,90

Total Incl. vat

€ 592,90


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.