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Excel PowerPivot Course
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  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

In deze traning leer je een koppeling te leggen tussen een externe database en Excel. Hierdoor kun jede informatie uit die database via Excel analyseren en presenteren in bijvoorbeeld draaitabellen.

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"The training is well focused on use in practice, is presented in a clear way and is designed so that it is good to follow for all levels."-Rating: 9.7

learnit Excel 2003 Basic

Excel PowerPivot Course

Want to learn to work with Excel PowerPivot? Excel PowerPivot is designed to display data from sources other than the EXCEL worksheet in pivot tables. In this one-day training you will learn how to view data from external databases through Excel in pivot tables. During the training you learn how to make the link and of course how to optimally arrange the data for a clear presentation in pivot tables.

In addition to setting up a data model and creating a PowerPivot, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) are also addressed. These are special Excel features that enable the creation of analysis on large groups of data.


  • Importing data
  • Linking data
  • Create relationships between data
  • Add Calculated Columns
  • Create hierarchies
  • Creating Pivot Tables and graphs
  • Add Slicers
  • Make measurements, Kpis and perspectives
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Overview of DAX Formulas
  • DAX and Excel formula differences
  • DAX data type
  • Formulas and the relational model
  • Calculated fields

The Trainer

You will be accompanied by a very experienced trainer in this training. The trainer discusses at the beginning of the training what your entry level is and what you want to get out of the training, so that you can focus on subjects and exercises that are important to you..

What version? 2016, 2013, 2010

During the registration you can fill in the version you are using. Our planners will ensure that you can follow the training in the correct software version with the material that is written for this version.


If you have run into problems yourself or would like to perform certain actions more efficiently, it can be enlightening to take an example from your work environment to the training. You can still get more practice-oriented.


At the end of the training, you will be able to link to an external source such as a database and analyze the data with the DAZ functions of Excel. You can view the data through PowerPivot in a clear pivot table.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge about creating PivotTables and charts in Excel is recommended.


This course can be followed for all versions of Excel. This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you are using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.


This training is offered on the basis of our Open learning form-teaching method. This means that under the active supervision of our trainer, you are working independently to make your own substance. You can achieve your learning goals at your own pace without being bothered by a faster or slower pace of your fellow students. The trainer will ensure that you stay on track and achieve your learning goals. This form of learning offers space for customised work. You will have the opportunity to create examples from your own practice and IT environment that will make you more specific. more...


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 1 day 2 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 400,- € 315,-
Total, incl. VAT € 484,- € 381,15


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


De cursus Excel PowerPivot is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.4.

"Good training to broaden excel's knowledge and expertise, and opportunities for good reflection of applicability in the workplace." - Rating: 7.8

S. van de Ven, Royal Peijnenburg B.V. - Excel PowerPivot

"The PowerPivot training has given our group many insights. Gradually you'll pick up a lot of tips and tricks that will make your work much more efficient. For people who process or analyze a lot of data, this training is highly recommended."

- Excel PowerPivot

"The training is well focused on practical use, is presented in a clear way and is designed to be easy to follow for all levels". - Rating: 9.7

Willem Klamer, Dutch Gasunie - Excel 2003 Basic

"Very pleasant way of learning so from the book with the support of the teacher and your own pace can determine." - Assessment: 8.4

J.E. Buiter, Buiter Beton B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"I think it's good training with plenty of practical explanations. It opens up a world of things worth knowing to someone with moderate Excel experience." - Rating: 8.0

L. Offergelt-Holthouses, Social Insurance Bank - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"The Excel 2010 VBA Course gives a good start on Macros and its programming!" - Review: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"Very practically oriented, brought your own documents to practice with, so that what you have learned can be put into practice right away. Nice way of following a course, lots of practice material." - Rating: 8.0

A. Copier, Center Parcs - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Training is of good quality and well grafted onto practical use." - Rating: 8.0

J.A. de Geus, ENGIE services Nederland NV - Excel Continued

"If you want to follow a tailor-made training where everything is well arranged and cared for, I would recommend everyone learnit. Have very good experience. "

Ralph van Erkel, Wierden and Borgen - Excel Basic

"The training is well set up. You learn what you want to learn. What was especially nice was the fact that we discussed things that we as a team often run into in the field of work and that solutions were put forward for this. In this way you can apply it directly in your work and make your work easier". - Assessment: 8.1

S. of Tournai - Excel 2010

"I was very satisfied with my excel course, and was lucky to have a friendly and helpful trainer (Albert Keupink) who I could easily recommend to others"! - Rating: 9.0

R. Eberson, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business economics skills)

"It's nice to be able to go through the course at your own pace. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher." - Rating: 9.0

M. Burner-the-Store, OHRA - Excel 2003 Basic

"I am very happy I participated in this training. It was very useful and applicable to my job, I just wish I had this training years ago! I look forward to the WORD and PPoint trainings in the future." - Review: 8.8

D. Thomas, CB&I - Excel Continued

"A must for anyone who wants to master the basics of Excel. Excellent teaching material which can be used at home and at work as a reference work. Because of the clear and well constructed lesson material, this is an excellent self-study". - Assessment: 9.4

A. Vermeulen, DMN Machinefabriek Noordwijkerhout BV - Excel Basic

"The content of the Excell 2003 course was perfectly in line with my learning objectives. The individual way of teaching, i.e. getting started works very well. If you have any questions, you get specific help. The after-care is also very well arranged; you can still contact the teacher. - Rating: 9.0

M. Tjon Lim Sang, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Excel 2003 Turning tables, formulas and functions

"Well cared for and clearly explained!" - Assessment: 9.1

A. Mr. Prorokova, Nieuwe Borg B.V. - Excel Basic

"Good teaching method. Lots of subject matter. Very satisfied with Learnit." - Assessment: 8.4

R. Toll corner, Topa Packaging BV - Excel Basic

"Very concrete tips on how to use the system to your advantage." - Rating: 8.0

D. Ostendorp, Randstad Netherlands - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Hands on training that helps you in your day-to-day work." - Assessment: 7.3

Dave van Lierop, Hamilton Bright - Excel Continued

"Clear and simple textbook, level is good, pleasant trainer who explains clearly and anticipates at the right moments. Lestempo is good, very professional trainer. So educational!" - Assessment: 8.4

Ilonka Hadzikadunic, Besam - Excel Basic

"Clear teaching material with sufficient exercises and personal guidance from a teacher who has a lot of knowledge of MS Excel. It is nice to be able to work with your own data and at your own pace. Highly recommended." - Assessment: 8.3

T.G. Brewer, Chicken N.V. - Excel Turning tables, formulas and functions

"For me, this is a very nice way of learning as you can work at your own pace. There was also additional teaching material on top of the curcus that was followed. Very pleasant georganisseerd." - Rating: 8.7

R. de Busser, Ariens Care Palette - Excel Sequel

"Top, you're gonna realize it's badly needed to take excel courses." - Rating: 7.0

Mr. R. Kunis, The Greenhouse - Excel Basic

"I can really recommend the training. After two days of training you have learned so much that you can work well with excel. Moreover, the course material is good to use as a reference work." - Rating: 10.0

Janine de Jong - Excel Basic

"It was a very successful training. Learned a lot in a fun / entertaining way." - Rating: 9.0

H. Langkamp-Sikkelbein - Excel 2007

"The course is taught by a teacher with a lot of knowledge and passion for Excell, this is contagious. The Readers that are used are very clear and contain assignments that you can work with yourself. Together, the Readers of the basic and follow-up course are a clear reference work for on the work floor". - Rating: 8.6

J. Weimar, Troostwijk Waardering en Advies B.V. - Excel Continuation

"A fun experience and an educational program." - Rating: 8.0

A. Ahmed, Feenstra - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"I'm very satisfied with the cusrsus followed and certainly the practical applicability of the teaching material." - Assessment: 9.4

W. Raghoenath, Ministry of Finance - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Learnit hooked us up with the right trainer. Our training need was not standard training and this was well understood by Nick. Everyone we spoke to from Learnit was pleasant. We're very happy with your professionalism and flexibility". - Assessment: 9.4

L. van Eekelen, VU Amsterdam - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"The basic course Excel 2010 will give you an excellent idea of what the new Excel has to offer. You will be amazed by the new possibilities with graphs. In 180 pages you will not become a guru, but you will become a lot more handy". - Rating: 9.0

P. Kersten, ABN AMRO - Excel Basic

"Great training for people who want to achieve their own learning goals at their own pace." - Assessment: 8.4

G.E. Verweij - Excel Basic

"Intensive 2-day training that you learn a lot from and because there is room to discuss your work-related questions with the teacher, it fitted in well with my personal learning goals". - Assessment: 7.1

Elise van der Steen, DHL - Excel 2003 Continued

"The trainee's enthusiasm was contagious! It was no trouble at all for her to switch between the different levels of the trainees and/or between the different applications". - Assessment: 7.9

J. Vermeer- Boer, Kuehne Logistics - Excel 2003 Basic

"The course is perfectly tailored to the wishes and learning goals of the participants, through good contact with the teacher beforehand". - Rating: 8.6

F. of Wage, Waste Energy Company - Excel Expert

"Fine course, very nice that you get to work with the book yourself and the teacher walks around helping you when you need it." - Rating: 8.0

M.J.C. den Otter, Phas Beheer - Excel Basic

"I had a lot of fun following the Excel 2010 course and got a nice reference work, so I can rehearse some subjects at home". - Assessment: 9.4

P. van Hall, PostNL - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Very instructive training: recommended for anyone who works with Excel occasionally or regularly!" - Rating: 8.0

Lotte Dijk, BIJ12 - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"'Taking training courses through Learnit is highly recommended!'" - Rating: 9.0

M. Englishman. Municipality of Bloemendaal - Excel Basic

"A good addition to an Excel user's knowledge, even if you've been using it on your PC for years. There are many more possibilities, which are well indicated by the instructor." - Rating: 8.0

C. J. van Veldhuizen - Excel 2010

"Very pleasant way of learning so from the book with the support of the teacher and your own pace can determine." - Assessment: 8.4

J.E. Buiter, Buiter Beton B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"Even if you have only basic knowledge and experience, you can learn a lot from this training. Learning skills that can make your work easier and provide a better overview". - Assessment: 7.1

Aafke Odink, Dutch Obesity Clinic - Excel Continued

"The course has made a good impression on me. The material that is made available is fine. Because I didn't specify in advance what knowledge I already had and for what purposes I wanted to use the course, the offered substance was quite a lot in 2 days. So follow Learnit's advice and report it in advance." - Rating: 8.7

Silvia Megens, Meiland Azewijn B.V. - Excel Basic

"If you're looking for training to increase your chances on the job market, I'll definitely recommend one of the courses, if only to refresh your knowledge!" - Assessment: 7.4

J. Blue - Excel Macros and collaborate with other applications

"Very useful to better master your own subjects at your own pace. Guidance perfect." - Assessment: 8.9

G. Rozeboom, Central Bureau of Statistics - Excel Expert

"An instructive practical Excel basic training, which gives a lot of insight into the possibilities that Excel 2010 has to offer". - Rating: 8.0

P. van der Meule, NUON - Excel Basic

"This organization will help you gain knowledge in a playful manner. So no hours of theoretical stuff that you get around your ears, but just do how you're going to use it in practice". - Assessment: 8.1

R. M. F. van Aalten, Rabobank - Excel Basic

"What appealed to us about the learning method of learnit; Each of the groups can go through the subject matter in their own way, in case of questions and/or remarks the teacher indicates the correct working method. In this way everyone has gone through the course material at their own level and/or pace". - Rating: 8.0

M. Chaudron, Leo the Great - Excel 2010

"I took the Office Basic Excel 2003 Course for 2 days. First of all the accessibility was very good (less than 10 minutes walk from Amsterdam Rai station. The course went well. There was a nice atmosphere and the explanations of the teachers were super! The nice thing is that if you have skills that are not discussed in the course, you can report them to the teacher, who will then look for the assignments for you, so you can learn them as well. All in all I had a great experience and learned a lot! - Assessment: 8.1

A. Gelijsteen, Klemko Techniek B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"It's an excellent course with clear teaching material. I've learned a lot from it." - Rating: 7.9

K. Stolk, Cofely - Excel Continued

“Goede bruikbare cursus die je op je eigen tempo kan doen. Er is voldoende ruimte om vragen te stellen en toch in je eigen tempo te werken.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.0

J. van Schaick, NUON - Excel Vervolg