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Excel PowerPivot Course
  • Small groups
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

In deze traning leer je een koppeling te leggen tussen een externe database en Excel. Hierdoor kun jede informatie uit die database via Excel analyseren en presenteren in bijvoorbeeld draaitabellen.

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"Fine to work at your own pace. The course is given in small groups (in my course 7) This works very fine. In Zwolle The location is very good to reach, 1 minute walk from the station! Teacher gave individual still good tips and looked carefully at your learning goals. "-Rating: 8.7

learnit Excel Basic

Excel PowerPivot Course

Want to learn to work with Excel PowerPivot? Excel PowerPivot is designed to display data from sources other than the EXCEL worksheet in pivot tables. In this one-day training you will learn how to view data from external databases through Excel in pivot tables. During the training you learn how to make the link and of course how to optimally arrange the data for a clear presentation in pivot tables.

In addition to setting up a data model and creating a PowerPivot, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) are also addressed. These are special Excel features that enable the creation of analysis on large groups of data.


  • Importing data
  • Linking data
  • Create relationships between data
  • Add Calculated Columns
  • Create hierarchies
  • Creating Pivot Tables and graphs
  • Add Slicers
  • Make measurements, Kpis and perspectives
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Overview of DAX Formulas
  • DAX and Excel formula differences
  • DAX data type
  • Formulas and the relational model
  • Calculated fields

The Trainer

You will be accompanied by a very experienced trainer in this training. The trainer discusses at the beginning of the training what your entry level is and what you want to get out of the training, so that you can focus on subjects and exercises that are important to you..

What version? 2016, 2013, 2010

During the registration you can fill in the version you are using. Our planners will ensure that you can follow the training in the correct software version with the material that is written for this version.


If you have run into problems yourself or would like to perform certain actions more efficiently, it can be enlightening to take an example from your work environment to the training. You can still get more practice-oriented.


At the end of the training, you will be able to link to an external source such as a database and analyze the data with the DAZ functions of Excel. You can view the data through PowerPivot in a clear pivot table.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge about creating PivotTables and charts in Excel is recommended.


This course can be followed for all versions of Excel. This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you are using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.


This training is offered on the basis of our Open learning form-teaching method. This means that under the active supervision of our trainer, you are working independently to make your own substance. You can achieve your learning goals at your own pace without being bothered by a faster or slower pace of your fellow students. The trainer will ensure that you stay on track and achieve your learning goals. This form of learning offers space for customised work. You will have the opportunity to create examples from your own practice and IT environment that will make you more specific. more...


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 1 day 2 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 400,- € 315,-
Total, incl. VAT € 484,- € 381,15


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


We also organize this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Logging in with Skype is also possible. On request this training can also be organized with Microsoft Teams.

The training lasts 2 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 2 weeks.

  • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
  • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


De cursus Excel PowerPivot is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.4.

"Good training to broaden excel's knowledge and expertise, and opportunities for good reflection of applicability in the workplace." - Rating: 7.8

S. van de Ven, Royal Peijnenburg B.V. - Excel PowerPivot

"The PowerPivot training has given our group many insights. Gradually you'll pick up a lot of tips and tricks that will make your work much more efficient. For people who process or analyze a lot of data, this training is highly recommended."

- Excel PowerPivot

"Well-groomed, clear and purposeful. It's nice to work through the teaching material at your own pace." - Assessment: 8.4

R. Hoogkamer, Denit Hosting Solutions - Excel Continued

"Insight into the possibilities of Excel, of which you know that they exist, but have not yet applied them yourself."

- Excel Continued

"A pleasant way to highlight from the total package of teaching materials only those topics in which you are interested and not to be tired of things for which you are not interested" - Rating: 7.9

A. Stiebolt, Post & Co. - Excel Sequel

"Also for non-computer specialists a fine training that you can certainly learn a lot from." - Assessment: 8.4

W. Brandt, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"An organization that gets it right, reacts quickly and thinks along with you." - Rating: 8.0

T. Banga, The Frisian Forests - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"It's nice to be able to work at your own pace. The course is given in small groups (in my course 7) this works very well. In Zwolle the location is very easy to reach, 1 minute walk from the station! Teacher individually gave good tips and looked closely at your learning goals". - Review: 8.7

Chantal van Doornik, Stichting Merkartikel Bio+ - Excel Basic

"Very interesting training that gives a lot of new insights and will eventually save me a lot of time!" - Review: 8.8

E. Nijenhuis, Hamilton Bright - Excel 2013

"I learned a lot and in a fun way. Thank you, Dirk." - Review: 7.7

L. di Sipio, ENGIE services Nederland NV - Excel Basic

"Do you want to get more out of Excel in your daily work? Then this is a good step in the direction!" - Rating: 7.6

J. van Hal, EPR-Technopower - Excel Sequel

"I found the training very clear, a patient teacher, pleasant working atmosphere and working environment." - Review: 8.9

S. Heygelen, ASML Netherlands B.V. - Excel Basic

"Clear and uncluttered Excel training! You go home with much more knowledge and application possibilities" - Assessment: 7.2

Ruud Klessens, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic

"I've learned a lot from the Excel basic course. You can follow this in a quiet environment, easily accessible location and by a professional trainer at your own pace. Teaching material by means of a clear book with appealing examples in Excel that you could practice with. In short: highly recommended!"

- Excel Basic

"Insight into the possibilities of Excel, of which you know that they exist, but have not yet applied them yourself."

- Excel Continued

"I can recommend the Excel course at Learnit to anyone. Excellent guidance from the teacher, clear textbook and CD with all kinds of exercises that are fully in line with the textbook (these may be taken after the course as practice and reference work). Through this course I found out that I had been able to work much more efficiently for years. Thanks to Learnit." - Rating: 10.0

D. Schellenberg, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences - Excel Basic

"If you have problems with excel in practice, take this course. In addition to the regular course material, there is plenty of time to deal with your own practical examples". - Rating: 8.0

Koen Smelter, Euler Hermes Credit Insurances - Excel 2002 Continued

"Clear, personal training focused on one's own practical situation, therefore easy to apply in practice. Training is in small groups, therefore sufficient attention for each student. All this in a friendly atmosphere, highly recommended! - Assessment: 8.3

M. Luursema, Astrimex - Excel Continued

"The Excel 2010 Basic training is a great way to make the program your own. By working independently at your own pace, attention can be paid to all topics that are important to you. The experienced trainer gives many examples and tips. By working with your own material at the end of the training you know for sure that you can work with it in practice. In short: highly recommended! - Assessment: 9.1

C. Bijsterveld - Excel Basic

"All the students were all enhousiastic. They all learned something. It's nice that the course can be given at the office." - Review: 7.7

Yvette Jewelry House, RLG Europe - Excel 2003 Basic

"My impression of this training is excellent! Nothing but praise..." - Rating: 10.0

S. Flutters, SBO The Wind Rose - Excel Continued

"A good course to regain and increase knowledge on valuable Excel skills to make worklife easier and faster." - Rating: 8.0

Bart Verdoorn, Marchon - Excel Expert

"It's nice to be able to work at your own pace. The course is given in small groups (in my course 7) this works very well. In Zwolle the location is very easy to reach, 1 minute walk from the station! Teacher individually gave good tips and looked closely at your learning goals". - Review: 8.7

Chantal van Doornik, Stichting Merkartikel Bio+ - Excel Basic

"The training is clear and easy for any level to follow." - Rating: 9.0

Saskia Benit, Waste Energy Company - Excel Basic

"Again a good training with a lot of content that can be put into practice, also had extra exercises from the excellent trainer Sjoerd Jellema". - Rating: 9.0

Eddie Ederveen, Vion Scherpenzeel B.V. - Excel Continued

"Useful and interesting training!"

- Excel Continued

"Good involved teacher who tries to offer knowledge appropriate to the level and demand of the students". - Assessment: 7.1

J. Spruyt, Juvans Social Work and Services - Excel Expert

"Very fine and efficient way to master your subject matter under expert guidance in a super location." - Rating: 8.0

D. Cage - Excel Basic

"It was an instructive course and you could learn everything at your own pace." - Review: 7.9

J. Beards, Spithorst - Excel Basic

"Lessons are clear and give you the opportunity to go through the subjects at your own pace and practice. There is no pressure from other participants and no one will stop you. This combined with the good instructor ensures effective training". - Assessment: 8.1

Jos van den Broek, Gasunie - Excel 2003 Continued

"Excel is a great program, but it's even more fun to find out what else you can do once you've finished the course." - Rating: 7.0

J. van Dijk, Ministry of Defence - Excel Basic

"Good training, learned a lot from it and will certainly enjoy the work." - Assessment: 8.3

Y. Van Bijnen-Hermans, Shoeby - Excel 2003 Continued

"The advantage I found was that you work individually, allowing each person to work at his or her own pace." - Rating: 8.0

Marleen Braam, Oxyma B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"Quality of teaching material, assignments and professionalism of trainer a big enough one!" - Assessment: 8.2

A. Nieuwenhuis, ETI BV - Excel Basic

"A.M. Rooyakkers-Smits, Makro Amsterdam - "The training is clear and well-organized. Everyone can work at their own pace and level." Assessment: 7.3.

- Excel Basic

"In a short period of time, you will learn the principles of VBA/Excel, with the opportunity to use your own practical examples". - Rating: 10.0

A. van der Spreng, OneSolution Informatisering B.V. - Excel VBA

"The teaching material is constructive, teacher knows what he's talking about, even off the books. So it's also possible to ask questions about things you're running into yourself". - Review: 7.6

J.R. de Jong, Unica - Excel VBA

"Used Learnit for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the concept. Small group and a lot of individual attention. There were plenty of training methods through the extensive teaching material". - Assessment: 8.4

M. Dikken, Ministry of Defence - Excel Continued

"An excellent course to learn more about the possibilities of excel if you already know the basics. Because of the individual aspect you can get the most out of the course for yourself. And if all the trainers are so enthusiastic and have as much knowledge as the one I have had, then you can get even more out of the course than just what the course material offers". - Review: 8.9

M. Eagles, Combi Welfare - Excel Continued

"A fun interactive training, covering both theory and practice." - Rating: 8.0

E. van Holland - Excel 2010

"Also for non-computer specialists a fine training that you can certainly learn a lot from." - Assessment: 8.4

W. Brandt, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"I took MS Excel 2010 basic: a two-day course that contains all the basic techniques you need to get on well with Excel. Learned a lot in 2 days and good personal guidance. Everything will be explained quietly and time will really be taken for you." - Rating: 10.0

M. van den Outenaar, Landelijk Examenbureau B.V. - Excel Basic

"The teacher takes the time and explains well." - Rating: 8.0

I. Bojovich, Robert Walters - Excel Basic

"It's a good course that covers a lot of Excel topics. This is a good way to get acquainted with the use of various formulas and properties of Excel". - Rating: 8.0

K.J. van der Vinne - Excel Continued

"A good course, a pleasant teacher, a lot of subjects that I personally use in my work." - Review: 7.9

P. De Vries - Nederlandse Gasunie N.V. - Excel Continued

"Open learning is a good form of training. You can follow the training at your own pace, with or without prior knowledge." - Rating: 8.0

M. Ensel-Boonstra, Ensel Staalkonstrukties - Excel Basic

"Excel training is fine. Good teaching material. Great teacher, certainly enthusiastic, and it's also practice-oriented." - Rating: 8.0

Gunther van der Horst, Stadsbank Oost Nederland.nl - Excel Basic

"The advanced Excel 2007 course which I followed at Learnit, was taught in a clear manner by a very businesslike and highly motivated instructor. - Rating: 9.0

Willy Nanlohij, Stadsbank East Netherlands - Excel Continued

"Top, you're gonna realize it's badly needed to take excel courses." - Rating: 7.0

Mr. R. Kunis, The Greenhouse - Excel Basic

"This training is excellent for those who have a good basis for Excel and want to improve further. Teacher was very professional and helpful. Right way to carry out this kind of course". - Rating: 10.0

T. Ghosh, Northern Petroleum Netherlands BV - Excel Continued