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Course Excel VBA
  • Learn how to easily automate tasks with the VBA Editor
  • Extensive attention to various programming techniques
  • Very experienced teacher with a broad knowledge
  • Small group with a lot of personal guidance
  • Laptop and lunch we provide

With VBA you can automate and customize common actions and procedures in Excel. In this training and learn in two days to program in VBA using the VBA editor of Excel.

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"Good impression. You understand the structure and build-up of VBA much better. For all editors recommended, you now understand how it really works! "-Rating: 8.6

learnit Excel VBA

Course Excel VBA

Using macros to automate actions in Excel can be very useful. But if you work with macros in Excel, using VBA can deliver time-saving and faster-created spreadsheets.

In this training you will learn how to automate common tasks with VBA. You will learn how to generate and modify codes with the help of the VBA editor. You will also get acquainted with the object model and the specific objects (library) of Excel.


  • Understanding the Excel object model and VBA concepts
  • Working effectively with the VBA editor
  • Making procedures and subprocesss in VBA
  • Creating and Using Variables
  • Creating and using user-defined functions in VBA
  • Using various programming techniques
  • Programming Forms and Userforms
  • Create Procedures that start automatically
  • Handling Error messages

The Trainer

You will be accompanied by a very experienced trainer in this training. The trainer discusses at the beginning of the training what your entry level is and what you want to get out of the training, so that you can focus on subjects and exercises that are important to you. Our trainer knows everything about VBA and helps you to get to know your level to master everything.


If you have run into problems yourself or would like to perform certain actions more efficiently, it can be enlightening to take an example from your work environment to the training. You can still get more practice-oriented.


At the end of the training, you know how to convert Excel to your hand using VBA, which results in faster and more enjoyable work with Excel.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge and skill at the level of the course Excel sequel is recommended.

To determine how much prior knowledge you have and which course is suitable for you, we make an online course guide available!


During this course we use English language course material. This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate whether you are using Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.


This training is offered on the basis of our Open learning form-teaching method. This means that under the active supervision of our trainer, you are working independently to make your own substance. You can achieve your learning goals at your own pace without being bothered by a faster or slower pace of your fellow students. The trainer will ensure that you stay on track and achieve your learning goals. This form of learning offers space for customised work. You will have the opportunity to create examples from your own practice and IT environment that will make you more specific. more...


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 2 days 4 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 400,- € 315,-
Total, incl. VAT € 968,- € 762,30


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


The Excel VBA course has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

"Well-groomed training with a good trainer in a great location and well-groomed lunch." - Review: 7.8

A. Stevens, Drillmasters - Excel VBA

"The teaching material is constructive, teacher knows what he's talking about, even off the books. So it's also possible to ask questions about things you're running into yourself". - Review: 7.6

J.R. de Jong, Unica - Excel VBA

"good impression. You understand the structure and structure of VBA much better. Highly recommended to all editors, you now understand how it really works!" - Rating: 8.6

A. de Blieck, Randstad Nederland B.V. - Excel VBA

"In a short period of time, you will learn the principles of VBA/Excel, with the opportunity to use your own practical examples". - Rating: 10.0

A. van der Spreng, OneSolution Informatisering B.V. - Excel VBA

"It's fun and very instructive. I've learned a lot from it and will benefit a lot in the future." - Rating: 8.0

Youri de Beurs, Excel VBA - Excel VBA

"The Excel 2010 VBA Course gives a good start on Macros and its programming!" - Review: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"Everything about this course was good. Well arranged in advance, good location, good lunch and above all good and clear course material and an expert trainer. I am very enthusiastic and would certainly recommend this to others". - Assessment: 9.4

D. Baker, TNO - Excel VBA

"Excellent training when you want to learn the working methods and logic behind VBA/Macros. Ultimately, in addition to recording Macros, it also enables you to write your own formulas and programs. Offer a lot of support to investigate what is possible with VBA. I already knew a bit about recording macros, but this has given me insight into how VBA works and what you need to pay attention to. Top!" - Assessment: 8.2

J. Peters, Estepe - Excel VBA

"A good course to lay a structured foundation for working with/programming in VBA." - Assessment: 9.2

D.J.H. Berens, Detailresult Services - Excel VBA

"Top course and a lot of it!"

- Excel Basic / Continued

"Well-groomed, clear and purposeful. It's nice to work through the teaching material at your own pace." - Assessment: 8.4

R. Hoogkamer, Denit Hosting Solutions - Excel Continued

"I took the Office Basic Excel 2003 Course for 2 days. First of all the accessibility was very good (less than 10 minutes walk from Amsterdam Rai station. The course went well. There was a nice atmosphere and the explanations of the teachers were super! The nice thing is that if you have skills that are not discussed in the course, you can report them to the teacher, who will then look for the assignments for you, so you can learn them as well. All in all I had a great experience and learned a lot! - Assessment: 8.1

A. Gelijsteen, Klemko Techniek B.V. - Excel 2003 Basic

"This training will save a lot of time in future because of all the tips and trix we learned." - Assessment: 8.4

P. van Hulten, Crucell Holland B.V. - Excel 2010 Intermediate and Pivot tables

"The excel follow-up course fully met our expectations. The learning objectives have been fully met and new excel applications have been learned by both less experienced and more advanced users". - Assessment: 8.1

L. Jautze, University of Amsterdam - Excel Continued

"An instructive practical Excel basic training, which gives a lot of insight into the possibilities that Excel 2010 has to offer". - Rating: 8.0

P. van der Meule, NUON - Excel Basic

"A clear training that's very easy to follow. Highly recommended for anyone working in sales." - Rating: 8.0

Tim Lam, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic

"If you have problems with excel in practice, take this course. In addition to the regular course material, there is plenty of time to deal with your own practical examples". - Rating: 8.0

Koen Smelter, Euler Hermes Credit Insurances - Excel 2002 Continued

"I would certainly recommend this course. It not only increases your knowledge in Excel, but also gives you the 'tools' how to solve problems. The trainer's personal way of teaching also appealed to me. He had tips for working life from his own experience and tried to coach every student in that way". - Review: 7.7

Johan Bakker, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business economics skills)

"Good course for beginners, even if you don't have anything to do with computers. A child can do laundry!" - Rating: 8.6

E. Veldman, MNO Vervat B.V. - Excel Basic

"A fine teaching method that allows everyone to work at their own pace. Very instructive and highly recommended for anyone who is still in doubt." - Rating: 8.0

S. Elmensdorp, TNT Post - Excel 2003 Basic

"The training was good on time. Learned what I came here for." - Assessment: 8.3

Ton Bollebakker, Veronica Publishing - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"A very professional traing, excellent applicability and easy to follow." - Assessment: 9.1

A. Hannink, Camposol - Excel Basic

"The course I took allowed me to set my own pace. It also allowed me to pay more attention to certain chapters than to other parts of the teaching material, which were less applicable to me. I have experienced this way of following a course as very enjoyable". - Review: 7.9

P. Sleurink, Prorail - Excel Basic

"Even if you have only basic knowledge and experience, you can learn a lot from this training. Learning skills that can make your work easier and provide a better overview". - Assessment: 7.1

Aafke Odink, Dutch Obesity Clinic - Excel Continued

"It's a simple way of explaining how excel works, very open to people who aren't familiar with excel." - Review: 7.8

M. van der Laan, Zwanenberg Food Group - Excel Continued

"Learnit's training is a training that gives you a very good idea of what you can do with Excel. The professional trainer makes you feel independent from the start. It is very instructive and easy to use". - Rating: 8.0

B. Baveld, SIG Combibloc - Excel 2003 Basic

"Discover new applications from beginning to end. A world opens up to you within excel." - Rating: 8.6

C. Westhof, Alrijne Zorggroep - Excel 2010

"Good training, where you work a lot on your own. Good teaching material and a nice trainer, who immediately helps with questions and explains them very clearly."

- Excel Basic / Continued

"Training fits in very well with work. By bringing your own material you are goal-oriented and you learn what you want to learn. In addition, there is a lot of space and experience available to further expand the knowledge". - Assessment: 9.4

Mr. van Seters, IMT - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Good textbook with exercises you can do at your own pace. The teacher can ask you for help at any time." - Assessment: 9.1

W. Huiberts, Teleplan - Excel Continued

"The training is clear and easy for any level to follow." - Rating: 9.0

Saskia Benit, Waste Energy Company - Excel Basic

"You can save yourself a lot of work, especially with the tips and tricks. The limitations of the package are also discussed and that helps too". - Review: 7.8

Thijs Janssens, BIJ12 - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Very good training! everything is perfectly arranged and it is definitely recommended to follow a course at Learnit." - Rating: 9.0

Luciano Felida, New Neopharm - Excel Basic

"Professionally and to all questions a clear answer." - Rating: 8.0

R. Bertram, VION Enschede - Excel 2010

"For people who have done little with computers, this is a great training." - Assessment: 8.1

René Fiere, CTH - Excel 2003 Basic

"Good basic training, I use the program myself on a regular basis, but I have learned a lot of useful tips & tricks that will certainly make it easier in daily use". - Rating: 9.0

Mr. van de Berg, Besam - Excel Basic

"Very practical Excel training where you can join at all levels. Trainer will teach you how to use Excel. Especially the practical tricks during the training ensure that you can apply everything practically afterwards."

- Excel Basic

"The trainee's enthusiasm was contagious! It was no trouble at all for her to switch between the different levels of the trainees and/or between the different applications". - Assessment: 7.9

J. Vermeer- Boer, Kuehne Logistics - Excel 2003 Basic

“'In het webinar draaitabellen wordt goed en duidelijk uitgelegd wat je met draaitabellen kunt doen. Als je nog nooit een draaitabel gemaakt hebt, dan heb je veel aan deze webinar. Het is ook fijn dat je rechtstreeks vragen kunt stellen, die vervolgens meteen behandeld worden.'” - Be­oor­de­ling: 9.0

N. Albers, Multisol Raambekleding - Gratis webinar Draaitabellen in Excel 2010 en 2013

"The assignments are very clear and easy to follow. There is also plenty of room to present your own input from your own work situation to the teacher, so that you can also deal with the issues you encounter on a daily basis". - Review: 7.7

N. Hartman, Priva - Excel Continued

"If you want to know the ins and outs in a short time, sign up!" - Rating: 10.0

A. van der Linde, O3 Consultancy B.V. - Free webinar Turning tables in Excel 2010 and 2013

"M. van Es, Kales - "No classroom instruction, but working at your own pace on the topics that are important to you." - Rating: 7.6"

- Excel Continued

"An excellent training in a beautiful location. The personal approach of the trainer ensures that it is not boring. I've learned a lot from it."

- Excel Turning tables, formulas and functions

"The basic course Excel 2010 will give you an excellent idea of what the new Excel has to offer. You will be amazed by the new possibilities with graphs. In 180 pages you will not become a guru, but you will become a lot more handy". - Rating: 9.0

P. Kersten, ABN AMRO - Excel Basic

"Interesting training, although I already have knowledge of Excel, I have learned how to work faster and more efficiently. Everyone gets the attention they need. There is a relaxed atmosphere, where you work well and learn a lot". - Assessment: 8.4

Richard Kemna, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic

"Teacher was very driven and motivated. Great explanation and good interaction with me as a knowledge-receiver. Sufficient depth, good training." - Review: 7.9

H.J.A. de Win, DSM - Excel 2003 Expert

"A good addition to an Excel user's knowledge, even if you've been using it on your PC for years. There are many more possibilities, which are well indicated by the instructor." - Rating: 8.0

C. J. van Veldhuizen - Excel 2010

"The Excel 2010 VBA Course gives a good start on Macros and its programming!" - Review: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"Fulfilled my expectations perfectly, a world opened up for me. A very quiet teacher, who took all the time for you and explained everything clearly so that you also understand what you are doing. - Rating: 8.0

Mr. van de Greijn, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"Fine teacher, very patient and willing. You can also bring your own practical examples to the lesson, to look at them together with the teacher and practice how to fit in. Is even after the training also willing to answer your questions via e-mail. Great service!" - Rating: 9.0

Caroline van Trigt, GDF Suez - Excel Basic