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Financial Excel Course (Business economics)
  • Small groups
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

Wil je jouw bedrijfskundige vaardigheden vergroten? Verdiep je dan eens in de financiële mogelijkheden die je hebt met Excel. Tijdens deze training leer je Excel te gebruiken om inzicht in bedrijfseconomische vraagstukken te vergroten.

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"I was very satisfied with my course Excel, and have been fortunate enough to have a friendly and helpful trainer (Albert Keupink) who I would be happy to recommend to others!"-Rating: 9.0

learnit Financial Excel (Business economics)

Financial Excel Course (Business economics)

As a business expert you work with large amounts of data. It is important to process these data smoothly and efficiently so that you always make the right decision. You already work with Excel, but you want to get to know the intricacies of the program so you can get out of the program faster and easier. With Excel you can quickly process a mash of data and report it clearly. People often use only part of the program, which leaves much potential untapped. Learn in this training everything a financial expert should know about Excel, which results in a hefty time-saving.


  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cost types
  • Cost calculations
  • Differences analysis
  • Capacity calculations
  • Decision calculations
  • Optimizing analyses and presentations


This training is ideally suited for anyone who has a lot of figures working.

Prior knowledge

Students are expected to be familiar with the basic functions of Excel, such as the use of formulas. To do this training you are also familiar with the terms used in the business economy.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 2 days 4 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 1149,50 € 943,80


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


We also organize this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Logging in with Skype is also possible. On request this training can also be organized with Microsoft Teams.

The training lasts 4 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

  • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
  • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


De cursus Financial Excel (bedrijfseconomische vaardigheden) is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.4.

"The Excel training was good. We also got good materials for further practice ourselves. The teacher transferred his knowledge to us in an interesting way." - Review: 7.6

M. Polderman, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business economics skills)

"I was very satisfied with my excel course, and was lucky to have a friendly and helpful trainer (Albert Keupink) who I could easily recommend to others"! - Rating: 9.0

R. Eberson, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business economics skills)

"I would certainly recommend this course. It not only increases your knowledge in Excel, but also gives you the 'tools' how to solve problems. The trainer's personal way of teaching also appealed to me. He had tips for working life from his own experience and tried to coach every student in that way". - Review: 7.7

Johan Bakker, Randstad Nederland B.V. Headquarters - Financial Excel (business economics skills)

"Have experienced this training as very pleasant and instructive. In consultation, this was precisely tailored to the needs."

- Excel Turning tables, formulas and functions

"Interesting course. In order to make all the material your own, it is advisable to reserve enough time for this". - Review: 7.7

J. Sijtsma, Municipality of Woerden - Excel Continued

"Getting more understanding and understanding of excel at your own pace. The group is fairly small, so the disruption is minimal. The organization and the teacher are a relief, and I'm not easily satisfied." - Rating: 8.6

R.M. van Weelden, Sew Eurodrive B.V. - Excel Continued

"This is a very good course for the novice excel user. The course material is sufficient to master all the basics in a simple explained way. Certainly in cooperation with the teacher, who is clearly enthusiastic and knowledgeable and knows how to communicate that well". - Assessment: 8.4

D. van Akkeren, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"'Great training to learn excel from the ground up and step by step."" - Assessment: 7.4

P. de Jong, Group of Butchers - Excel Basic

"Used Learnit for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the concept. Small group and a lot of individual attention. There were plenty of training methods through the extensive teaching material". - Assessment: 8.4

M. Dikken, Ministry of Defence - Excel Continued

"Nice training in which everything is clearly explained, but in which you also have to think for yourself. Everyone can work at their own pace." - Rating: 8.5

K. Villalba Weber - Excel 2003 Basic

"Learnit hooked us up with the right trainer. Our training need was not standard training and this was well understood by Nick. Everyone we spoke to from Learnit was pleasant. We're very happy with your professionalism and flexibility". - Assessment: 9.4

L. van Eekelen, VU Amsterdam - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"A.M. Rooyakkers-Smits, Makro Amsterdam - "The training is clear and well-organized. Everyone can work at their own pace and level." Assessment: 7.3.

- Excel Basic

"Clear and useful training with practice-oriented topics. Trainer is enthusiastic and motivates." - Review: 8.8

R. Bezemer, Tax Consultants International B.V. - Excel Continued

"Very nice to experience that there are often alternative and easier ways to do something you've already done." - Assessment: 8.3

K. Bahri, Makro Amsterdam - Excel Basic

"The teacher had a pleasant way of dealing with students and is good at explaining and empathizing. Also thinks along with the practical problems of the students and is helpful in that". - Rating: 8.0

O. Veenstra, Cunningham Lindsay - Excel 2003 Basic

"Quality of teaching material, assignments and professionalism of trainer a big enough one!" - Assessment: 8.2

A. Nieuwenhuis, ETI BV - Excel Basic

"Learned a lot in a very clear and accessible way in a very short time. Very efficient method for me!" - Rating: 9.0

E. Jongbloed, Randstad - Gratis webinar Draaitabellen in Excel 2010 en 2013

"The course is taught by a teacher with a lot of knowledge and passion for Excell, this is contagious. The Readers that are used are very clear and contain assignments that you can work with yourself. Together, the Readers of the basic and follow-up course are a clear reference work for on the work floor". - Rating: 8.6

J. Weimar, Troostwijk Waardering en Advies B.V. - Excel Continuation

"Good training, fits my job well, especially if you don't have any experience with Excel. The guidance is also excellent." - Assessment: 8.1

R. Audience, Unica Group - Excel Basic

"A training that I recommend to everyone who works with Excel and has to do a little more than the basic actions can really recommend. The quality of the teaching material and the expertise of the trainer are excellent. Each part is treated sufficiently. The teaching method of working independently in a pleasant environment with a good atmosphere and the attitude of the trainer contributes to remembering what you have learned". - Rating: 9.0

R. Groeneveld. Ministry of Education, Culture and Science - Excel Continued

"Very fine and efficient way to master your subject matter under expert guidance in a super location." - Rating: 8.0

D. Cage - Excel Basic

"Very practical Excel training where you can join at all levels. Trainer will teach you how to use Excel. Especially the practical tricks during the training ensure that you can apply everything practically afterwards."

- Excel Basic

"Clear training that has helped me a lot in my work. Highly recommended."

- Excel Basic

"First impression/acquaintance was/is good." - Review: 7.8

H. de Thomis, ABN Amro Bank - Excel Basic

"The Excel 2010 VBA Course gives a good start on Macros and its programming!" - Review: 7.8

Tuncay Sahin - Excel VBA

"Very interesting training that gives a lot of new insights and will eventually save me a lot of time!" - Review: 8.8

E. Nijenhuis, Hamilton Bright - Excel 2013

"I'm extremely pleased with this way of teaching. You will receive a lot of individual attention with good tips from the teacher. Also if you want to discuss work related topics. In short, I recommend this way of teaching, everyone, if you want to learn to master the material at your own pace". - Rating: 9.0

J. B.W.M. van Asperen - Excel Basic

"Macros are very applicable to your own work situation. Very good course that fits in well with your personal wishes". - Review: 8.7

P.C.H Geerts- van Tilburg, Laater - Excel 2003 Macros and collaboration with other programs

"This course is a logical follow-up to the basic course. It is designed in such a way that even people with less experience with Excel can follow it well. With a little practice, you can automate all kinds of tasks in Excel." - Rating: 9.9

Peter Anuels, Praclox BV - Excel Macros and collaborate with other applications

"I experienced the training as very instructive in a quiet pleasant environment and led by an expert teacher. Thank you." - Rating: 8.0

R. Terlouw, Zegro Centre Rotterdam - Excel 2003 Continued

"The material was very clear, it was well explained step by step how to do a certain action. Assignments were socially related. Of course, with an open learning form, you can set your own pace, that's fine with me." - Rating: 8.0

C. van der Kaaij, Pharmacy Haagse Ziekenhuizen - Excel Basic

"I have experienced the course of the training as refreshing and dynamic due to the fast pace and assertiveness of the trainer.

- Excel Expert

"An excellent course to learn more about the possibilities of excel if you already know the basics. Because of the individual aspect you can get the most out of the course for yourself. And if all the trainers are so enthusiastic and have as much knowledge as the one I have had, then you can get even more out of the course than just what the course material offers". - Review: 8.9

M. Eagles, Combi Welfare - Excel Continued

"I had a lot of fun following the Excel 2010 course and got a nice reference work, so I can rehearse some subjects at home". - Assessment: 9.4

P. van Hall, PostNL - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Training at your own pace. Self-study, allowing you to approach the parts that are most important to you." - Rating: 8.6

Ellie Roxs, Laarbeek Housing Foundation - Excel Continued

"I took MS Excel 2010 basic: a two-day course that contains all the basic techniques you need to get on well with Excel. Learned a lot in 2 days and good personal guidance. Everything will be explained quietly and time will really be taken for you." - Rating: 10.0

M. van den Outenaar, Landelijk Examenbureau B.V. - Excel Basic

"Training is focused, well set up and can be completed at your own pace within sufficient given time". - Review: 8.7

J. Mols, Meulenhoff Bookery - Excel Macros and collaborate with other applications

"Fine medium. No travel time. Good to follow. Good and to the point. Recommended." - Review: 7.6

P. Gret, Rotterdam University - Free webinar Turning Tables in Excel 2010 and 2013

"I've been working with excel for a long time. But I didn't know anything about what you can do with this. I can recommend this course to any layman like me! Do it!" - Review: 8.8

S. Hulshof, CEVA Logistics - Excel Basic

"It's nice to be able to work at your own pace. The course is given in small groups (in my course 7) this works very well. In Zwolle the location is very easy to reach, 1 minute walk from the station! Teacher individually gave good tips and looked closely at your learning goals". - Review: 8.7

Chantal van Doornik, Stichting Merkartikel Bio+ - Excel Basic

"Can recommend Learnit to anyone. All students work out assignments independently at their own level. In doing so, an expert instructor provides good explanations, individually and in groups. It is handy that you can keep the workbook as a reference work". - Rating: 9.7

Hilda de Vries, Municipality of Zeewolde - Excel 2003 Basic

"The training has given me a good tool to do my job better and make it easier for me." - Assessment: 8.4

P. Coert, Cofely - Excel Basic

"A short course in which you can clearly indicate what the points of interest are for you, so that you can elaborate a little more on them. Clear teaching material and the exercises are presented simply and clearly". - Review: 7.6

T. Stickelbroeck, DB Schenker Rail Nederland N.V. - Excel 2003 Turning tables, formulas and functions

"Training on your own level where you get support as soon as you need it. This allows you to learn efficiently at your own pace". - Rating: 9.0

J. Kramer, Hema - Excel Continued

"This training is excellent and very extensive, you can learn an awful lot from it" - Assessment: 9.3

Maikel van der Donk - Excel Basic

"Also for non-computer specialists a fine training that you can certainly learn a lot from." - Assessment: 8.4

W. Brandt, Besam Nederland B.V. - Excel Basic

"Clear and unambiguous method of learning, which you certainly have. It is not a training that is useless and will never be used again." - Assessment: 8.1

Arjan Krechting, CTH - Excel 2003 Basic

"Although I consider myself a quite advanced user, the course-instructor managed to teach me some new advanced options within excel which will make my life easier in the future." - Review: 7.9

F. Kluin, Wintershall - Excel Revolving tables, formulas and functions

"Enthusiastic trainer who has explained everything clearly and comprehensibly." - Rating: 8.0

J.A. Ramesar, CEVA Logistics - Excel Macros and collaborate with other applications

"For me, Excel was nothing more than a program of squares... But that you could do so much with it... A new (Excel) world opened up for me. I will certainly apply this in the future. It will save a lot of time." - Review: 7.7

Brenda Miller, Coty Prestige - Excel 2002 Basic