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Course Frame maker Base
  • Small groups
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

Course Frame maker Base

During the course Frame Maker Foundation you get to know the many possibilities of this document-publishing program. Frame Maker is ideally suited for extensive, technically-oriented, structured documentation, such as manuals, catalogs, machine descriptions, et cetera. The goal of the course Frame Maker Basis is to familiarize the participant with the establishment and maintenance of a documentation trajectory. The required knowledge is general skill on the PC and some familiarity with word processing software.

Why use Frame Maker?

FrameMaker is a document-publishing program for documents that are highly technically oriented. FrameMaker is ideally suited for large and complex documents, with excellent cross-reference handling, automatic numbering and unparalleled indexing capabilities. FrameMaker's wide range of variable, template, conditional text, text embedding, etc., and the ability to convert a document to multiple publishing formats make it ideal for a single source documentation path, where a single source file is used as the basis for output to various file formats (such as a paper manual and online help), and a single source file can even be broken down into documents with content and depth tailored to different end-users.


If you are in the process of creating technical documentation against the boundaries of the formatting capabilities or processing speed, then Frame Maker is the logical next step. Frame Maker is a format package that goes where other programs stop. And as you become more familiar with the basics, you'll find that Frame Maker easily handles complex operations. Frame Maker is definitely not a program exclusively for techies!


Frame Maker as word processing

  • Importing and formatting text files
  • Editing and formatting text
  • Using the Paragraph Designer
  • Use of the Character Designer
  • Edit Formatting definitions
  • Find-and-replace

  • Search and replace with wildcards
  • Options
  • Clip art

  • Import and format artwork
  • Object Properties
  • Add Frames to Text
  • Circulation settings
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Cropping artwork
  • Tables

  • Convert Text to a table
  • Use of the Table Designer
  • Deleting tables
  • Delete Cells
  • Cells with shading and lines
  • Merging cells
  • Add header rows to tables
  • Tables across multiple pages
  • Page layout

  • Use and understanding of Master Pages
  • Customizing Master Pages
  • Adding Master Pages
  • Special characters

  • Use of fixed or non-breaking spaces
  • Conditional hyphen
  • Non-breaking hyphen
  • Text gradient

  • Hyphenation
  • Manual line break
  • Insert Page Breaks
  • Footnotes and cross-references

  • Cross-references to external
  • Numbering and formatting of footnotes
  • Variables

  • Use of System variables
  • Define your own variables
  • Convert variables to Text
  • Templates

  • Use and understanding of templates
  • Creating templates
  • Conditional Text and Text sets

  • One document as Single-Source
  • Embedding text files
  • Book file

  • Adding an Index
  • Adding a Table of contents
  • Inherit formatting from another document
  • Boekbrede numbering
  • Output formats

  • Prior knowledge

    The student is supposed to know how PC software works on Windows or on the Mac, and is somewhat familiar with formatting packages in general.


    The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


    We organiseren deze training ook online. Hiervoor maken we gebruik van Webbex of Zoom. Inloggen met Skype is ook mogelijk. Op verzoek kan deze training ook met Microsoft Teams worden georganiseerd.

    The training lasts 4 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

    • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
    • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


    De cursus Framemaker Basis is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.3.

    "Excellent training"

    "I liked everything! Perfect"

    "Tailor-made training! From the intake the training is adapted to our (my) wishes. The training fits in well with practice."

    "It is an organisation that asks in advance what the training should be about and with how many participants, so you immediately know where you stand. I have experienced the cooperation as pleasant. A lot of information received but also applied in practice."

    "Nice, practical training."