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Java Training Course E-learning
  • Learn to program with Java, free download.
  • Create and use interfaces with Java.
  • Java, write once, execute everywhere.
  • The online course to learn both the basics and the more advanced features of Java programming.
  • Java is a flexible programming language that is understood by almost all computers.

This Java training course is intended for students without an extensive programming background. It covers most Java syntax elements, concentrating on fundamental and universally useful elements while providing an overview of many more advanced elements. Students learn to write useful Java classes, apply object-oriented concepts such as inheritance and create Java programs that work with these classes.

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Java Training Course E-learning

Java, the powerful programming language for all computers

In this course you will learn how Java, a flexible and powerful programming language that is understood by almost all types of computers, works. You can download the Java software for free. Java can be used to develop applications for the internet, such as websites, apps, games, chat functions, online training and interactive maps. Java has an infinite number of application areas, such as cloud computing, big data analytics and the development of scalable business applications. Millions of programmers worldwide use Java and soon you will too.

This Java e-learning course teaches you both the basics and the more advanced features of programming in Java. Completing the entire course takes around 32 hours. Should you not be able to absorb or understand something immediately? No problem, because the course remains accessible for a year after you activate it, so you only stop when everything is really clear.

We offer this Java course online in the form of videos, lectures, quizzes and exercises.

The contents of the Java e-learning course

With the online Java course you learn how Java works with the concept 'write once, execute everywhere'. You learn to create simple Java objects and interfaces and you understand the concept of polymorphism in an application. In the topics you see what else is involved in order to work with Java. We offer this course in English.

Topics of the Java course

  • how Java works
  • The concept of "write once, perform everywhere".
  • Create simple Java objects
  • Implementing flow control concepts in Java
  • the Java package concept and packages with Java classes
  • Java arrays and the code to create and use arrays
  • Writing Java classes using inheritance
  • Creating and using interfaces
  • the concept of polymorphism in an application
  • Java's exception handling mechanism and exception handling of Java applications
  • inner classes
  • use elements from the Java API library, including the collection classes

The results of the Java e-learning course

As a result of fully completing this online Java course, you can work with Java to develop, for example, games, websites, apps, chat functions, online training courses and interactive maps. You understand the package concept, you can implement flow control concepts in Java and you can create simple Java objects. The great thing is that you can download Java for free and get started right away with this programming language and this computer platform.

Prior knowledge

Some previous programming experience in a procedural or object-oriented language is recommended.


This is an e-learning course in the English language. The self-paced courses are our affordable alternative for students seeking the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The content is delivered online using videos, quizzes and exercises. The courses are written by expert instructors.


E-learning, per person:

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€ 250,-

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€ 52,50

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€ 302,50