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Course Oracle Database: Administration part I
  • Small groups
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Experienced teacher
  • Possible online
  • Practical training

Course Oracle Database: Administration part I

The course provides insight into the architecture and concepts of Oracle databases. In addition, we treat the specific tasks of a data controller in a (Multi-user) production environment. For example, these tasks include creating Database and managing database user rights. During The course is used by the command-line to perform Commands. The course is platform-independent, but where necessary Platform-specific modification given (Windows, UNIX, etc.). Each Participant has its own database.

Emphasis is drawn on the fact that basic knowledge of SQL It is indispensable to be able to follow this course successfully.

The aim of this Oracle DBA course is to gain insight into the functioning and capabilities of Oracle and being able to perform the basic Tasks of a Data administrator.


This course is intended for persons who are responsible for managing the data and systems manager Oracle database or other Oracle users who Want to have background information about the operation of Oracle.


The course Oracle database: Administration part I covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Database Management
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Installation of Oracle, Universal Installer
  • Use of Enterprise Manager
  • Instances: creating, starting and stopping a database
  • Data dictionary
  • Physical and logical database structure
  • Items and Large objects
  • Data integrity
  • Security
  • Indexes
  • Auditing
  • Globalization Support

Prior knowledge

The following information is required:

  • The trajectory SQL10G or similar knowledge
  • Experience with system administration in general

The following knowledge is considered a pre:

  • The course Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL or similar knowledge
  • The course Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL for experienced programmers or similar knowledge
  • The course Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL, the procedural extension or similar knowledge


The course material is modular. Each chapter of the course material starts with a theoretical part. The participant will go through this section at your own pace. Hands-on examples are used. Because the participant is actively involved in the theory, it beklijft better. Ambiguities or questions are personally explained by the teacher. In addition to speaking the assignments, the teacher can give additions and answer specific questions from the participant, for example from his work situation. To guarantee personal attention, a maximum of eight participants can be accompanied by a teacher.


This training is offered on the basis of our Open learning form-teaching method. This means that under the active supervision of our trainer, you are working independently to make your own substance. You can achieve your learning goals at your own pace without being bothered by a faster or slower pace of your fellow students. The trainer will ensure that you stay on track and achieve your learning goals. This form of learning offers space for customised work. You will have the opportunity to create examples from your own practice and IT environment that will make you more specific. more...


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 5 days 10 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 2873,75 € 2359,50


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


De cursus Oracle Database: Administration deel I is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 7.9.

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"I liked everything! Perfect"

"Highly skilled trainer with a broad knowledge of the business. Facilities are thick in order. day of training (7 hours) is just long enough to stay focused".