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Course Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition
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  • Practical training

Course Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition


Discoverer is an ad-hoc query tool that consists of two Components. A User-edition and an Administrator-edition. With the User-edition, a user can instantly retrieve the information they want from The database. The data can then be used in different ways With all sorts of formatting characteristics so that a full report can be made. The definition of the report can be saved so that Time, the report can be regenerated or modified for As for the layout. Knowledge of SQL, the question language that communication with a Relational database is not necessary for a user as well as Knowledge of the structure of the objects in the database. This is because the User cannot directly select from the objects in the database but works Through an End-User Layer defined by an Administrator. In the Course will also set up and manage an End-User Layer with the Administrator Edition.

The theoretical learning material is Lecturer Classic presented. Approximately half of the time is spent on Practical assignments.

The purpose of this Oracle discoverer course is to be able to fully To get the Administrator tool ' in the fingers '. Eventually The student is able to create a good environment so that other users, Can generate reliable reports using the Discoverer User-edition.


This course is intended for persons who are Discoverer Administrator going to work.


The Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition Course Covers The following topics:

  • Discoverer General
  • Creating and managing Business areas
  • Working with folders and joins
  • Working with items and item classes
  • Working with conditions and hierarchies
  • Security, privileges, and summaries
  • Business Area Maintenance
  • EUL Status Work Books

Prior knowledge

The following information is required:

  • The course Oracle Discoverer Desktop User Edition or similar knowledge
  • The course Oracle Database 10g: SQL Foundations part I or similar knowledge

The following knowledge is considered a pre:

  • The course Workshop SQL or similar knowledge


The knowledge, which is presented to you with a clear explanation/presentation by the teacher, is practical and is also immediately put into practice by the participant on the basis of assignments and cases. This course will help you to deepen your knowledge by exchanging experiences with your group mates.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Open registration, per person, including course material and lunch:


2 days

Price per day (excl. VAT)

€ 490,-


€ 980,-

VAT 21%

€ 205,80

Total Incl. vat

€ 1185,80


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


De cursus Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 7.9.

"I thought it was a very good training and I think I learned a lot from it. And I've also had some tips that you can really do something with."

"A good course with good content, in which new things are learned in an effective/efficient way by means of good teaching material."

"The training was very instructive. The theory and practice were combined very well. It was very nice to be taught in a small group, this gave me an even better chance to achieve my learning goals."

"Nice practical course that will help you in practice."

"Very instructive. Attention was given to my learning objective and therefore the matter can be used even better in practice."