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Course Outlook continued + Expert e-Learning
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  • Practical training

"Useful because you'll find that Outlook offers a lot more possibilities than you expect at first glance; possibilities, which are directly applicable. "-Rating: 8.6

learnit Outlook Basic

Course Outlook continued + Expert e-Learning

If you want to follow both the Outlook Advanced e-Learning and the Outlook Expert e-learning course, this bundle is a cost-effective solution.

The bundle consists of the following courses:

  • Outlook continued e-Learning
  • Outlook Expert E-Learning
  • Topics


    • Sorting and grouping messages
    • Message delivery and tracking options
    • Message templates or forms for messages
    • Managing meetings
    • Recall and Resend Message
    • Electronic Business Card
    • Manage Conversation View
    • General Email Options
    • What you need to know about viruses
    • What you need to know about Outlook Online


    • Archiving messages
    • Optimize your mailbox size
    • Export and Import folders
    • Managing Data Files
    • Create and manage rules
    • Manage Junk E-mail
    • Share folders
    • Sharing calendars and calendar groups

    All levels and combined bundles

    You can follow the online courses at individual levels for € 100.00 per level (excl. VAT):

    Or combined bundles:

    This online course is also very suitable for large groups of (migrant) employees, where we can offer a volume discount. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

    What version? 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

    During the registration you can fill in the version you are using. We will make sure that you can follow the course in the right software version.

    How much time do you have to do the whole course?

    Per module (base/continued/Expert) you get three months of access. If you purchase multiple modules, you get instant access to all modules. The turnaround time is about 5 hours including key.


    • Base: 3 months access, total turnaround time 5 hours
    • Base + Continuation: 6 months access, total turnaround time 8 hours
    • Base + continued + Expert: 9 months access. Total lead time 10 hours

    Nothing needs to be installed

    This online course is offered in the cloud. You can log in at home, at work or anywhere else you want to start the course. The corresponding office package does not need to be installed on your computer. You log in via a website that automatically gives you access to the online course.

    Can you stop in between and go on later?

    You can pause the course at any time to continue with it at a later time. Your progress will of course be saved in the meantime. The key must be made at once.

    Can you re-do or view the course after finishing?

    Yes, you can look back and follow the course again as long as the license is valid.

    Prior knowledge

    For this online course, prior knowledge at the level of the next online course is recommended:
  • Outlook Basic e-Learning
  • Note

    Our online courses can be taken with all common browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (no sound), Safari and Opera. This training can be followed in different versions. Please indicate if you use Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.


    E-Learning, per person:

    Price (excl. VAT)

    € 150,-

    VAT 21%

    € 31,50

    Total Incl. vat

    € 181,50


    De cursus Outlook Vervolg + Expert e-learning is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.4.

    "Clear explanation of terms and functionalities. During the training there is room for practical examples and your own questions."

    - Outlook Continued

    “Erg plezierig om tijdens de training van die "oh-momenten" te hebben: dus zo moet dat. Of, kan dat ook zo? Dat is handig.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 7.9

    Inez Kooij, Cofely Nederland N.V. - Outlook Basis

    “Iedereen aan te bevelen, bijzonder leerzaam!” - Be­oor­de­ling: 7.9

    J. Looijen, NUON - Outlook Basis

    “Interressant voor iedereen die meer uit Outlook wil halen dan de doorsnee algemene zaken.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.3

    Roger Geelen, NUON - Outlook Basis

    “Nuttig omdat je erachter komt dat Outlook veel meer mogelijkheden biedt dan je op het eerste gezicht verwacht; mogelijkheden, die direct toepasbaar zijn.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.6

    K. simonet, Nuffic - Outlook Basis

    “Zelfs een digibeet als ik kan begrijpen wat je met een programma kan doen. Veel praktijkgerichte oefeningen en goede uitleg van docent maakten dit mogelijk. Top!!!” - Be­oor­de­ling: 9.3

    G. Jansen, NUON - Outlook Basis

    “Voor mensen die Outlook beter willen leren kennen is dit een perfecte cursus, ook voor diegenen die denken dat ze het niet nodig hebben".” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.6

    G. Minkenberg, NUON - Outlook Basis

    “Was een leuke, leerzame, gezellige training.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.8

    N. Bouma, ABO B.V. - Outlook Basis

    “Tijdens de training en na afloop had ik het gevoel zeker efficiënter en georganiseerder te werk te kunnen gaan. Zeer verhelderend!” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.0

    I. Mekes, Cathay Pacific - Outlook Basis