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PRINCE2 Course: Foundation E-Learning
  • Improve the results of your projects
  • Manage expectations over the end result better
  • Quick get started with practical templates and documents
  • Simplify Project Communication
  • Study at your own pace with the handy e-learning

Improve the results of projects? Manage expectations better? In the online course Prince2 Foundation you will learn everything about project management with Prince2.

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PRINCE2 Course: Foundation E-Learning

Improve the results of your projects with PRINCE2 project management

Better control over your projects? Learn how to guarantee the quality of projects and adjust them faster? Prince2 is a common method for organizing, managing and managing projects. Unlike other project management methodologies, the focus of PRINCE2 is mainly on the processes. By paying a lot of attention to defining the desired end result, the expectations of all concerned are better managed. And because of the solid structure and construction, everyone speaks the same language, which makes communication considerably easier. This makes Prince2 one of the most concrete, quickly applicable project management methodologies. With Learnit's convenient e-learning, you can get to know the basics of PRINCE2 project management at your own pace.

Content Prince2 Foundation Self-study

The Prince2 Foundation Self-study gives you a comprehensive introduction to the project management method Prince2. You will learn the main principles of the PRINCE2 project methodology, the various project stages and the themes on which you need to send a project. The construction of the project organisation and the associated roles responsibilities are also discussed. And finally, prepare yourself for the official Prince2 Foundation exam.

Parts online course Prince2 Foundation

The Prince2 Foundation Tutorial covers the following topics:

Introduction Prince2

  • The basics: the 7 Prince2 principles
  • Advantages, disadvantages and success factors of PRINCE2 project management
  • Project Organisation vs. Line Organisation

Project preparation

  • Project organization: Roles, responsibilities and team structure
  • Start and initiate a project
  • Project Stage Ring: Steps in a PRINCE2 project
  • Product-based project planning: from end to required input

Project execution and project management

  • Prince2 themes: executing, monitoring and adjusting a project
  • Risks, changes and exceptions
  • Prince2 Project Documentation: Clear insight into the progress
  • Preparation for the Prince2 Foundation exam


The online course Prince2 Foundation has been developed for everyone who is involved in project-based work and is involved in projects as a team member or sideways. Think of project managers, project employees, project supporters, project advisors, project planners and quality officials.
This e-learning variant of the popular Prince2 Foundation course fits in well in preparation for the official Prince2 Foundation exam, and offers an excellent step towards the follow-up course Prince2 Practitioner.


Learnit offers the online course Prince2 Foundation as self-study. It uses the official Prince2 Foundation e-learning. You can start this online course at any time and go through it at your own pace.
Would you prefer to follow this course in a group context? The Prince2 Foundation course is also a classroom course

Results online course Prince2 Foundation

At the end of the e-learning Prince2 Foundation:
  • You know the seven basic principles of PRINCE2.
  • You know the roles and responsibilities within a PRINCE2 project organisation.
  • Do you know what stages PRINCE2 projects exist.
  • Do you know which themes affect the project.
  • You know the 7 processes within the PRINCE2 project model.
  • You know why the project planning starts with the desired end result.
  • You can name the most important management products and triggers.
  • You can name the most important project management techniques.
  • Do you know what each methodology and technique serves and what relationships there are between the components of each methodology
  • Are you well prepared for the official Prince2 Foundation exam.

Prior knowledge

To participate in the online course Prince2 Foundation have you don't need any specific prior knowledge. Only good command of the English language is required, as the e-learning is in English.


E-Learning, per person:

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 450,-

VAT 21%

€ 94,50

Total Incl. vat

€ 544,50


The Prince2 course: Foundation e-learning has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

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"Excellent training"

"The training was given at a good pace, and the students were able to come along well. It was not a large group, so there was enough room for the individual. The material was in a logical order, so that by continuing in the training you kept repeating the basics well, so that it stays up to date."


"Nice practical course that will help you in practice."