Learnit Training
Course Structured query language
  • You learn to easily retrieve all data from the database
  • Suitable for SQL Server, ORACLE, MS Access, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • Modify, manipulate and adapt SQL data and table structures
  • Small group
  • Very experienced teacher

Would you like to easily modify or retrieve data from a database? Then use SQL (Structured Query Language). Also learn how to work with this standardized query language.

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"Clear explanation about SQL with many useful examples and good exercises. It was all good to do and after following this basic training I gained ample knowledge to execute all the necessary queries on our database. And that has provided a lot of useful information. In short: excellent training! "-Rating: 8.8

learnit SQL Basic

Course Structured query language

If you want to easily retrieve data from a relational database, you can use SQL (structured Querylanguage). In addition, you can modify, manipulate, and modify table structures with SQL data. SQL is widespread and is often used in combination with other programming languages such as PHP, ASP and VBA. ANSI SQL is the most popular standardized database language and is now no longer to be thought of when using relational databases. ANSI SQL can be used for querying MS SQL Server, ORACLE, MS Access, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Because ANSI SQL is standardized, it can be used with almost all modern relational databases.

In our two-day training SQL Base you will develop knowledge and skills in the FIELD of SQL. Under the guidance of an experienced database trainer, you will actively get to work on creating queries. After this training you have mastered the basics of SQL and can easily create queries to retrieve data.


  • Introduction to SQL, Basic principles: Data types, keys (primary key, foreign key)
  • Retrieving data (SELECT FROM, TOP, DISTINCT)
  • Sort data (ORDER BY)
  • Filter data (WHERE, comparison operators, BETWEEN)
  • Advanced Filters (AND, OR, IN NOT)
  • Filter using wildcards (LIKE)
  • Calculated fields (Concateneren)
  • Customizing data with Functions (ROUND, LTRIM, RTRIM, DATE PART)
  • Summarize data (COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN)
  • Grouping data (GROUP BY, HAVING)
  • Working with subqueries (IN)
  • Combine data from multiple tables with join (INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER join)
  • Advanced Joins (Table aliases)
  • Combine queries (UNION)
  • Add data (INSERT INTO)
  • Modify and delete data (UPDATE, DELETE)
  • Create, modify, and delete tables (CREATE, ALTER, DROP)
  • Differences in SQL between database systems


The training is intended for users of relational databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Apache OpenOffice Base, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, SAS and SQLite). The training is suitable for both novice database users and functional administrators and data analysts.

Training materials

You will receive a clear book with exercises and practice files at the start of the training. This can also be used as a reference book after the training. Because the terminology in the software is mostly English, the training material is also.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is required for this training.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 2 days 4 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 425,- € 340,-
Total, incl. VAT € 1028,50 € 822,80


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


We also organize this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Logging in with Skype is also possible. On request this training can also be organized with Microsoft Teams.

The training lasts 4 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

  • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
  • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


The SQL Basic course has been assessed with an average of 8.4.

"Super instructive, step-by-step built and easy to understand for people who don't know about it yet."

- SQL Basis

"Clear explanation of SQL with lots of useful examples and good exercises. It was all good to do and after attending this basic training I gained more than enough knowledge to perform all necessary queries on our database. And that yielded a lot of useful information. In short: Excellent training! - Review: 8.8

V. Young, Kyocera Document Solutions Nederland B.V. - SQL Base

"Great training if you want to learn SQL in a solid and structured way. With a lot of practical exercises. The content of the training was fine: clearly laid out, good teaching material including practice assignments, good alternation between theory and practical practice. The knowledge of the trainer is good, as is the way of explaining and conveying it. He puts a good emphasis on structured and solid knowledge building, rather than quick results. Got the questions right." - Rating: 9.0

P. Soemers - SQL Base

"Nice basic training, perfect location (Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ)." - Assessment: 7.4

S. Buster, The Dutch Central Bank - SQL Base

"Properly orchestrated, clear explanations, sound teaching material." - Assessment: 8.4

E. van Loon, Amaranth Group - SQL Base

"Recommended for people with little SQL-knowledge, in 2 days the base is fine!" - Assessment: 8.4

W. de Rijke, Delta Energy B.V. - SQL Base

"Great training. You really get the basics! The trainer was very enthusiastic and gave the training in a fun way". - Rating: 8.0

H. Wennink, Province of Overijssel - SQL Base

"Good training. Very clear and applicable. You learn all the facets of SQL." - Rating: 8.6

K. Sijne, AB Vakwerk - SQL Base

"Very good workout. In two days there is a lot of treatment, but this goes at a pleasant pace. Good alternation of theory and doing exercises yourself. Great trainer, has a lot of knowledge of the material and can convey this clearly and in a pleasant way". - Rating: 9.0

T. Wolfs, NUON - SQL Base

"A good training to learn the basics of SQL. Lots of practical exercises, so you can quickly get to grips with SQL. It was under the guidance of a good trainer who took the time to explain things. Teaches enthusiastically. A social and friendly person. Learnit Training is a professional organization, customer-oriented and has a good and fast service". - Rating: 9.8

C. Verkleij, Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) - SQL Base

"Good starting point for mastering SQL." - Review: 7.7

Gerard Teurlinx, Mapscape B.V. - SQL Base

"Very easy to follow especially for people who want to start with SQL. Suitable for both IT and non-IT professionals. Highly recommended!" - Assessment: 7.4

M. Thakoer, NN Group N.V. - SQL Base

"Excellent training with a lot of information realized by experienced and professional teachers. I wish it lasted longer, so I could learn even more that I did. I recommend it without any hesitation. Learnit Training is a professional company, they are doing what they promise. Their teachers are profesionals who know what they are talking about." - Assessment: 9.2

D. Szalobryt, Syncreon Netherlands N.V. - SQL Base

"Good trainer, enough training material. I've achieved my initial goals." - Assessment: 8.4

H. Vranac-Arapovic, Municipality of Breda - SQL Base

"This training is ideal for people who are going to work with SQL databases. A lot is explained, tempo is never too low. All kinds of queries are dealt with, as well as the cross use of types. Recommended!" - Assessment: 8.2

J. the Great, Kemira - SQL Base

"Both for beginner and advanced, this is an instructive training, which is given in an interactive way. This is very pleasant, because you can apply it immediately while doing the exercises that are given during the training. You always have the opportunity to ask questions and the guidance is also good. So all in all a very good experience with the SQL basic training of Learnit Training"! - Rating: 8.0

G. Romkens, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) - SQL Base

"I'm positive. I don't feel like I'm getting lost in other people's queries. For my job it is not a requirement to make queries, but it is a requirement to make a small adjustment every now and then to generate output". - Assessment: 7.4

J. van de Putte, CIBG - SQL Base

"Good training. Good to follow. The content met my expectations. The transfer of knowledge took place in a very pleasant manner." - Rating: 9.0

Ton van der Velden, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) - SQL Base

"My first introduction to SQL in this SQL basic training. Good, clear explanation of the fabric. Many exercises to immediately put the material into practice and an enthusiastic trainer make this training a must for anyone who wants to know more about SQL."

- SQL Basis

"Effective training from an experienced trainer with ample knowledge. The trainer was able to switch quickly between people and also focused on the people who needed it without forgetting the others". - Rating: 8.0

J. Heijmink, Norbert Dentressangle - SQL Base

"Had good training with good material. Got the basics of SQL well mastered in two days, it may be advisable to do something to prepare in advance to tackle the topics better and faster. The trainer was open to questions and gave a good explanation". - Review: 7.8

R. Direction Blenke, ProQuro Services - SQL Base

"Very nice training and organization, very satisfied!" - Rating: 9.0

N. Claessens, UWV - SQL Base

"Challenging, especially since it was possible to tune in to the level of the students on the spot." - Assessment: 7.4

M. Spring Camp, Magna Carta - SQL Base

"By gaining basic knowledge of SQL across the board, it helps me in practice to create simple queries and to be able to read and modify more extensive queries. That's exactly what I was looking for. What certainly makes a difference is that the small scale is tailored to the participants". - Assessment: 8.4

J. Citizens, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer - SQL Base

"A training that will bring you up to a level within two days, with which you will then be able to work in practice yourself. The content of the training fitted in very well with my expectations. I've now mastered the basics of the SQL language." - Assessment: 8.2

P. Willems, Zorgon B.V. - SQL Base

"For a good SQL base, this is definitely a training course that is recommended. I also like the way of teaching and practice. What you learn you do immediately to understand it better". - Review: 7.8

M. Amasslam, Quby B.V. - SQL Base

"I was very pleased with the design and execution of this course. A good balance was sought in the difference in tempo of the students. It was clearly explained with a good balance between making exercises together when doing them yourself". - Assessment: 8.4

J. Esseling, Zorgon B.V. - SQL Base

"This trainer is a very knowledgeable person who communicates the material of the training to the participants in a calm, well-considered and thorough way.

- SQL Basis

"This training has a clear structure and structure. In addition to theory, there is plenty of room to practice and present practical situations to the trainer. Quiet, qualified and clear trainer. Knew what he was talking about and how the training works. All in all, a good way to get started with SQL." - Rating: 8.6

R. Kemmenaar, Triage-IT - SQL Base

"This is a good training to learn the basics of SQL. It is useful for understanding if you already know something about databases/files. SQL knowledge is already indispensable in a number of programming languages". - Rating: 9.8

P. Anuels, Praclox - SQL Base

"SQL is a language. The training teaches you how to read and understand this language and how to use it to tell a simple story. The location (Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ) was great - top location, with all the necessary facilities, hospitality, a bit of the feeling of home. Learnit Training met my expectations - approachable, good dialogue, no unnecessary waiting time, good information supply, clear". - Assessment: 7.4

K. Gnezda Meijer, Diebold - SQL Base

"The SQL training provides insight into creating queries from databases. During the lessons you will learn how to build a query. During the lessons the theory is first discussed and then carried out with a practical assignment. This is very fun and educational." - Rating: 9.0

G.J. Leferink, Elementis Delden - SQL Base

"Great training for beginners who already have a little bit of experience with SQL, the type of SQL you use yourself is reasonably taken into account (indicate this to the organization in advance, then you may receive a different textbook). In the training, it really stays with the basics." - Assessment: 7.3

Kelly de Kuyper, Pluriplus / Pluripharm - SQL Base

"Basic hands-on training. So you go straight to work with what you've learned. Some foreknowledge is useful" - Review: 7.7

Daniëlle van Dijk, TimeTell B.V. - SQL Base

"At Learnit, they continue to learn from their own lessons. What a top course!"

- SQL Basis

"You get value for money. And goes away with the knowledge to write your own SQL statements." - Rating: 10.0

D. Knijnsberg, Municipality of Purmerend - SQL Base

"Good clear training where the basics of SQL are explained."

- SQL Basis

"Got refreshed with my sql skils" - Rating: 6.0

Tejasvi Sabale, Mapscape B.V. - SQL Base

"A good training to learn the basics of SQL and to apply it directly in practice". - Review: 8.9

Marianne van Oosten, Graphic Lyceum Utrecht - SQL Base

"Good training with an excellent trainer who could give a clear answer to all our questions. Not only theoretical knowledge, but many practical assignments." - Review: 7.6

R. Uters, Efteling - SQL Base

"An SQL course that can be followed by anyone without any programming experience by means of a piece of theory with subsequent assignments. In small groups allowing personal interaction with the trainer". - Review: 8.8

S. Grootendorst, PSfm B.V. - SQL Base

"Never been to a course/training before and the training with everything around it was actually above my expectations." - Assessment: 8.2

M. Goedhart, Duynie Holding B.V. - SQL Base

"it's a very good basis, to start working with SQL right away." - Review: 7.8

T. Crane - SQL Base

"E. van Herijnen - "Positive impression. Good location, training, exercise material and applicability in practice." - Rating: 7.2"

- SQL Basis

"The training has given me enough tools to get started with SQL. You gain the experience in practice, but this training gives you enough solid ground underfoot". - Rating: 9.0

B. Angel Heart, Achmea IM&IT - SQL Base

"Good training with which you can do a lot in practice." - Assessment: 8.2

R. Doctor, AM Group - SQL Base

"Without much programming experience, I learned a lot from SQL these two days. If you then look at what query you can make at the end of the second day, you'll actually see the progress you've made during those two days. The trainer paid attention to everyone and he took plenty of time for that". - Rating: 8.0

J. Blow, A.S.R. Insurances - SQL Base

"Very good training that can be applied in practice."

- SQL Basis

"Nice and very applicable training, you can really use it and you can put it into practice right away. Highly recommended." - Rating: 8.0

N.J.G. Cairo-Pol, Diabetes Care System WF - SQL Base

"Clear explanations and good commands gave a good picture of the possibilities of SQL." - Rating: 8.0

M. Bessem, Amsterdam Amstelland Regional Police Force - SQL Base