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Aandacht van de lezer vasthouden, daar draait het om op het web. Eén muisklik en de lezer is weg. In deze training leer je aansprekende teksten schrijven en overtuig je de lezer met gemak.

e.g. excel, time management, sql Writing text for intranet and internet


W.R. Titawano, Reed Business

7.3 10stars

Texts on the screen are subject to different requirements than to texts on paper. The reader is even more impatient and expects a quick answer to his questions. What's more, the eye also wants something: more than in paper, it's what your message looks like. Every screen ideally offers a bite chunk of information, ' something to see ' and ' doing something '. The training text for intranet and Internet from Learnit offers your handles for a thoughtful portioning and optimal wording for the screen.

The training text writing for intranet and Internet is aimed at novice and more experienced writers who also start writing for the screen. We first map together what characterizes your organisation, products and public. We are looking for words and images. Selecting and structuring is the next step: what information is immediately relevant, and for what should the visitor click through? Finally, you learn how to formulate an appealing, convincing and energizing attitude.

  • Topics
  • Below you will find an overview of topics that are discussed in the training text writing for intranet and Internet. This programme can be supplemented by subjects from the participants who come out of the intake.
  • What characterizes my organization? How do we want to happen to our website visitors? Who are they?
  • What is the message? What information do we transfer via the intranet/on the Internet?
  • How do I draw attention? How do website visitors get to my text?
  • What can you learn from the content marketers? A copyplatform, a tone of voice, SEO?
  • How do I portioneer my message in bite size chunks?
  • How do I structure? What is scanable write? What comes first? How do I shut down?
  • What do I want my reader to do? How do I activate my reader? How do I reduce the threshold?

Storytelling, blogging, infographics... Is that what for me, my organization, my target group?

How do I formulate concisely and pleasantly legibly?


This training is especially practical. During the training you will go out of your own organization, products and (display) communication. Together with the trainer and the other participants, you map the wishes and requirements. You immediately apply your new knowledge and insights to messages and messages for your work practice. Of course we exchange listening, writing, sharing and rewriting.


The training for intranet and the Internet is suitable for anyone who writes for his work display texts. For example: news items, product information, public information, blogs, advertisements. The training is focused on the digital world that asks for a quick answer, immediately fascinates and makes reactions possible.

The training focuses mainly on the Dutch language area. But writing for the display is more international than you think. If you have to write English, German or French for your work, you can still get the most tips out of the feet.

If you mainly write (digital) one-to-eencommunicatie such as e-mail messages and tenders, then the training customer-oriented writing might be better for you. For longer texts with a large role for convincing with arguments you can Write clear texts in the training. Do you want to come up with ideas or experiment with style, mood and choice of words? Maybe you can find the training commercially and creatively than (also) interesting.

Interested parties who mainly have questions about flawless writing, we strongly recommend the training Dutch spelling and grammar .

Feel free to contact Learnit to get advice!


The topics above are certainly given attention because they directly contribute to better readable web texts that inform and activate the website visitor more focused. How the program is filled in exactly depends on the intakes that the trainer decreases shortly before the training dates, by mail or by telephone. So you can certainly take points.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location

Duration Home
1 day 2 sessions Price per day, excl. VAT
€ 475,- € 390,- Total, incl. VAT
€ 574,75 € 471,90 Certificate

After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.

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Tuesday 22 September 2020, 10:00-17:00

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De cursus Tekstschrijven voor intranet en internet is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.2.

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"A practical training with plenty of room for personal issues you are struggling with. Practical tips on both the formulation of the message and the technique of transmission."

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“Met de cursus is werken met kleine groepen beter zodat je optimale aandacht kunt krijgen. Goede balans qua theorie en praktijk.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 7.3

W.R. Titawano, Reed Business - Tekstschrijven voor intranet en internet