Learnit Training
Time Management Course
  • Find a (better) balance between work and private
  • Learn to prioritise and make choices
  • Apply structure to your work
  • Become aware of your role at work
  • Dare to delegate where necessary

Do you feel that you are chasing yourself, often time shortages and the workload is growing? If you can't find a good balance between work and private, our two-day training is for you. You learn to get more grip on your work and because time management is mainly self-management, we also go on to whom you are. Assertiveness, delegating and stress handling are skills that are central.

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"Great training! I only came to learn how to better organize my work, and I left with a new way of life. I started working at work immediately after the first day of the training, and it immediately bears fruit. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.8

learnit Time Management

Time Management Course

Do you feel that you are chasing yourself and often time is short? That the workload is constantly increasing and that you cannot find a good balance between work and private? Then it's a good idea to keep up with anywhere you spend your time. Measuring is after all know!

In our two-day training Time Management , we are going to work on differentiating urgent tasks, prioritising and making choices, and structuring your activities. If you get more grip on this, you have a clearer overview of what needs to be done in the time available, which results in less stress.

Because time management is mainly self-management, we also deal with who is you. What role do you have on your work? How are the relationships with colleagues? Is it clear on what tasks you are being assessed? And do you also dare to indicate your limits and delegate where necessary? Assertiveness, delegating and stress handling are skills that are central.


During the training, the following topics are covered:

  • Time Management Basics:

    Overview, planning, rest and communication.

  • Structure in the work:

    Long-term, medium-term and kortetermijnklussen.

  • Setting priorities and making choices:

    Time management = self-management. What tasks are important/non-important and urgent/non-urgent? We are going to work with the Eisenhower model.

  • Delegate:

    On what tasks are you being assessed and which ones? What could you delegate in that context and how do you handle it? Give clear and concrete to what you want and expect.

  • Assertiveness:

    When do you find it difficult to say no? And what is the effect of this? And what are the reasons for you to say no? We pay attention to the indication of your boundaries. If you say yes to another, you say no to yourself.

  • Communicating effectively:

    How does the communication process work and what pitfalls are lurking?

  • Establish achievable goals using SMART:

    Intentions that are well formulated are easier to make.

  • Stress handling:

    A bit of tension puts you on sharp, but too much stress is awkward. How can you reduce this? Using the RET methodology, we investigate your (obstructing) beliefs and address the cause. Think otherwise = do otherwise.

  • Practical Tips:

    Useful tools and apps

We mainly practise situations that occur in your practice, so you can find a direct connection. We ask for this by means of a telephone intake prior to the training. Every practical exercise is accompanied by a short piece of theory, so that a clear framework is available. We conclude the training with the drafting of a personal action plan, so that you have the tools to work with in practice.


At the end of the training:

  • You can set priorities and make choices
  • Structure in your work
  • Are you aware of your role at work and
  • Dare you to delegate where necessary.


This training is ideally suited if you often lack time for your feeling. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following points?

  • You cannot find a good balance between work and private
  • Your workload is growing
  • You would like to have more insight and structure in your work
  • You want to (better) dare to give your limits

This list is Natúúrlijk not complete: everyone is different. What does you want to pay attention to within the time management theme?


In the training we alternate between practical experience, experimenting with behavior and techniques, reflecting and exploring theory. This will close the training program to all type of participants. There is a lot of action in the training, so you actually experience the effect of new behavior. This enables the recognition of success. We also emphasise that everyone is responsible for their own growth process and must take ownership of them. In Our training We invite you to reflect continuously and to make connections with the practice. Our aim is to increase understanding and make your own translation. This will increase the likelihood of real change in behaviour.


The course description above gives you a good indication of what the training will look like. However, the content may vary slightly per training, depending on the knowledge, practical experience and learning objectives of the participants. Individual intake interviews prior to the training will be used to enumerate the learning objectives of the participants. On this basis, the final programme of the training is determined.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 2 days 4 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 1149,50 € 943,80


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


We also organize this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Logging in with Skype is also possible. On request this training can also be organized with Microsoft Teams.

The training lasts 4 sessions of 3 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

  • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
  • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


The Timemanagement course has been assessed with an average of 8.5.

"By using practical tools during the workshop, we have come to a better use of time and time."

- Time management

"By following the time management training at Leanit, I have gained many insights and new experiences. This helps me to create new tools, which will help me in my further personal and professional development."

- Time management

"Great training! I only came to learn how to organize my work better, and I left with a new way of life. I went to work immediately after the 1st day of training, and it paid off immediately. Highly recommended!" - Review: 8.8

A. van de Vijver, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HR) - Time management

"Training that will give you just that little push in the right direction. Things that you know somewhere, but don't link yourself to each other in the right way."

- Time management

"Good and interesting Time Management training followed through Learnit. Driven trainer who knows how to respond to the personal challenges and goals of each individual student. Through a good interaction between trainer and trainee, the training fits the demand". - Review: 8.8

F. de Vroet, Zehnder Group Nederland B.V. - Time management

"Good training, well-tuned to our practice!" - Assessment: 8.3

Harry Hoff, Strukton Worksphere - Time management

"Some things you actually know about yourself secretly but with the course you get a little help with how to break through this now. You get information quickly and have good contact with the course instructor in between. I make a list for the whole week and plan everything I intend to do. I also plan more free time, which is something that often comes with the fact that I spend too much time on a job. I definitely have more tools to make sure I have more control over the lake, both at work and at home. Highly recommended!" - Review: 8.9

B. Schouffoer, Kennemer Housing - Time management

"I have proposed to the management that this training be given to all employees in-company by Learn it. I think everyone should take a Time Management course at least once in his or her career." - Rating: 9.0

Liesbeth van Pelt-van Hembergen, Anneveld Guidance BV - Time management

"This course is highly recommended. Together with the course leader and your fellow students, the time management problem will be deepened. You learn from each other's experiences and come to new insights while talking. I noted down some "aha!" moments right away and then went over them again later and put them into practice. It didn't reduce the amount of work, but it was my approach to that amount. I'm gonna get going! And that's what I was here to do." - Assessment: 8.3

B. van Oppenraaij-Bervaes, SHL - Time management

"For the first time since 1995, I don't have a paper stack on my desk, drawer or closet. That's the only reason I passed this course. A paper can only go through your hands once (how simple, but give it a try)." - Rating: 10.0

W.M. ter Braake, NCCW - Time management

"Very good training, well given, top accessibility location, training objective more than achieved." - Rating: 8.6

S. Dorssers, Océ-Technologies B.V. - Time management

"You may expect simple tips and tricks, but most of all you will gain insight into how to plan well, etc. This course is highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.0

H. Pastor, Gasunie - Time management

"I found the training to be very useful. It also lets you take a critical look at your work." - Rating: 8.0

H.J. Udding, Ziggo - Time management

"I found the time management course very positive. During the days you'll get a lot of useful tips to get a better control over everything you fill your day with. The course goes beyond time management. Psychology is just as much a part of the fabric and it gives you insight into why you work in a certain way." - Assessment: 8.3

R.S.J. of the Shortput, Obvion - Time management

"The content of the training was good. It is good to work a lot with practical examples and reflection. It was good to go into your own personality and the relationship between being able to manage time and not being able to manage time. You can then use examples to put the theory into practice. The level and setup of the training was pleasant and the pace good. There are enough breaks to stay focused and let everything sink in for a while. The assignments and exercises are fun to do and to discuss with each other in groups". - Assessment: 8.1

D. Noise, Chamber of Commerce - Time management

"Interesting course for anyone who feels their days are structurally too short." - Rating: 8.0

J. Liège, Gasunie - Time management

"This training gives you a picture of what you're doing wrong with the planning and provides guidance on how to change it if you want to." - Review: 7.7

R. Brantjes, SBP B.V. The Case - Time management

"Perfect training!! Very pragmatic and directly applicable!"

- Time management

"Good impression, with a pleasant way of training." - Rating: 8.0

J. Pot, Municipality of Groningen - Time management

"Everybody gets stuck in a pile of email, too long meetings or too many phone calls. The Time Management course teaches you what your pitfalls are and how to deal with them. I could immediately put the following into practice! It gave me overview, peace and confidence." - Review: 8.8

J. Bogers, Theatre Zuidplein - Time management

"Good training to get more overview of how you yourself deal with 'time' and how you classify this consciously or unconsciously, both professionally and privately. where you're given handles when you want to change something." - Rating: 8.0

E. Greiving, Ziggo - Time management

"Great added value for people who have a hard time saying no and have to keep a lot of signs in the air." - Rating: 8.6

R. van Mourik, ENGIE - Time management

"Educational and eye opener!" - Review: 8.9

H. Janssen, Agmi Traffic - Time management

"It's nice to get confirmation that you're already doing certain things well in time management, but even better to have tools to improve things.

- Time management

"The course had a complete script that served as a thread. Depending on the demand of the students it was possible to vary the heaviness of the subjects. The small group of students made sure that each student got enough attention". - Assessment: 8.1

R. Vek, Cofely - Time management

"Relaxed atmosphere, good class location, empathetic course direction." - Assessment: 8.1

L. Wint-the-Great, Fivelland Care Group - Time management

"It's a fun and educational workout. There is a good look at where your bottlenecks are and there is a good discussion and you get tips and advice for that". - Review: 8.9

Anneke Poppelaars, Luxaflex Netherlands - Time management

"I'm very pleased with the content of the training. The teaching material was of good quality and the training was professionally set up. There is also plenty of space to discuss and consult with each other. The trainer was very clear in her story in terms of text and explanation. Everyone was covered during the training. The exercises are clear and instructive. The trainer also came across as a very motivated teacher with a lot of knowledge and empathy in the persons/companies involved". - Review: 8.7

D. Simonis, DocMorris - Time management

"I was able to achieve my learning goals within just a few days, mainly because this training course focuses on your situation. - Assessment: 8.2

T. Harmsma, NUON - Time management

"B. Kleve, SURFNET - "I wanted to be trained by Elise Block. A few days after registration I was called and told which course she was giving and where. Good service! The registration was adjusted immediately, good service!" - Rating: 8.1"

- Time management

"An instructive and useful training! Good tips (which are also realistic) to apply in practice."

- Time management

"A training where everyone comes to learn how to use their time more efficiently. For everyone, this can be a slightly different approach. The beauty of this training was that there was a lot of room for personal approach. it wasn't a dry enumeration of tips and tricks, but it gave me insight in my way of working. Probably I already knew a bit, but during the training you become aware of it by talking about it with the trainer and the fellow students. The lines are short and the trainer is clear in his explanations and gives you enough input to be able to continue". - Assessment: 8.4

I. van Lent, LEVS Architects - Time management

"Very useful & fun!" - Assessment: 9.1

F. Grunefeld, P3plus - Time management

"I found this training very instructive, because it doesn't only deal with Time Management. A lot of examples from the practice of the company where you work are used and deepened. In addition, your personal situation (why do you do things that way - who are you?) is also explored. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.0

M. Lemmens, Flowserve - Time management

"The training will help you better manage your time. Attention is paid to making a good and realistic planning. In addition, we work on your personal learning goals for time management. Very instructive and good training." - Rating: 10.0

H.G. Miedema - Time management

"A good session of 2 days in which especially practical situations and the experiences of the different personalities were discussed. Good personal feedback from the course leader to the participants". - Review: 7.9

P.A.A.M. Bemelmans, Obvion B.V. - Time management

"Hedi is a great trainer. I would also like to thank her for the many tools she offered me during the two day training". - Rating: 10.0

F. Bolleboom, FC's Gravenzanda - Time management

"An enjoyable training that mainly provides practical insights into time management." - Assessment: 8.1

M.M. Twickler, Theater Zuidplein - Time management

"I found the Time Management training very surprising and very good. It goes much deeper than just 'organizing your time better'. We look at your own working posture, a piece of psychology behind it and communication techniques. Absolutely an eye opener for me and after day 1 had already gained from the training by certain insights and changing small things". - Rating: 10.0

J. Nanninga - Time management

"Tackling a generic problem like time management with a personal approach: that really helped me organize my work. What I learned in these 2 days of training I was able to apply immediately - with results. Talk about using your time efficiently!" - Rating: 8.0

Mr. van Luijk, World Wildlife Fund - Time management

"The teacher has a background as a psychologist and that is useful in time management, because many things within time management have to do with your personality." - Assessment: 8.3

M. Olive corner, Waste Energy Company - Time management

"These 2 teaching days will give you the opportunity to deal with hectic and difficult situations in both business and private." - Rating: 8.0

B. Bodemeijer, Boon Edam - Time management