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Course Train the Trainer
  • Learn to know your own training style
  • Optimize your didactic skills
  • Connect to your target group and make contact
  • Learn to use different forms of work
  • Train with pleasure and confidence

In our three-day training "train the trainer" we work on your personal style as a trainer. How do you stand in front of the group? How do you come across as a trainer? And how do people react to you? You will learn how to use your own strengths optimally during the training.

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"After this course I have enough luggage to give workshops in my own organization and beyond."-Rating: 8.9

learnit Train the Trainer

Course Train the Trainer

In order to set up a good training course you need more than just solid professional knowledge. Because how do you transfer the lesson material to the participant? And how do you make sure he or she goes home inspired? How do you deal with resistance? All these questions are addressed in our training Train the trainer

In The training train the trainer We work on your personal style as a trainer. How do you stand for the group? How do you get over as a trainer? And how do people react to you? You will learn how to optimally use your own strengths during training. In addition, together with an experienced trainer, you pay attention to setting up a good training, from preparation to evaluation. You will examine who your target group is and when your participants are satisfied. Also, various forms of work are being discussed, so that you also experience the effect of the ways in which your knowledge can be conveyed. In short: You will learn how to prepare your training as effectively as possible. At the end of the training you bring the scholar into practice by giving your own mini-training.


During the training, the following topics are covered:

  • Gaining insight in your own style of training:

    Become aware of your role as a trainer and your strengths and development points

  • Defining learning goals:

    Knowledge, insight, skills, behaviour

  • Join (The learning need of) your target group:

    Move in the participants so that they feel heard

  • Preparing for and prerequisites of a training:

    What do you have to bear in mind?

  • Structure offer:

    Create an interactive, varied and well-designed program

  • Stand for the group:

    Make Contact and your attitude

  • Vary with forms of work:

    Keeping your participants ' attention

  • Coping with your own tension and nerves:

    Confident and happy for the group

  • Awkward situations:

    Dealing with level difference and resistance


After following the training you know, understand and you can as a trainer:

  • a stimulating training;
  • Putting the substance in a didactically responsible manner;
  • What your own trainers style is and how you can maximize your best qualities;
  • Connect to the target group and make contact instead of one-way traffic;
  • Look up the interaction and cases well;
  • The importance of communicating well;
  • Use different forms of work;
  • Dealing with (critical) questions and
  • Use the learning styles of participants and play in them.


Look at your style of training with professional gaze and get feedback, tips and tricks. Video analysis allows you to gain insight into the effect of your own behavior; You will learn to distinguish between desired and unwanted forms of action in relation to your final goals. During the training you are guaranteed a number of success experiences. You are not only inspired to go home, but can also pass on this inspiration to your participants.


This training is ideally suited if you want to develop or sharpen your training skills. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following points?

  • You are a trainer or want to become a trainer, but you are not trained here;
  • You need a professional look at your approach;
  • You have the feeling that you can get more from your trainings and
  • You want a firmer theoretical foundation for training.

This list is Natúúrlijk not complete: everyone is different. Where does you want to devote attention to the trainers theme?


The course description above gives you a good indication of what the training train will look like for the trainer. However, the content may vary slightly from one training course to another, depending on the participants' prior knowledge, practical experience and learning goals. In individual intake interviews prior to the training, the learning objectives of the participants are inventoried. Based on this, the final programme of the training train the trainer will be determined.


The training is provided by default in Dutch. The trainer controls the English language. English course material can be used. When registering at least 3 participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Mentioned prices are per person, including course material. Lunch is included in the training on location.

On location Online
Duration 3 days 6 sessions of three hours
Price per day, excl. VAT € 475,- € 390,-
Total, incl. VAT € 1724,25 € 1415,70


After completing the training, a LEARNIT certificate will be issued as proof of participation.


We also organize this training online. For this we use Webbex or Zoom. Logging in with Skype is also possible. On request this training can also be organized with Microsoft Teams.

Amsterdam Wednesday 29 July 2020, 10:00-17:00

  • Until one year after the training you can participate for free.
  • Against payment of the catering costs you can also participate in a classroom training.


De cursus Train de trainer is beoordeeld met een gemiddelde van 8.5.

"Good, varied, good mix of theory and practice, professionally set up. Could take a day longer to put what you've learned into practice again." - Review: 8.9

P. Dorder, Radio Worldwide - Train the trainer

"Very nice, useful workout. For the experienced trainer as well as for the novice trainer. Well adapted to everyone's personal learning goals." - Assessment: 9.4

S. Bontjer - Train the trainer

"Instructive training in which you are challenged to practice training, give and receive feedback. You will receive sufficient teaching material and tools to compose your own training and to attune it to the participants. I'm glad I followed the training!"

"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

D. van der Maas, Fokker Services B.V. - Train the trainer

"Teaching and inspiring to -beginning - trainers!" - Rating: 8.0

“Goed, gevarieerd, goede mix van theorie en praktijk, professioneel opgezet. Zou een dag langer kunnen duren om het geleerde nogmaals in de praktijk te kunnen brengen.” - Be­oor­de­ling: 8.9

"Learned a lot - ridiculously much for three days. Stylish learning curve because of good trainer and intent training." - Review: 8.9

Mariska Warnars, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) - Train the trainer

"The training amazed me and exceeded my expectations." - Rating: 8.6

L. Bosch, ABN Amro - Train the trainer

"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

"Inspirational, varied and active training with a highly experienced trainer who is well able to teach the tricks of the trade. - Rating: 9.0

F. Beers, Alliade - Train the trainer

"In three days I learned the basic skills of training, which I could immediately apply in my work practice! Highly recommended!" - Rating: 10.0

Q. Buvelot, BECIS - Train the trainer

"Train the trainer is a course that really leads to insight. The course inspires to convert theory into practice. A course that goes beyond ticking off a to-do list and where you also have something in the long run"! - Rating: 8.0

K. Boerebach, Platform Crisisbeheersing Waterschappen Midden Nederland - Train de trainer

"A training in which you can gain experience in different ways in a professional, open & safe atmosphere in 3 days to see how a training can be successful and where you are also confronted in a positive way with your own skills and incompetence as a trainer. Content and personal development come together in an excellent way and give you a lot to use in the future". - Review: 8.7

A. Dijkman - Train the trainer

"A very practice-oriented training in which you are well prepared in the three days for how to give a training as well as possible. A training in which the student is very active, which makes it a lot of fun". - Rating: 8.6

L. Huinder, Gallagher Europe - Train the trainer

"Through this training some clear learning goals were identified; I received practical tips and useful feedback to further apply what I learned in practice". - Rating: 8.0

R. of Lith - Train the trainer

"Train the trainer is a fun training in which you learn the theory about giving a good training with the help of different work forms. In addition, you learn a lot about how you present yourself and what your style is by looking at recordings of yourself. Inspiring and enriching! - Review: 8.8

H. Daemen. The Rading - Train the trainer

"The 'train the trainer' training is highly recommended for people who want to become proficient in providing education, training and practice activities. The training offers added value for both beginners and experienced professionals. Partly due to the professionalism of the trainer, this training also contributes to your self-confidence and motivation". - Assessment: 9.2

R. Stienen, Platform Crisis Management Water Boards Central Netherlands - Train the trainer

"Nice training and, above all, very practical. Since I'm going to give trainings myself, I have had a lot of use for it! Especially applying a good structure of the training and getting the learning goals clear for yourself and for the participants I had a lot to gain. In addition, the trainer was fun, friendly and knowledgeable. I also liked the many practical assignments. In the end you have to practice, practice, practice. And that's what we did. Thanks for that, this training was certainly of great added value to me! - Review: 8.9

Eva van der Gijp, Rabobank Rotterdam - Train the trainer

"The training not only provides a good basis for giving a training, but also good recommendations to improve your own way of giving training". - Rating: 8.0

M. Rutgers, Practical Approach - Train the trainer

"Do you want feedback on how you're training for a group? Do you want to learn a wide range of new ways of working? Would you like to know more about the best way to sell a training course to students and organisations? Do you want to get more out of all your efforts as a trainer? Then the Train the Trainer course is for you!" - Rating: 8.0

E. Veenhuizen - Train the trainer

"Really fun, accessible, inspiring training you can do a lot with!" - Rating: 9.0

C. Highland, ABN Amro - Train the trainer

"The Train the Trainer training has not only taught me many important training skills, but has also given me a huge boost in my enthusiasm for training!" - Rating: 8.0

A. van Deutekom - Train the trainer

"Good training that worked on me." - Assessment: 8.4

"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

R.F. Sumter, Municipality of Rotterdam - Train the trainer

"I recently took the Train the Trainer course at Learnit. This training has given me more insight into what you can do as a teacher or trainer to make a good presentation of your lesson or training. All the ingredients you need to get started as a trainer/teacher are discussed. It inspired me very much. As an organisation you will also be well informed by Learnit". - Rating: 9.0

G. Chef, MBO College Almere/ROC of Flevoland - Train the trainer

"A very thorough. Well-groomed education. It's a 3-day course, I thought: a bit short, but there is so much treated and applied equally and yet not in a hurry. There's plenty of time for your own input. After the 1st day it's already applicable in your training." - Rating: 9.0

D. de Hon, Conclusion Learning Centers - Train the trainer

"Interesting training: lots of variation, enough exercises and useful teaching material. The enthusiasm of the teacher, the interest in the students and her broad level of knowledge on the subject appealed to me very much. It's almost impossible to improve, because as far as I'm concerned it's the best trainer I've come across so far. A pleasant training for when you want to learn more about the coaching profession; very inspiring and motivating. They were three nice and very useful days for me!" - Rating: 9.0

P. Verbeek of Maurik, Waterboard Groot Salland - Train the trainer

"The training has given me great tools to work with in practice. I have become very enthusiastic and have been able to apply a lot of things from the training in my work". - Review: 8.7

P. de Kramer, HOOM - Train the trainer

"An ideal training to take the first steps in the coaching profession. In three days you'll be put on the right track and you'll understand what it takes to train yourself". - Assessment: 8.2

B. van der Ham, KRO - Train the trainer

"Practical training in which all the important facets of good training, and how you as a trainer are going to give it, are discussed. Setting up a training course, activating forms of work, the competences of the trainer: everything is covered. Fascinating and educational!" - Rating: 9.0

P. Kleinjan, Suluz Interim - Train the trainer

"Nice training in which you learn both the theory and the practice of the trainer's profession. Especially interesting when you're at the beginning of your coaching career."

"Fine educational training. Good relationship between knowledge transfer and practical exercises. Very practically applicable in my own work."

"If you are looking for, practical applicability, learning from others, sharing with each other, focused on your own learning needs and everything within a pleasant atmosphere, then I can warmly recommend this training to you". - Rating: 9.0

I. van Kolfschoten, Ingrid van Kolfschoten - Train the trainer

"What a relief to have had this training. The trainer was calm, offered a listening ear for all, and was very professional. She is an expert in the field and she can communicate her knowledge very well. She is highly motivated and inspires the participants. Her teaching method is pleasant. She offers a safe feeling to the participants, which makes all participants enthusiastic and interested in the training. I'm glad I followed this training and I can use a lot of it in practice. I have no points for improvement." - Assessment: 9.2

J. van Belzen, Waterboard Scheldestromen - Train the trainer

"A training that offers you a cartload of material and ideas for your own training in three days. Exactly what you need to give your own training more content". - Review: 8.8

R. van Haaff, Stichting Samenleving Oud-Beijerland - Train the trainer

"T. Oud, Municipality of Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid - "A very varied training, which covers all aspects of the coaching profession. In a short time you learn a lot and you do a lot. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their skills in the training profession." - Rating: 8.2"

"The content was exactly what I was looking for. A lot of knowledge, methods to tackle things (differently), exercises to master skills and gain insight. The opportunity to observe yourself on film was valuable to me." - Assessment: 8.4

Y. Leeman, Stichting Handjehelp - Train the trainer

"The intensive training was held in a relaxed atmosphere and is intended for both the experienced and novice trainer. I learned a lot about myself and the difference between giving a presentation or a training. The training is easy to apply in practice". - Review: 8.8

C. Genee, The Royal Bank of Scotland - Train the trainer

"Intensive training in a relaxed atmosphere. Where you learn a lot from yourself, fellow students and your trainer. All in all, very successful." - Assessment: 8.2

R. Small Bleuming, Municipality of Tubbergen - Train the trainer

"A training that can be applied to many disciplines and functions. Such training should be given more often!" - Rating: 8.0

I. van der Elburg, Helvoet B.V. - Train the trainer

"It was a very intensive, instructive training, where participants were challenged to keep their capacities under the microscope, with the possibility to practice less strong points and thus improve". - Review: 8.8

M. Appelman, Monsanto Holland B.V. - Train the trainer

"Very interesting training for those who sometimes or more often stand for a group to give training themselves, or have to transfer the implementation of software to a group.


Zelfsturende teams: hoe maak je die succesvol?Weerstand van deelnemers tijdens je training, wat nu?Hoe ga je om met niveauverschillen in groepen?4 tips voor het organiseren van een webinarDe moderne leider = een coachende leider

"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

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"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

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"Especially the aspect of interaction and reacting ad rem to developing opportunities during training, make transferring knowledge anything but boring." - Rating: 8.0

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