Learnit Training
Train the trainer course
  • Improve your coaching skills in 6 months
  • Develop your personal training style
  • Learn to deal with different learning styles
  • Getting started with familiar training techniques
  • Apply your trainer skills directly in practice

Improve your training skills but no time for a fulltime education? Develop your own training style in 6 months with the Train the trainer course from Learnit.

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"Very instructive training, with a return day at exactly the right time. Excellent, knowledgeable trainer with much attention and time for input from participants, and the right exercises at the right time. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 9.0

learnit Train the trainer

Train the trainer course

Develop your trainer skills in 6 months

Inspire and motivate people to achieve. Adapting your training approach to the trainee or group by making contact, empathising and working together. Presenting, convincing and using your creativity. But also being independent, critical and defending your own point of view. To deliver effective training, as a trainer you need more than just knowledge of the subject matter. Namely a number of competencies to get your trainees on board. During the Learnit trainer training we pay a lot of attention to these competences and skills. In addition, you are introduced to a number of creative methods and you learn how to apply these directly in your training. For example online training, a training form that is becoming more and more popular.

The Train the trainer course is ideal for those who want to specialise in the field of training in a relatively short time, but do not have the time to follow a full-time course. In six months' time, you will learn everything there is to know about training: from preparation to implementation to evaluation. By bringing in cases and material from your daily practice, you will get the most out of the training.

Topics for Train the Trainer

You as a trainer: what is your training style and what are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Working on your personal training style
  • Providing stimulating training
  • Preparation
  • Structuring and building a training course
  • Didactic skills
  • Draw up a script
  • Training materials

Your trainees:

Adapt your training approach to who you are facing.

  • Recognising learning styles of trainees
  • Adapting training style to trainee's learning style
  • Creative workflows: expand your package
  • Dealing with (difficult) questions
  • Dealing with resistance


Experience the power of online training.

Between blocks 2 and 3, you follow a webinar via Zoom to experience the power of online training. Various working methods will be reviewed. And you will receive tips and tricks to get started yourself.

    Deepen your coaching skills:

  • Provide a short training
  • Video reflection with group
  • Increase your self-confidence through feedback

In between

In addition to the training days, you will work on the material yourself by means of assignments, e-learning, self-study and an online coaching session with your trainer. With a number of participants from your group, you form an intervision group. This is where you meet in between the blocks to exchange experiences and help each other with assignments. There are also two webinars to further deepen the lessons.

Return day

Two months after the last block of the trainer training, there is a return day. On this day, we briefly refresh the lessons. Using your own practical examples, we look at how your training skills are going, what you still want to learn and how you can best approach this.

Target group

The Train the trainer programme is intended for everyone who wants to develop and deepen their own training style. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trainer, this training programme is suitable for everyone.

Course format

The Train the trainer course consists of:

  • 360 degree feedback report
  • telephone intake
  • 3 blocks of 2 training days
  • webinar: the power of online training
  • 1 return day after 2 months
  • study of the material covered
  • assignments after each block
  • online coaching session with the trainer
  • 2 intervision meetings without supervision
  • drafting of a final report on a mini-training course provided by you

Result: an effective and personal training style.

After completion of the trainer training:

  • You will have a complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses as a trainer.
  • You know what your preferred style of training is.
  • You are able to provide stimulating training.
  • You know how to prepare, structure and build a training course.
  • You have the right didactic skills to make a training course run effectively and smoothly.
  • you can draw up a script for a training course or training programme.
  • You know what training materials you need.
  • You will be able to adapt your training approach to the person you are facing.
  • recognise the different learning styles of trainees.
  • you can adapt your training style to the learning styles of your trainees.
  • You know commonly used creative methods and can apply them.
  • You know how to deal with (difficult) questions and resistance.
  • You know the power, advantages and disadvantages of online training.
  • You have given a short training and reflected on it with your course group.
  • you can improve your training based on feedback.
  • you have the knowledge and confidence to apply the best training method in every situation.

Prior knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required to follow the Train the trainer course.


Learning by doing. That is the central theme of all our training courses. In a safe training atmosphere, we practice with small groups (max. 8 participants per training) realistic situations from your daily practice. The more questions and cases you bring in, the more results you will get from the training. In this way, you will discover during the training programme which training techniques and forms of training are best suited to you, and you will be able to further develop your practical skills immediately. Our trainers combine didactic skills with their practical experience.


The training is provided in Dutch as standard. The trainer has a good command of the English language. Use can be made of course material in English. With a minimum of three participants, the training can also be provided entirely in English.


Open registration, per person, including course material and lunch:


7 days

Price per day (excl. VAT)

€ 500,-


€ 3500,-

VAT 21%

€ 735,-

Total incl. VAT

€ 4235,-


After completion of the training, a Learnit certificate is issued as proof of participation.


The Train the trainer course has been assessed with an average of 8.5.

"Very instructive training, with a return day at exactly the right time. Excellent, knowledgeable trainer with much attention and time for input from participants, and the right exercises at the right time. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 9.0

S. Rutgers, Furgo Engineers - Train the trainer

"I found it a fun, educational and interactive training! Good variation between theory and practice."

- Train the trainer

"The intensive training was held in a relaxed atmosphere and is intended for both the experienced and novice trainer. I learned a lot about myself and the difference between giving a presentation or a training session. The training is good to apply in practice." - Rating: 8.8

C. Genee, The Royal Bank of Scotland - Train the trainer

"Train the trainer is a very nice training. What we learnt is very applicable in practice. The trainer had a good understanding of our organisation, so we were able to work in a very focused way."

Amy Boddé, Dutch Obesity Clinic - Workshop Train the trainer

"Was a fun training."

- Train the trainer for IT professionals

"The content of the training was really well tailored to the needs, i.e. the transition from 'presenter' to 'facilitator' with lots of practice, clear and professional feedback. Just enough theory, a lot of variation. Very capable teacher, highly motivated and very creative with working methods, energy readers and really inspiring to give training courses in this way! Good examples are followed. I have gained a lot from this training and now apply what I have learned in practice! - Rating: 10.0

J. Lodders, AkzoNobel - Train the trainer

"What a relief to have followed this training. The trainer was calm, offered a listening ear to all, and was very professional. An expert in the field and she can transfer her knowledge very well. She is very motivated and inspires the participants. Her teaching method is pleasant. She offers a safe feeling to the participants, which makes them all enthusiastic and interested in the training. I am glad that I followed this training and can use a lot of it in practice. I have no points for improvement." - Rating: 9.2

J. van Belzen, Waterboard Scheldestromen - Train the trainer

"Lots of practical advice for the novice but also definitely for the experienced trainers!" - Rating: 8.1

M. Smolka, ONVZ - Train the trainer

"Very positive! Got a lot of energy from it and am very inspired." - Rating: 9.0

F. 't Hooft, Isala Klinieken - Train the trainer

"A training course in which, in a professional, open and safe atmosphere, you can gain experience in different ways to see how a training course can be successful and where you are also confronted in a positive way with your own skills and incompetence as a trainer. Content and personal development come together in an excellent way and give you a lot to use in the future." - Rating: 8.7

A. Dijkman - Train the trainer

"For anyone who wants to give courses/workshops/trainings or is already doing so, I can highly recommend this training. This company is very professional and employs skilled trainers. As far as I am concerned, they make the difference." - Rating: 8.0

M. Landkroon - Train the trainer

"Top training! This three-day training is the perfect preparation for my new role as trainer within my own organisation. You are enthused and inspired by the trainer and the training group. The trainer gives each individual in the training group personal attention and responds perfectly to events in the group. The explanations were clear throughout and I was inspired by the skill and completeness of the material and how this came together. In these three days you step out of your comfort zone, which teaches you a lot. Highly recommended!" - Rating: 8.2

M. Vos, Appèl - Train the trainer

"Practical and didactic insights into your training. But also an insight into who you are is explained in a safe way. A training with many handles." - Rating: 9.2

C. de Kleijne-Barbier, Kalorama Centre for the Deafblind - Train the trainer

"This training helps you to be very practical and confident in front of a group." - Rating: 8.0

H. Corbijn, Kijkshop B.V. - Train the trainer

"The Train the Trainer training course not only taught me many important trainer skills, but also gave me a huge boost in my enthusiasm for training!" - Rating: 8.0

A. van Deutekom - Train the trainer

"Excellent training with good material led by an inspiring trainer. Highly recommended!"

- Train the trainer

"I recently started as an independent entrepreneur. I have followed the train-the-trainer training at Learnit Training. When you are interested in a train-the-trainer training, I can fully recommend the training at Learnit Training. Not only is it a very good training, but they also really look at what can be added to the training to better suit your needs. In one word great! - Rating: 9.4

H. van Geffen, CompSelect - Train the trainer

"This was an excellent training course which delivered much more than I had expected in terms of practical advice and increased confidence as a trainer." - Rating: 9.0

R. Simpson, AkzoNobel - Train the trainer

"Very useful with many tips." - Rating: 8.0

N. Gruters, SBWU - Train the trainer

"The training enriched and inspired us through the variety of teaching methods and the many 'theatre sports' actions. An experienced trainer who reflects openly on her own experiences and gives space for the development that you yourself have indicated. Excellent training!" - Rating: 7.7

R. Hoving, Province of Drenthe - Train the trainer (advanced training)

"Excellent, after intake well tailored to everyone's personal wishes and concerns." - Rating: 9.6

A. Schut, Warande - Train the trainer for IT professionals

"Meaningful training for everyone who provides training in their daily work. The yield and effectiveness of training are improved many times over." - Rating: 8.8

E. Mijnhout, AkzoNobel N.V. - Train the trainer

"Good and effective training. Short and to the point. He points out mistakes and pitfalls and gives practical tips on how to improve. Recommended for everyone who trains." - Rating: 8.0

B. Lagerweij, Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. - Train the trainer

"Very nice training, mainly thanks to the trainer of course. Many practical examples, safe and quiet environment in which everyone felt at home. A training that gives a lot of tips and tricks to continue as a trainer. Every aspect, everyone's input was dealt with in one of the three days." - Rating: 8.8

C. Kool, PostNL Billing & Document Solutions B.V. - Train the trainer

"The train-the-trainer course gives you all kinds of very practical ideas and possibilities with which you can get to work straight away. Leah Kolkman is a very pleasant and professional trainer who is able to switch quickly and with humour when the situation demands it. My 'toolbox' when it comes to the necessities of making a good training is now better filled. I feel like experimenting with the large amount of different methods! Nicole de Haan - press officer Amsterdam UMC".

- Train the trainer

"After this course, I have enough baggage to give workshops in my own organisation and beyond." - Rating: 8.9

G. Stoopendaal, Municipality of Cromstrijen - Train the trainer

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is a novice trainer or would like to become a trainer, this course gives a lot of confidence and all the material is explained calmly and carefully." - Rating: 9.0

T. Schilperoort, Airborne International B.V. - Train the trainer

"Inspiring training from a motivated teacher. Many varied working methods keep you focused and you are given useful reading material to take home. Highly recommended for both the beginner and the more advanced trainer!" - Rating: 9.4

P. Wolterman, Indivirtual Amsterdam - Train the trainer

"It's great that the training, based on the intake interview, was so well tuned to my learning goals! During the training, various work formats were used, which made it easy for me to stay busy with the material throughout the day. I finished the training with a number of new ideas that I can immediately put to practical use to make the training courses more appealing to the users of our ECD." - Rating: 7.8

S. van Gessel, Reinaerde Groendiensten - Train the trainer for IT professionals

"In three days I learned a lot about acquiring, preparing and conducting a training course. By immediately giving a presentation/mini-training myself and getting constructive feedback and advice on it, I know better where my strengths lie and where I can improve." - Rating: 9.0

A. Posch - Train the trainer

"I enjoyed the training very much. In a fast pace, I got enough tools to get to work immediately in a concrete way." - Rating: 8.2

E. van Onzenoort, Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V. - Train the trainer for IT professionals

"What I experienced as very pleasant is that the trainer calls you beforehand to get your learning goals clear and that she monitors these during the training. In between all the content and the exercises, the trainer gives you all the space you need for reflection by applying it in work formats during the training. In this way, you automate the material during the training." - Rating: 9.7

I. Vlaming, Plan D. - Train the trainer

"I really enjoyed the 'Train the Trainer' training. Trainer (Michaela), location, organisation were all super. It was useful for both beginning trainers and trainers who wanted to sharpen their skills. I would recommend this training to everyone who trains in his/her life."

- Train the trainer

"A useful and very enjoyable training that really takes you further as a trainer. Nothing but praise."

- Train the trainer

"This training gives you easily applicable tools and insights to provide effective training without unnecessary ballast. Both the psychological side and the practical side are dealt with extensively, whereby you learn to look again at yourself, colleagues and trainees. Highly recommended." - Rating: 8.0

Arjan Wiegers, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) - Train the trainer

"I recommend this course to anyone who needs to train. - Rating: 8.7

Albert Meun, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. - Train the trainer

"Good training with a solid theoretical foundation and many practical examples. Trainer Roeli inspires with knowledge and humour. Giving your own mini-training provides a lot of unexpected depth. Great location and good facilities. Highly recommended!"

- Train the trainer

"My intention to train more interactively has succeeded. I noticed that I paid attention to the questions of the participants, but quickly went on with my material, in order to fully cover my own content. I have grown to let go of the content and to respond more to the questions of the participants, linking my knowledge to this, which invited and stimulated participants to contribute more. The result was a more interactive way of enriching knowledge and bonding with the participants. Top! Thank you very much." - Rating: 9.0

M. Pronk, International Child Abduction Centre - Train the trainer

"Really recommend this training, and I did! You get very good handles to get started, there was nothing in the training that I can or do not do. I could immediately apply what I had learned in my own work environment. And a very pleasant, inspiring, knowledgeable trainer! - Rating: 10.0

L. de Jonker, NUON - Train the trainer

"Very fun, accessible, inspiring training that will help you a lot!" - Rating: 9.0

C. Hoogland, ABN Amro - Train the trainer

"The professional knowledge and the love for training of the teachers, the adaptation of the teaching material to the demand of the group, makes it an inspiring training. Where you come away with inspiration for the profession." - Rating: 9.0

A. de Vreede, Agnes de Vreede - Train the trainer

"Inspiring, varied and active training with a very experienced trainer who is good at passing on the tricks of the trade." - Rating: 9.0

F. Beers, Alliade - Train the trainer

"Fun and educational training, in three days you get an excellent insight into different ways of being a trainer. There is also a lot of interaction and examples from practice are well illustrated and practised." - Rating: 9.0

Arno Jongman, Sales Insight - Train the trainer

"Definitely a good addition to the trainer profession." - Rating: 8.2

G. de Bruyn, Transavia - Train the trainer

"A fascinating and instructive training with a small group and a committed trainer. A lot of attention for personal learning goals. Well cared for, good material and all kinds of different working methods. The training offered a safe place to practise. All feedback and video recordings were very instructive. As a starting trainer, I was offered all aspects of training. I can put it to good use in practice." - Rating: 9.0

Els de Kraker, Foundation Refugee Council Southwest Netherlands - Train the trainer

"Fun and informative, good to apply in practice." - Rating: 8.2

P. van der Ende, Kone - Train the trainer

"I now know much better what to look out for when preparing and delivering courses, presentations and workshops." - Rating: 8.0

A.M. van Elk, Radio Netherlands Worldwide - Train the trainer

"It is a good training that has given me additional tools on how to conduct my training sessions." - Rating: 8.0

M. van Deutekom, Oracle - Train the trainer

"The train-the-trainer course we followed was professional and well organised. The intake ensured that we got exactly what we expected. The learning goals were clear and we worked towards them with good exercises and methods. The trainer was calm and patient and knew exactly what she was talking about. A pleasant training that we can really use in practice.

- Train the trainer

"If you want to get excited in a short time to get started with your next training (both in terms of content and presentation), you should check out this webinair." - Rating: 8.8

M. Hoogma, CAK - Free webinar Train the trainer