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Do you know where your worksheets stay when you save them? In other words, do you understand the Windows folder structure?

Can you enter data (numbers and text) into Excel?

Can you create simple formulas? (e.g. =B3/B2 and work with the autosum button?)

Can you display text in a cell vertically?

Can you make a graph?

Can you make cells absolute (sometimes known as the $ signs)?

Can you create and use a simple macro?

Can you make a pivot table?

Can you work with vertical search?

Can you set a filter?

Can you work with the functions: OR, IF, AND?

Can you calculate with dates and times?

Do you know the financial (business economic) possibilities of Excel?

Can you nest functions (i.e. create functions within functions)?

Can you work efficiently with large lists of data?

Can you make subtotals?

Can you work with target search and solver?

Can you work with scenarios?

Can you adjust macros?

Can you create a function yourself?