Learnit Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also offer workplace support?
Can I also do exams at Learnit?
Can a training course be adjusted to my situation?
Do you only offer standard courses?
I am looking for a training that you do not offer, what are the possibilities?
What is the education level of the group I will be placed in?
Are the training courses in Dutch or English?
Does Learnit provide the study material?

Can you also provide on-the-job support?

Yes, all our teachers have practical experience and mastery of their subject. We regularly second our teachers for short or long periods of time. Please contact the head office in Amsterdam about this.

Can I also do exams at Learnit?

For some courses it is possible to take an exam at Learnit. Please contact us about the type of exam you want to take.

Can a training course be tailored to my situation?

Learnit uses trainers with a lot of practical experience. If you have specific questions they can help you, as long as the question is within the spectrum of the training. Learnit also offers in-company and private training. In consultation with Learnit you can define a specific content and the material is tailored to your needs.

Do you only have standard workouts?

Learnit offers, next to the planned standard trainings, also tailor made trainings. This can be done in-company or at a Learnit training location. Please contact us about your wishes and to discuss the possibilities.

I'm looking for a training that you don't offer, what are the possibilities?

When a training course is not listed in our standard offer, please contact us and we will see if we can provide the training course privately or in-company. Learnit constantly renews its training offering in order to provide you with the most up-to-date training.

What is the level of education of the group I will be in?

We always adjust our training to the desired level for you. Our communication training courses are preceded by an intake by telephone so that the training can be adjusted to your personal learning goals. Our computer training courses are usually in open learning format, which allows you to work at your own level and pace.

Are the courses in Dutch or English?

Our open enrolment courses are usually in Dutch. However, our teachers have a good command of English. It is therefore often possible to follow the training in English. To be sure, please contact us for the possibilities. For in-company courses, we provide the training in the language of your preference.

Does Learnit provide the study materials?

Yes, Learnit provides the study materials for the training. The study material is tailored to the content of the training. You receive the study material during the first meeting.