Learnit Training

1. Introduction

This online Learnit course is designed to give you an impression of the Dreamweaver programme. In this course, the Dutch terms will be used and also some popular shortcuts will be discussed. The course consists mainly of explanations, tips and remarks which you can use immediately.

1.1. Structure of the course

The course starts by explaining the interface (screen layout). To get you started, we look at the various components that are visible on the screen when you open Dreamweaver.

Then we show you how you can easily get started with a new website.

Designing texts, images and hyperlinks with the help of CSS are also matters that are dealt with in this online course.

If you have become enthusiastic after having followed this online Dreamweaver course, it might be a good idea to hold on to your enthusiasm and to register immediately for a Dreamweaver training at Learnit in order to learn to work better with the programme. Of course with professional support.

1.2. Downloading and installing

A free trial version of Dreamweaver can be downloaded from the Adobe website. This trial version is valid for 30 days, after which you can purchase the programme. The free trial version has full functionality, as does the paid version. During this course, Adobe Dreamweaver version CS6 will be used. The images used in this course are from an Apple computer, but for learning to work with Dreamweaver, it makes no difference whether you work on an Apple or a Windows computer.

Learnit wishes you success and above all lots of fun!