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6. Placing text

Placing text in Dreamweaver can be very simple. Click on this link to download a text file. When you open this file you will see a text about Vincent van Gogh. Select and copy this text by using the key combinations CTRL+A (CMD+A) and CTRL+C (CMD+C). Then, in Dreamweaver, select the text in the white area from the column using the mouse . Now that the text is selected, you can place the new text you copied earlier. You do this with the key combination CTRL+V (CMD+V). Finally, we remove the two headings Instructions and Use this document - including the container they are in - by selecting the two texts at once with the mouse and then pressing the Backspace key" twice.

6.1 Formatting the text

In order to format the text, we can of course indicate the titles. Moreover, we can indicate whether it is a title (h1) or a sub-paragraph (h2) or possibly a sub-sub-paragraph (h3). To begin with, first place a return key after the first heading text 'Vincent Willem van Gogh'. At the same time you should also enter the next text between brackets. Now that the title and the signature have been placed on their own line and then again below the paragraph, it is now a good time to define the title as such. You can do this by selecting the title and choosing Heading 1 at the bottom of the properties palette under Format. Similarly, make the text between brackets, on the next line, a Heading 3. After the sentence "The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to the work of Van Gogh and his contemporaries", place another enter. another enter just as after the sentence "Anna Boch, a Belgian artist and sister of his friend Eugène Boch bought it for 400 then francs at the Brussels Les XX exhibition in 1890, a few months before Van Gogh's death."

6.2 The sidebar and footer

In order to provide the right side with appropriate text as well, you can download this text file and follow almost the same procedure as above. You select and copy the contents of the sidebar file. Then select all the text in the right-hand column in Dreamweaver and press the backspace key once. Now paste the text from the clipboard to provide the column with new text. Do the same with the footer and use this text file. It is best to make a Heading 5 of the footer text. The example below shows the end result.

Learnit screenshot for Online Free Dreamweaver Course