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Learnit offers this online Leadership course as a downloadable PDF for free. Of course, you can also follow a more comprehensive Leadership course with us under supervision.

Society is changing, and so are companies and organisations. People are becoming more articulate, they no longer stay with an organisation for life, but gain experience at several companies. How can you ensure that you keep your employees on board?

For many managers, change is difficult, especially if you have "always done it that way". But not changing is even more difficult. Playing the boss' is no longer accepted. So actually, there is no choice. Choose to lead from strength and not from power. From who you are and not from a role you play. It has a motivating and stimulating effect. Not only for your employees, but also - and perhaps most importantly - for yourself.

A manager is in charge and that is a day's work. That means hiring people for all the tasks who are or will be capable of doing the job they have been hired to do. A manager plays an important role in this. It is the task of a manager to forge a team of professionals who complement each other and who certainly do not get in each other's way or try to outdo each other.

As a manager, you are the inspirer, motivator and coach. Not from an ivory tower, but among the people you lead. That is where it happens, that is where you stay informed and that is where they accept that you are in charge if you do it in the right way. A leader who not only asks, but also gives, who feels responsible not only for the organisation, but also for each individual employee, is a contemporary leader.

In this free course from Learnit Training, three topics are extensively discussed. These are:


  • Mission and Vision
  • Leadership styles
  • Influencing skills

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