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The Dictionary's translation of the word "negotiate" is "to try to reach an agreement". In fact, everyone is often negotiating, because there are so many people, so many opinions, and in order to match those opinions with each other to some extent, we have to negotiate. This ranges from very small (Mummy, can I have a biscuit? Yes, if you tidy up your toys) to very big (Will Turkey become part of the European Union? Then Turkey has to fulfil a large number of requirements).

Negotiating means looking for possibilities that are good for both parties. This requires creativity and searching for alternative solutions. When someone intends in advance to stick to their own view and not give in, it is pointless to negotiate. In many cases, however, it is important to be on the same wavelength. Whether in a business environment, a private situation or even at government level. The outcome of the negotiations provides grip and clarity for all parties.

It is difficult for people who disagree to work together. Therefore, negotiations are often an important part of that cooperation. In a partnership, people depend on each other to achieve certain goals. The interests may differ, but the goals often touch. That is why both parties are in contact with each other. Various factors play a role in negotiating, such as what is the relationship of the negotiators? Are they equal in rank or do they have a manager and does power play a role? What is the negotiating climate? Is the atmosphere good and what time pressure is behind it? How important is the part that is being negotiated? And there are many other things that play a role.

The starting point in negotiating is to reach an agreement or at least a compromise. Learn how to achieve this in this free course.



  • The negotiation process
  • The role of emotions in negotiations
  • Ten rules for negotiating successfully
  • The negotiator

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