Learnit Training

11. Do you want to know more?

11.1 Three-day course

This online course is a small example of what Learnit can teach you. During the three-day Photoshop course all aspects of Photoshop are extensively discussed and you will learn to work with the other important tools and options. You will receive good tips and examples and you can immediately work on your own projects using the Open Learning method.

11.2 More courses for web designers

Do not wait until the knowledge from this course has faded away: book a Photoshop course at Learnit now! Nice and interesting courses for designers and webdesigners are: Adobe Indesign, AdobeIllustrator, AdobeDreamweaver, Adobe Flash, HTML and CSS and the necessary scripting/programming languages PHP, Python, Javascript.

11.3. Other courses

For project management, communications, Microsoft Office and other specific training courses you can also contact Learnit. Check the website for the full range of courses, or use the search field at the top.