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6. Using tools

It will regularly happen that you want to crop an image. For example, to draw more attention to the important subject or to remove distracting elements. Photoshop has a nice tool that you can use for this. In the next step, we will use the Rembrandt photo from the previous exercise (or another image that you have) to crop out the head. In this way, we will actually be making a passport-sized photograph of a much larger image.

6.1 Cutting out images

In the toolbar, click on the Cut-out tool to select it. It is the fifth tool from the top. Now that you have clicked on this tool, a dotted frame has been created around the image. The idea now is to drag any vertex to the inside. Move the four vertices inwards so that you can see the exact frame you want to use as a result. Then use the "Enter" button to complete the cut.

A passport photo of Rembrandt | Learnit

6.2 More tools

The tool bar on the left-hand side of the screen contains more tools than it might seem at first glance. Some tools have a small black triangle in the bottom right corner of the tool. This triangle indicates that there are other tools "under" the tool. To see these other tools, click on the tool in question and keep the mouse button pressed. A sub-menu will appear to show the underlying tools. Press and hold the "Quick Retouch Brush" tool (sixth tool from the top). Incidentally, you can use this "Quick Retouch" tool to remove the wrinkles on Rembrandt's forehead (he'll be very grateful). To do this, drag the wrinkles (from left to right) while holding down the mouse button.

Use the magnifying glass for an accurate result. And use the [ and ] button to easily reduce and increase brush thickness.