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7. Adding filters

To do crazy things with an image, Photoshop has a number of artistic filters available. To give you an idea of what Photoshop can do with filters, we will look at a few of them below.

7.1 adding filters

Click on "filter" in the menu bar and select "filter gallery". In the dialog that appears, we can view the available filters. To make them all visible, click on the small triangles in the middle column with the point downwards. When you click on one of these triangles, a panel will open containing several filters. First click on all panels to make the total number of filters visible. If you click on the first filter, "Dry Brush", you will see the result in the preview on the left of the screen. Click on each filter to see the different effects. You can change some of the values for each filter in the right-hand section of the dialog. If you are satisfied with the selected filter, click "OK" to return.

In the image below, a selection has been made from the "Structure" panel. The "Create texture" filter is located here. Next, "Stone" was selected from the options of this filter.

Rembrandt in stone