Learnit Training

9. Add text

It regularly happens that it is necessary to include a text in an image. Photoshop has a wonderful tool for this. We are therefore going to add a text to the photo.

9.1 Options Text Tool

Select the "Text" tool (the tool with the capital T in it) from the toolbar. On the horizontal options bar (below the menu bar) we can now make a number of choices. We can set the font, point size and text colour. Make your own choice here or, as in the example below, choose for: Font: Bauhouse 93, point size 14, colour #ff8800;

9.2 Placing text

To actually type the text, click with the text tool slightly to the right of the smiley. You will now place the cursor in the images and this will enable you to type a text. Then pick up the "Move" tool (the top one in the toolbar) and drag the text until it is in the right place. Choose the text tool again to type a second text.

Rembrandt with smiley and text