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2. Contents

No presentation without content. Do not open Powerpoint! In fact, never start at the computer. The first phase is one of discovery, ideas and trying out. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. To stimulate the creative process, it works best to start with a large sheet, a whiteboard or many sheets of paper. Start by outlining the contents with keywords. What points should and can be made? Think of pictures to go with it. A graph, a nice picture, a technical representation. Display these schematically on the sheet as well. Let yourself be free. Think while scribbling and drawing.

Carlijn could start by putting the name of the project in the middle of the sheet. Around it are keywords, what should be said about it? Draw pictures of nice clips or photos to show. Bas can start with the name of the new tool in the middle. Surround it with keywords, advantages, development, pictures, cross-sections.

With all these ideas, stories and images in hand, it is time to come up with a structure. Structure is very important. Remember that an excess of information does not work. Don't fan out in all directions in your presentation either. Think about everything you want to say and see if it really contributes to your message and the connection with your audience. If not, delete it. Simplicity of message is your goal.

The elevator test. Summarise your presentation in 30-45 seconds. The name of this exercise is derived from the following scenario: suppose you have the opportunity to tell your story to a very important person, you only have the time of a lift ride. In 30 seconds you have to do it! It may not apply to you, but do this exercise all the time. It forces you to be concise in your content, to fixate on the most important points and you become more and more familiar with your material.


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