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Filming with your phone: four tips

In the training Adobe Premiere Pro You'll learn how to produce a slick video. But before you can assemble, you first need to shoot the right images. Whether you want to make a promotional movie or produce a video for a job application: It starts with beautiful images with good sound.

For that, you can hire an expensive marketing agency, but companies are increasingly opting to produce content themselves. This can be very simple: The latest phones feature excellent cameras, which allow you to create high-quality videos. But how do you press everything from your pocket size camera? Four tips to help you get going.


Think in advance what you want to film, and where you can. Is it outside? Or should it be inside? In general, your phone's camera best responds to natural light. Can you not use the sun? Then you can buy a lamp on the internet for a small price. There are small light sources that you can easily mount on your phone, but you can also go for a larger copy, which you can attach to a tripod.

It is important in any case that you can adjust the ferocity of your lamp so that you can determine the amount of light you need on the spot. Make sure your video is not too dark, but also not overexposed!


Sound can make your video or break it. You may still have such a good speaker for the lens, if it is difficult to understand, your production will not be convincing. Think in advance so well what you need. Is there only one person to speak? Then a simple tie microphone can suffice.

Such a microphone is less suitable if you want to film a conversation between two or more people. Are you standing in a noisy place with a lot of ambient noise? Then the hand microphone is a godsend. This one is quite pricey, but are you planning to film conversations more often in noisy places? Then it is extremely suitable.

If you are filming a conversation in a quiet place, there are cheaper options. On the internet there is a wide range of plug-in microphones that you can easily connect to your phone. These are often just a bit better that the mics of your phone, which makes the video more professional.


The cameras of most new phones have a stabilizer. But if you want really tight images, you can use a tripod or external stabilizer. It is useful to have both a larger tripod, examples at eye level, and a smaller variation with you.

Want to shoot images where you move with the camera? Then a gimbal can provide a solution. The prices of these toys have fallen sharply in recent times, for about 100 euros you can screw up the quality of the videos considerably.


For simple videos, the default app of your camera is sufficient, but if you want to change settings manually, the Filmic Pro app is a good choice. For example, you can manually set your focus and choose the correct framerate and resolution.


Updates in Adobe CC where video makers are cheerful

In April 2018, Adobe announced the updates in the popular Creative Cloud package and then processed them. In particular, users of Premiere Pro and After effects can now enjoy even more advanced video editing software than before. But what are the changes that subscribers are happy about? And have you already discovered them or do the programs have even more secrets for you than you thought? In this blog we'll go through the most important additions in Adobe After effects and Adobe Premiere Pro each, so you know exactly what to discover! At the bottom you will find some links to useful tutorials and we tell you how to get your Adobe skills to a higher level.

Ease of use in After effects

A good update does not always focus on new features, but sometimes also on ease of use. In particular, the updates for After effects focus on a better organization and Efficient effective workflows. The new features of master properties revolutionize the way professionals will work with compositions and versions. Designers can now quickly import JSON and CSV files and dynamically animate them. Other major updates include improvements to the popular Puppet Tool, an improved disk cache management system and a new hotkey for running through mask modes.

Updates in Premiere Pro

The latest version of the most common video editing software in the world does not contain a handful of updates, but a significant number of unmissable additions. These include new color matching options, enhanced audio tools and a fully overhauled Essential Graphics panel. The timecode panel has also been updated, along with new controls for editors working in VR, streamlined collaboration with Team projects, and support for additional formats. You can now even copy and paste markup.

Auto Ducking in Premiere

If we have to highlight one update, it is the audio update that the program was in. Premiere Pro CC now features a Auto Ducking function to normalize the music level when other audio is detected. With the help of Adobe Sensei, the tool also makes it easier to mix dialogues and spoken audio over a soundtrack. As with color matching, Auto Ducking can be edited by the end user. It's always exciting, but this update we can describe as ' very successful '!

Color Match

Also not unimportant are the improvements of the tool Color Match. Even if filmmakers are careful, shades could range from shot to shot. An editor usually had to perform a labor-intensive color correction. The new face Detection tool does about the same, but looks at skin tones and whether they match. To make color correction even easier, Adobe now also has a split view. Ideal for comparing colors at a glance!

Getting Started

Very nice of course, those updates, but if you don't know them or can't handle it you have little to it. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials and introduction videos, such as those from Cinecom.net or this tutorial from Premiere Gal, in which the updates are handled using a screen video. With a little bit of searching on YouTube, you'll soon find tutorials that delve deeper into specific updates, such as this video about the Color Match update.


YouTube alone is not a godsend for everyone. Because everyone works at a different pace or level and personal guidance can be experienced as pleasant, Learnit Training offers Adobe tailored to a large part of the Creative Cloud components. For example, you can request free quotations for adobe Premiere Pro or adobe After effectstraining. You can also contact Learnit for other Adobe training courses; For example, a number of Photoshop courses with a transit guarantee for beginners or advanced students are planned. Click here for the total course offer in the Graphic Design category and ask for free advice.


10 important reasons to organize a webinar

In the past, anyone who wanted to make a product, service or message known to a large group of people could set up a conference or business meeting for this purpose. It goes without saying that the interested parties who wanted to be there had to have the time and means to travel to the agreed location. Thanks to modern technology, this is no longer necessary these days. With a seminar via the internet, also known as a webinar, you can reach your target group in a much easier way. What's more, the people who want to attend your webinar don't have to travel. This makes it a lot more attractive for them to get to know your message. But there are many more good reasons to organize a webinar.

1. Organising a webinar saves all parties time and money

In principle, following a webinar can be done between companies, but not only costs the interested parties considerably less time and money. For the person organizing the webinar it also delivers the necessary savings. For example, there is no need to rent space or arrange catering, and the online lecture or presentation can be promoted inexpensively via the Internet.

2. Suitable for large and small numbers of participants

The participants can simply attend the webinar via their computer. This means that you don't have to worry about how many people are coming, whether the room is too big or too small, whether there is enough parking space, and whether everyone arrives on time.

3. Direct contact with your target group

The audience has the possibility to communicate directly with you during a webinar. This gives you an even better view of what your target group wants and allows you to get to know them optimally. These kinds of insights and information are invaluable for an entrepreneur.

4. Fast interaction with potential interested parties

In a traditional seminar, the attendees generally listen to a speech in silence. Organizing a webinar, on the other hand, invites interaction between speaker and audience. This is a much more effective way of building a relationship with your target group than through one-way traffic, such as with a written text or a video message.

5. Webinar can often also be viewed in retrospect

Because a webinar can usually still be viewed if it has already taken place, you can even reach your target group afterwards. This makes it an extremely powerful and long-lasting marketing tool. Of course, a condition is that your webinar is easy to find online. To draw the public's attention to it, you can distribute the link of the webinar afterwards via your social media channels.

6. Good way to get more brand awareness

Especially when a company is a relative newcomer, organizing a webinar can help generate brand awareness. It provides support in creating awareness among your potential audience, while at the same time you work on building and expanding your business network and business contacts.

7. Ideal for effective product promotion

Organising a webinar lends itself perfectly to advertising your book, product, event, etc. As an organizer, you can refer to passages from your book in your story, or include parts of your video in it. At the end of the webinar you show the viewers a link where and how they can buy the product.

8. Make a product of your webinar

Many webinar services offer the possibility to record a live webinar. This gives you the opportunity to make a podcast or online video of it later on. If desired, the webinar can also be released on DVD. You can use this DVD for sales or, for example, to give away as a business gift.

9. Organising a webinar that generates money directly

When you, as an entrepreneur, are on top of certain developments or regularly introduce novelties, a webinar can already be financially lucrative at the moment it takes place. You do this by asking people who are interested in the latest news within your sector to contribute to the online seminar.

10. Collect contact details via your webinar

Organizing a webinar lends itself perfectly to collecting email addresses and other information among your target group. As a condition for participation in the webinar, you can, for example, ask interested parties to register in advance. The resulting data is particularly valuable to a company's marketing team or sales department.

Would you like to organize a webinar after reading the blog? Sign up for our two-day training Webinar organization or request a free quote. You can also contact YourWebinar part of Learnit Training, who can take the technical aspects of a webinar completely out of your hands.