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8. Adding pages

The next step is to add three new pages. There are some way to do this and a simple way is to copy the index. html file in the Finder or in the Windows Explorer.

8.1 Copy from first page

Use the Finder or Windows Explorer to open the www folder of the desktop. Select the index.html (homepage file) and choose from the edit menu bar and then copy it. To copy the file three times, choose again from the edit menu bar for the option paste and repeat this last paste step three times. Three files will be placed next to the index file of which the name still needs to be changed. To give the three new files a more logical name, right-click on a file and choose Rename. Change the three file names to: news.html, literature.html and contact.html.

8.2 Modifying the Content

Because the three new pages are a copy of the index file, it is also true that they have the same content. It's a good time to correct that now. Therefore, open the (2nd) page news.html. You can easily open that file via the palette files. By double clicking on the file news.html, in the palette files, it will be opened by Dreamweaver.

Through this link you can download the text file containing the text for the news page. Open the text file and select and copy the text with the keys CMD+A and CMD+V (mac) or CTRL+A and CTRL+C (windows). In Dreamweaver, select all the text from the column in the middle (including the title and sub-title) and then choose Edit and Paste from the top menu. Finally, it is a good idea to select the first line and assign a Heading 1 to it using the properties palette at the bottom of the screen (see section 6.2). When a title is a headline 1, it will be recognized by Google and will be marked as important.

In the same way, change the text of the files literature.html and contact.html. You can download the following two files to extract the text literature link and contact link.