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Currently, more than 800 million people log on to Facebook every day. That's why Facebook advertising for entrepreneurs and marketers can be an effective marketing tool. Some entrepreneurs, however, are disappointed with the results of their Facebook ad campaigns. This often has to do with a lack of knowledge about how Facebook advertising can be deployed effectively and efficiently. If you are curious about what plays a role in achieving good results with Facebook advertising, this course is for you. This course will explore the basics of developing successful Facebook ad campaigns.

This course Facebook advertising is an introduction; A concise view of our one day training Facebook advertising base. In the training we deepen the subjects and we will deal with your specific situation.


  • 1.-

    Developing the campaign strategy
  • 2.-

    The landing page and the advertisement
  • 3.-

    The target group and performance indicators
  • 4.-

    Conversion pixels and tracking results

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