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Good news: you're about to start a new job! A new challenge is fun, but before you can actually get started, you first have to go through the application process. This can be a nerve-racking process with a lot of disappointments. On the other hand, it can also be a time of self-discovery and a crash course in learning to present yourself better. This online course will help you apply more successfully.

This course requires a number of exercises. You can find it in a Word document that you Here Can download (Use right mouse button, save As...). During the course, the icon indicated that an exercise from the Word document must be done.

To apply for a star:

  • STAR method
  • You are the star in your life
  • Per aspera Ad Astra, through difficulties to the stars

This course is formed to symbolize the star. This to remind you of the three main points of this application course. The theoretical principle is the STAR method: Situatie Tbarge Actie REsultaat. The star also stands for the emphasis on you as an applicant, you are the star in your life: the course is about how you can best make yourself shine and you can become a rising star in a job that suits you. The last connotation of the star: do not give up, remember the proverb per aspera ad Astra: Through difficulties to the stars!

In order to become a real star in applying for a job, it is a must to actually perform the exercises. The heart of this course lies in the exercises. If you want personal feedback or specific explanations and theory, please subscribe to our training Application training Or The Evening Course application Training.


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This free course can be downloaded as PDF

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Our free trainings and webinars

Your own motivation and commitment are prerequisites for making something new your own. With self-study you can come a long way. Learnit wants to contribute to this by offering valuable content such as free webinars and courses. In this way you can get acquainted with new areas of learning. Once you have made a start, you may discover that there are also many advantages to doing a training with Learnit under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

  • You are a number of days dedicated to work with your learning goals and will make progress faster
  • The trainer will help you over bumps and see your blind spot
  • The trainer can investigate what your learning goals are and point you to the shortest learning route
  • You can practice situations really well during training
  • You will learn to know other participants who have interest in the same subject

In short you reach much more in shorter time.

The free training courses are suitable for home study, because you can download them online as pdf. The offer of the free courses consists of IT and Communication & Management courses. Would you like to learn more about these subjects or is the subject you want to learn about not included? Take a look at our training courses.