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2. Working with tab stops and Tabsoorten (base)

The [Tab]key is used to superimpose text in a straight line. Spaces can't do that very precisely. With the [Tab]key you can jump to fixed positions in a line.

Standard tab stop

The Standard tab stop is every 1.25 cm. We can't see it on the ruler.

  • Open a new document. Click file , and Then press new. Choose a blank document.
  • We first put the ruler in the picture. Go to the tab Image and tick To in the group Show:
  • A ruler is now displayed on both the top and the left sidebar side of the document:
  • Use the [Tab]key to create the price list below. Use one tab each between the different parts.
    So, for example: Product[Tab]Size[Tab] Frametype[Tab]Price

Changing tab stops with the ruler

In The price list we used standard tabs. We don't see these on the ruler. However, We can also create your own tab stops using the ruler.

  • Tab positions are created in the paragraph where the cursor is located. To create tab positions for the entire prize list, we must first select them.
    Select the entire prize list.
  • Go to the ruler at the top click below the 3 CM. A tab stop has now been released:

    You will also see that texts are too high Size Now all on tab stop 3 are.
  • Add more tab positions at 6 and 9 cm.
  • We can remove tab positions by dragging them out of the ruler.
    Remove all three tab positions.

Changing Tabsoorten with the ruler

There are several types of tabs available. By default, the Tabsoort Linkertab Selected.
We can change the tabsoort by clicking the button on the left side of the ruler:

  • Make sure that the entire prize list is selected if that is not already the case.
  • Click One Time on the Tabknop so that the Centreertab Selected.
  • Go to the ruler at the top click under the 4 cm. A Centering tab has now been added and the text is centred at the level of Maat.
  • Click Still One Time on the Tabknop so that the Right tab Selected.
  • Go to the ruler at the top click under the 8 cm. A right tab has been added and the text near Framesoort has been aligned to the right.
  • Click Still One Time on the Tabknop so that the Decimal tab Selected.
  • Go to the ruler at the top click under the 11 cm. A Decimal tab has now been added. The prices at the level of Price are now aligned with the comma.

Tab stops and Tabsoorten in the Tabs window

We can also set tab positions and tab types in the venter Tabs. Then we also have an additional option: to fill the space for a tab with fill characters.

  • Select the entire prize list except for the top row where the headers are located.
  • Click the Start tab in the group Paragraph On the small Arrow In the lower right corner. You can also click the Right-click Click and choose Paragraph.
  • The window Paragraph Appears. Click the button At the bottom left of the window.
  • The Tabs window appears. Here we are going to adjust the Decimal tab at a height of 11 cm.
    Click on 11 cm in the list under Tab Position.
  • Choose Leader For 2....... The window now looks like this:

  • Click the button And then click the button OK To close the window.

Our price list is now ready and looks like this:

We have now finished the exercise.