Learnit Training

Incompany training at Learnit

Are you looking for a training that is entirely tailored to your company situation? Then you can opt for an in-company training, this is a tailor-made course that can be provided by Learnit at your own company location. When this is not convenient, we can discuss the possibility of training at a Learnit location. The advantage of an in-company training is that it can be fully adapted to your learning objectives. Because of the targeted nature of the training this is an extremely effective way of training.

How does an in-company course work?

In order to ensure that a training course fits in well with the day-to-day practice of the course participants, we will talk to you prior to the training course. Whatever your training question is, during the intake interview we will find out what is going on in your workplace. This way, we can fully adapt the training to the wishes of your company. On the basis of this conversation, we make a proposal for a suitable training programme, tailor-made for your company. During the course, we also check whether the training meets your expectations and there is room and attention for an evaluation.

The advantage of training at your location

  • Save time: employees do not have to travel to a remote location.
  • Save money: in-company is more cost-effective as there is no need to hire a location.
  • Save travel time: our trainers travel to any location in the Netherlands.

Certified training courses

Our training courses are Cedeo certified, which means that at least 80% of the clients are 'satisfied or very satisfied' with the quality of our training courses. Cedeo is an independent certification body that measures and guarantees the quality of training agencies. This year Learnit has again achieved an excellent score. No less than 94,4% of the respondents indicated to be satisfied or very satisfied with the training they received from Learnit.

Advantages of in-company training from Learnit

  • Our training courses are exclusively provided by professionals who are able to teach companies both soft-skills and hard-skills.
  • Our in-company training courses are aimed at bringing about sustainable behavioural changes within an organisation.
  • We always align in-company training with the goals and strategy of the organisation, making results visible and measurable.

Want to know more about our in-company training courses?

Please contact us at info@learnit.nl, call 020-6369179 or click on the button below to request a quote directly.