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Inspiration sessions at Learnit

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In this special time a lot of great initiatives arise. The crisis hits us all hard. But we believe that we can all come out of it stronger!

Now that many of us are forced to stay at home, we want to do our bit by providing free inspiration sessions every day. Each session is in the form of a webinar, given from the home location of a learnit-trainer via the Zoom program.

The aim of such an inspiration session is to put your concerns about the crisis into perspective as much as possible and to let you think creatively about how you can adapt to the situation. This allows you to continue to function in the same, if not better, way.

Many interesting inspiration sessions are planned for the coming period. Sign up quickly at the bottom of the homepage, because full is full.

What does an inspiration session look like?

As said, the inspiration session is given as a kind of webinar. The session has a maximum of 100 participants and will last about 20 minutes.

In those 20 minutes one subject is central, think for example about dealing with emotions or giving feedback. These are all subjects that are clearly linked to the time of crisis in which we find ourselves.

You can also think of more IT-related topics. For example, this could be about the online training program Zoom.

A session can be arranged in different ways. An example is that two participants are asked to simulate a situation, think of a difficult telephone conversation between an angry customer and an employee of a company. After the situation has been played out, the other participants are allowed to give their feedback. At the end of the session the trainer gives useful tips to help you in the future when you would end up in a similar situation.