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What is intervision?

Getting better at your job together with colleagues; that is what the peer review method stands for. In peer coaching, you bring in a case to reach your own opinion or statement (surface level), or precisely to reach new insights about yourself (deeper intervention level). During intervision, everything is aimed at gaining insight into a personal situation that you encounter in your work. By being questioned on this, you as a contributor gain new insights and others learn along with you. You exchange experiences, get to know each other better and develop yourself professionally.

How does the peer review process work?

During the intervision process, questions on personal functioning are central. Help from group members is of great value here. The peer coaching process must meet a number of conditions to make it a success, such as equality and discipline within a group. In addition, intervision is conducted step by step. The model below summarises this.

As you can see from this, it is mainly about the team process; arriving together at a suitable solution that is right for the "owner" of the problem.

What does it deliver?

Through training in intervision, participants learn skills in the areas of listening, giving feedback and asking (open) questions. By practising this actively, you become more skilled in exploring the problem of the contributor, making a diagnosis, listing possible alternatives and consequences and confronting the contributor where necessary. In addition, participants are given tools on how to structure a consultation and they get clarity on the different roles with the help of a checklist. Here you can think of the role of the discussion leader, contributor or reporter.

When you have mastered these skills, you are not only able to develop yourself further, you are also able to bring out the best in others!

Intervision training has the following advantages:

  • Get new insights or ideas for or about the organisation together with your colleagues.
  • Find out how others see you in the organisation.
  • Growth both personally and professionally.
  • Get to know and understand each other better.

What can we offer you?

Learnit offers the following possibilities to guide an intervision:

  • We supervise intervision in class, at our location or in-company.
  • We supervise an intervision online.

We also offer training options:

  • We train you to lead an intervision yourself.
  • We train you and your team to be able to set up an intervision together.

Our trainers

Learnit believes in the effectiveness of intervision. Our specialist team of trainers would like to guide you to continue to grow with the help of intervision.


"I like to hold up a mirror to others and I am driven by positive psychology to effectively use one's own strengths to achieve better results. Learning by doing is my motto."


"Growth and development: these are the two concepts that have been my passion for many years. Setting people in motion from contact and connection. My conviction is that you know best what is needed, but sometimes just need that little push in the right direction."


"Achieving an eye-opener in people, that is my goal. How that happens is different every time: with different people and new goals. Deepening and broadening: that's what keeps it exciting! Each time I go into depth, each time I gain knowledge.


"Stimulating and moving others (and myself), that is where my passion lies. I get energy from putting people in their power. Helping them to help themselves. When the pennies drop and I see the insight into their own abilities arise, I am in my element."


As mentioned, we also offer the possibility to do the intervision training online. This brings a number of major advantages.

  • Everyone is on time and the agreed time is well used.
  • The moderator can maintain a tight structure with a clear focus.
  • Everyone is heard during the session, so you think better about what you say.
  • You work from home, a safe and familiar environment.

Make an offer

In most cases, an intervision consists of several sessions. A full session usually takes place on a working day between 10:00 - 15:00, including a lunch break. The final investment is tailored to your personal situation.

Prefer to talk to us right away about the options? Please contact us by calling 020 6369179, send an e-mail to info@learnit.nl or click on the button below.